23 Proven Ways on “How do you make a guy crazy about you psychology”

Are you looking for “How do you make a guy crazy about you psychology” Then there are too many tricks to do so. Simple, use these 23 physiological tricks that will make him crazy about you & will make him attracted to YOU and YOU alone.

I truly feel that love may foster to a certain extent. There must be an initial spark of curiosity, but how deeply someone falls in love with you is frequently a result of the work you both put out to make that feeling materialize.

Tricks to Make Him Obsess over you

Be truthful about who they are as a possible life mate. Consider how they treat you, your needs, and whether you can be honest with them and feel comfortable. Make sure that you will attend 100% of the time. “They’re them.”

If you want to grab his attention but aren’t sure how to persuade a guy to like you, try these psychology-based dating suggestions and approaches.

How do you make a guy crazy about you psychology?

Here is a list of 23 easy ways on “How do you make a guy crazy about you psychology”

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1. Request a favour from him:

According to studies, individuals who favor them tend to like them even if they previously disliked them. We unconsciously convince ourselves that the individual would do the same for us as we did for them.

Because the Founding Father himself discovered this peculiar technique, this reverse psychology phenomenon is known as the Ben Franklin Effect. “He who has once done you a favor will be more inclined to do you another than he whom you have compelled,” he said in his memoirs.

2. Compliment him occasionally, but not all the time:

Most males don’t get complimented very often, so they take it in stride when they do. The only difficulty is that if you hear compliments all the time, they lose their meaning. It keeps him on his toes by limiting praises to no more than once each day.

3. Extend your eye contact for a few seconds longer: 

It’s true. Extended eye contact improves the chance of two people falling in love.

According to social scientist Arthur Aron, “the two most essential variables in falling in love through eye contact are that the other person is relatively acceptable and appealing, and there is also reason to believe they are genuinely interested in you.

4. Call him by his given name: 

The names we are given are like music to our ears. Hearing your name called out by someone is a minor ego boost.

Hearing your name has a unique influence on brain activity, according to studies, since our “brains instinctively respond to the sound of our own names, even in a situation in which we are unable to respond to, or act anything could be more powerful than that?!”

5. Mirror his actions: 

One of the most typical methods for people to express their affection for someone is to quietly mimic their gestures. When it’s a genuinely natural jive, this is done subconsciously. Psychologists have discovered that imitating someone might develop a more vital link, even if the motions are entirely unconscious.

6. Don’t be scared to reveal to him your imperfections: 

Many women strive to hide their weaknesses and appear “perfect” to attract men. Though you don’t have to expose all of your weaknesses right away, showing him that you occasionally make mistakes makes you relatable and shows him that you’re not a phoney.

7. Expect positive things from him: 

This is known as the Pygmalion Effect among psychologists, and it states that we prefer to adapt to the expectations that others place on us. If you believe he’s a jerk, you’ll act in a way that encourages him to be a jerk, even if it’s subconscious. So, anticipate him to be kind to you, and he will be nicer than if you expected him to be a jerk.

8. Allow him to talk about himself: 

People like talking about themselves. We are our favorite topics, even if we aren’t all narcissists by nature. You’re making him like you more by indulging him in his favorite topic of discussion by asking him questions about himself and encouraging him to open up.

“You look at them, listen to what they’re saying, show genuine interest in what they’re saying; don’t pretend you enjoy rodeos or baseball if you don’t.” Be someone you’re not, and when others say they like or adore you, you know they don’t because they don’t know who you are. Be YOURSELF. When they love you, you know it’s genuine.

9. Have a life apart from him: 

Do you know anyone who enjoys being with a woman who makes her guy the center of her universe? Abusers and those who are much too insecure about being in a good relationship

By demonstrating to him that you’re an independent woman who is balanced and not frantic to spend time with him, you’re permitting him to pursue you without being concerned about you.

10. Demonstrate that you share his beliefs, hobbies, and traits: 

According to research, we prefer to fall in love with individuals who share our values and backgrounds, a phenomenon called Similar/Attraction Theory. So, if he’s a rebel, it’s a good idea to show him your rebellious side as well. Discuss how important your parents are to you if he’s a family man.

11. Ask for his opinion and advice: 

A guy will always enjoy it when you ask for his opinion or advice since it shows that you respect him and want to learn about something from him first. It makes him feel good about himself, and it’s lovely that you’re asking for that information from him.

