3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild in Bed

Wonder what men really want to hear in bed? Try these3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild in Bed

3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild in Bed

Words that turn a man on trigger a specific response in him, both physically and emotionally. What matters to most guys is that his sexual prowess is validated.

He wants to know that you love what he’s doing and that his masculinity is arousing you. There is an almost universal male archetype of the strong sex-god rock star who is able to magically seduce and satisfy women.

Yes, even your brainiac math whiz-type has a fantasy of being THAT guy. When you say these phrases, it’s like you’ve crawled right into his sexual imagination.

Here are a few phrases you can say to him that can give him that feeling of a sex-god rock star he craves.

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3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild in Bed:

1. You feel so incredible.

Or you can fill in the blank with any kind of adjective there: amazing, big, good, fantastic, hard, huge, awesome. Add in the f-word for a more explicit effect. You get the idea. When you are having intercourse, telling him just how great he feels to you is the ultimate compliment. This validates his prowess and physicality in real-time.

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2. Don’t stop!

It could be any command really: harder, right there, give it to me. Again, feel free to add in curse words and explicit language. Giving him a command during sex to keep doing exactly what he’s doing to you is confident and hot. It’s hot because it shows him just how much you are enjoying it. Men say the number one thing they love during sex is an enthusiastic partner!

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3. I can’t get enough of you OR I’m so turned on by you.

This phrase speaks to his ability to arouse you. That he turns you into a sex-hungry vixen who wants his body all the time. Is that an exaggeration? Sure. But think about how often we unwittingly turn our partners away because we are tired, or have a headache, or just aren’t in the mood.

This doesn’t mean you have to be ready to go at it 24/7. However, when you feed his ego that he has the ability to drive you wild with desire you make him feel amazing, especially when you say this phrase outside of the bedroom.

The idea that his woman is distracted in the middle of the day by sexy thoughts of him? Rawr.

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