7 ways to make a guy jealous

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How to make a guy jealous?

  1. Go out with your girl gang: most of the guys don’t like it if you hang out with your girl buddies late in the night. They would feel insecure and absolutely jealous, also they would be worried as they cannot join you, since it’s a girl’s night. It’s important to make him feel jealous, in a positive way, in a way that he will need you and crave you.
  2. Ignore his text and call: all of us would definitely want our loved ones to text or call us back immediately after the notification poops. Ignoring their messages and call would piss them off in the initial stages, but it would make them feel jealous of you and the feel and the urge to communicate with you. Also, make it clear why you were not able to respond, give him reasons, he shouldn’t think that you are busy with someone else.
  3. Compliment other guys: boys are really sensitive when it comes to other guys, they will always to your center of attention. Complimenting or talking in praise of other guys to him will make him jealous and make him go crazy about you. Also, don’t compliment too much, you should know to play ex.
  4. Be active on social media: you are being active on social media, posting pieces of stuff daily, giving a sneak peek about your daily life, and post pictures or videos about yourself, he is going to get jealous and be mad at you. He might feel jealous because the dudes are watching you.
  5. Talk about your ex: talking about your previous relationship might be a trigger, as it is past and unwanted for the present. But talking about your ex would definitely make him feel jealous. Don’t praise your ex, things might take a different path. Just share with him, the moments you were together or the places you and your ex visited. Trust me, it’s going to make him so damn jealous about you.
  6. Talk about your celebrity crush: well, the man in your relationship will want you to be obsessed with him and only him. When you exaggerate about your friend, colleague, or even a celebrity crush, he is going to get jealous of you again and again. Be it any guy involved, it will make him feel jealous. Upload a pic of your favorite celebrity crush and that is how you can make him feel jealous about you over a status. 
  7. Keep yourself busy: spending time with each other is the most overrated thing when it comes to a relationship. Not spending time with him will make him feel jealous. Keep yourself busy and engage yourself in other activities. Create a situation where you are the only person that he can spend time with us, he should eventually be bored without you.
7 ways to make a guy jealous
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Also, there are many other circumstances for you to make a guy jealous at different times, let’s take a look at those.

How to make a guy jealous who rejected you?

For instance, imagine that your crush rejected you. Well, at this point you should not lose hope. Treat your crush as your friend, that’s the best way to make him jealous and make him accept your proposal. Share pics of you having fun with other friends to make him jealous of him.

How to make a guy jealous over text?

If you are looking to make him jealous over text, your job is much easier. All you need to do is simply ignore his messages. Ignore with a valid reason, tell him that you have some important work or you need to go out or you are going to take your dog out for a walking. Your ignorance is going to make him miss you more and he is going to get jealous.

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How to make a guy jealous in a long-distance relationship?

What can be more difficult than being in a long-distance relationship? It works for only a few people, and that requires a lot of trust and understanding. If you need a little more attention than usual, the best way is to make him jealous. Being in a long-distance, he will expect you to share all your daily routines, from what you ate to where you went. Just don’t tell him anything and spend more time with your friends, your man is going to get crazy jealous.

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How to make a guy jealous on social media?

If you want to make your guy jealous over Snapchat, or what sup, or Instagram. All that you need to do is to post more and more pictures, tag your best friends and post some quotes related to loneliness, he is going to get super jealous.

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