12. Touch him lightly: 

When you’re with the person you adore, gentle touches on the body might make them mentally feel warmer towards you. You can offer him little touches on his back, arm, shoulder, or leg, and he will most likely exchange the contact and give you something in return.

13. Smile more: 

Individuals perceive a more pleasant interaction with someone when they are smiling, and if you smile when you meet someone, they are more likely to remember you later on.

Smiling may also result in a more favorable conservation experience, which is beneficial when you want the person you like back.

Smiling more frequently can communicate to him that you appreciate his company and your time together, and he will most likely reciprocate your sentiments if he smiles back whenever you smile at him.

14. Tell him a secret: 

Making small chats with the person you like and perhaps telling him a secret you haven’t told anybody else (or so far as he is aware) can make him feel valued and much closer to you.

15: Show him that you can keep secrets: 

This is similar to the previous method, but it’s better to let him know that you can also keep secrets.

16. Wear red: 

Red is connected with desire and sensuality. Even a smear of crimson lip gloss over your lips can draw a man’s attention. He’ll be drawn to you involuntarily since he’ll be reminded of sex.

17. Wear less makeup:

 Guys are less likely to go for a full-on cosmetics appearance. They like a more natural appearance. After all, if they’re visualizing themselves kissing you, they won’t be able to do so if they’re wearing a lot of lipstick. It only takes a slight touch to draw attention to your best features.

18. Have clean, glossy hair: 

Men are drawn to hair that is shiny, clean, and longer. This is because it is a marker of fertility. It also represents health and vigor. This may be traced back to evolutionary psychology when males sought a reproductive female to create healthy children.

19. Have healthy teeth and a joyful smile:

 Happy individuals are more beautiful in general, but having nice teeth shows that they care about their health and well-being.

20. Have a sense of humour: 

We can laugh at men’s jokes as well. We might choose to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. We might strive to minimize the bad and avoid discussing our difficulties all the time.

You may have heard that men do not date women with a sense of humor, but you would be mistaken. Men like witty ladies because they can have a good time with them. In truth, guys want humorous women because they connect with them.

21. Be mysterious:

Humans enjoy the mystery. Do you not believe me? In one research, males have presented two pictures, one blurred and one in focus. The majority of guys favored the blurred image! We’d like a little mystery.

So leave some secrets to the imagination, and your boyfriend will want to find out more.

22. Surround yourself with gorgeous people:

 According to research, a ‘group’s physical appeal is larger than the average attractiveness of its members.’ So, if you have attractive pals, don’t be concerned that the object of your passion may begin to gravitate toward one of them.

 It’s more probable that he’ll unconsciously sum up all of the attractions. This is because humans can only process a “handful of objects at once.”

23. Don’t act as though you’re in a hurry:

Acting desperate is the polar opposite of working like a prize worth obtaining. Nobody wants to get the booby prize. When you chase after a guy, you are precisely that. If you leave the picture, you may believe that he will forget about you and go on to someone else.

Consider it this way. Think what your response would be if a man texted you every 5 minutes? Or if he continued to contact you or show up at the same clubs or bars you did.

What if he keeps following you around and wants to go home with you? You’d get tired of it very quickly. Make sure you’re not that woman who is always on the phone.

We combine details and focus on the most critical information. So, go out with your lovely girlfriends and have a good time!

So, now let me give you a brief introduction about

How you make a man crave you emotionally.

Emotional connection refers to the sentiments of intimacy and affection you have in relationships that help them last. The importance of emotional attachment in the human connection cannot be overstated. Here are some ways of making your man emotionally connected to you.

  • Date him for who he is, not what he could be.
  • Create an emotional haven for him.
  • Maintain a light and fun tone.
  • Make yourself available.
  • Allow him room to pursue you.

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Another exciting part of impressing a guy is making them feel like a hero to you. So, now let me tell you

How you trigger the hero instinct on a guy

Here are some of the points that trigger the hero feeling.

  • I’m requesting his assistance. While he may have believed you were an intriguing lady because of your independence, you must also have been fascinating.
  • Demonstrate your gratitude.
  • Encourage him to strive for betterment.
  • Assure him that He Makes You Happy.

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Final Verdict

So far, we have discussed how to make a guy crazy about you and make them fall in love with you physiologically. Follow the above 23 psychological ways and you can make your man crazy about you. Be simple, natural, and kind to make them feel good.

Tricks to Make Him Obsess over you



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