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The past two or three years have tested our compatibility with technology and therefore texting or video calling has occupied a major part in any relationship.

But like any other thing, texting also has to be done in proper times to maintain the health of your relationship. Not every time is texting time to your boyfriend. 

First you have to understand what TEXTING  really means and when do we text our close people. 

5 important times when we text our boyfriends or partners: 

When we are unable to pick a call.

It’s very normal to cut the call with just a simple text when we cannot pick up the call, and if the call is from your special one then definitely you should cut the call not with a random message but should compose a text for sending him as a reason for cutting the call. 

But I understand every time it’s not possible for you to do so. If you’re in a meeting and you get the call from your man then it becomes tough for you to manage even a little time to compose a message. 

When he’s not picking up the call.

Imagine your boyfriend is not picking up the call and you’ve to tell him something very urgent. Now what will you do? Definitely you’ll send him a text and will be waiting for his reply.

Now during this time many girls tend to text multiple times and that seems really desperate though. You’ve to understand that maybe your boyfriend is in some situation where he cannot pick up your call, probably he is driving a car or busy in a meeting or he can sleep too. 

To Understand the situation, you must send him a text and wait for his reply patiently. Desperation doesn’t look good when you’re in a committed relationship and desperation also decreases your self-respect.

You’re in a long quarrel.

It’s very interesting and funny to send a text to your boyfriend when you’re in a long quarrel with him. You will not make a phone call. But to know about his whereabouts you can compose a text and then send that to him.

How Often Do You Text Your Boyfriend
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I’ve also seen many girls writing long messages to their boyfriends to justify why they were quarreling. 

This is very common between couples. Not only the girls do this kind of stuffs every time, sometimes it is also the boys who do the same.

You’re not in the mood to pick up the call.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, if you’re quarreling with your boyfriend and he is calling you, you may not pick his call. Instead you’re replying to him with a message that you don’t want to talk to him.

This is a very interesting time when you should text your boyfriend.

To know about his whereabouts.

If you two are busy throughout the day and cannot get time to see the other or hardly get enough time to call the other person, then texting is a very convenient way to stay in touch.

Sending a little message to him asking if he has eaten or when he is coming home shows the care and affection you’re having for him. Your boyfriend will also understand that his girlfriend is concerned enough about him and thus he too will feel special. 

Now, let’s see how often do you text your boyfriend.

I’ve come across some very interesting information when I was researching this topic. 

There’s a matter of understanding. If you’re trying to make someone fall for you or getting attracted to you, then you should text him more often but besides you’ve to keep this in your mind you cannot make them annoyed with your texts. 

Sending a little “good morning” or “good night” can make your work easier but if you’re in a committed relationship then calling will be better then doing texts. But texting is not something to be avoided in any relationship. Texting is a sweet gesture to let someone know that you’re concerned about him. But you’ve to keep this in your brain also that the other should never think that he is the only one you’re running for. What I mean to say is don’t text him repeatedly. Five or ten texts per day will be enough to send. 

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If you’re dating someone then you’ll also have to be in touch with him. Texting is also a way through which you can do that. Again there’s the same thing you’ve to keep in mind. Don’t cross your barrier while texting. Texting is showing a little care for that person, showing the concern that you have for him but texting is not the ultimate way of conversation

Though there is no written manual on how often you text your boyfriend, excessive texting sometimes can damage your relationship. Space is needed for every relationship. Nonstop conversation sometimes leads to a cheesy kind of relationship and one of you can also get bored with this. There’s always a possibility. 

Sometimes, you need to give your partner some space, without any message or phone call. Sometimes you’ve to wait and see if he does the text or something. If not, then you must understand that your boyfriend somehow wants to have his private space. Don’t intrude there. At least, you shouldn’t. 

If you’re in a steady and committed relationship then rapid texting is definitely not needed. Again, if you’re living together or married then definitely texting is not at all something which is needed. Still, if the situation requires, you can send him texts but four or five texts per day is more than enough to maintain the communication. 

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Still whatever is said, there’s also a thing that definitely needs a special mention; that is every couple is unique and the dynamic of their relationship is different. Everyone has his own way to deal with the relationship. Some relations require a constant touch and some relations stay absolutely fine if not called or texted frequently. There still stays the same bonding. That totally depends on the couple who are in that relationship.

Now let’s go to another topic related to this, that is Is it normal not to text everyday in a relationship?

Is it normal not to text everyday in a relationship?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person or couple to couple.

See, it is nothing abnormal if you don’t text your partner everyday in a relationship, and if you stay with your partner or you’re married then there is no need for text rather. 

But if not texting on a regular basis gives rise to a lot of problems in your relationship, then definitely you should text him more often. Like I said earlier, it depends on the couples.

People have their own way of dealing with relationships. If you are okay with your partner not texting you frequently or your partner is fine with you not texting him regularly then there is no matter of concern. But if one of you gets bothered with this not much texting then act as your relationship demands. 

Communication is one of the most important and basic pillars of any relationship. If communication gets hampered with this petty texting issue then amending this will be an intelligent way to deal with it. 

If you and your partner stay out of town for your respective works, sending little texts throughout the day to know about the whereabouts of your partner will be a healthy way of dealing with the relationship. But if you hardly get any time to even do a single text, then make time at night to do so. Otherwise this will lead to miscommunication.

Some couples just like to go with the flow. They act as per the situation. If you or your boyfriend or you both are like this then texting or not texting will not really matter. But keep one thing in mind always- you cannot stay away from communication or you shouldn’t stay away rather.

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How often should couples text?

It differs from couple to couple. Some couples stay in a constant texting process and some only stay happy with ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ and some little sweet messages also but they don’t text continuously.

I’ve also seen some people getting annoyed if they get texted me more often. There’s also a certain type of couple who like phone calls rather than texting. So this varies from person to person.

See, there was a time when this technology was not so upgraded or I can say people were not very used to this but at that time also people used to talk to their partners. So you can never say that texting is the only way to maintain any relationship. 

After the Covid period, people get very much habituated with these texting and virtual meetings but one thing you’ve to understand is that there is no such protocol like, unless you do these things, your relationship is gone. People find their own ways to deal with these and that really doesn’t mean that it is the rule which every relationship needs to follow.

Be in the relationship the way you want to be. Don’t really follow anything blindly. 

There’s no particular formula that if you do this, then this will happen and if you don’t do this, this will happen. Find your own way. 

How many times a week should you text your boyfriend?

One text per day is ideal for maintaining a good relationship and communication. But if you ask for weeks, then four to five texts per week is enough. 

If you’re in a long distance relationship, then you definitely need to increase the number of texting. As you don’t get enough chances to meet the partner physically and it’s also true that every time talking over the phone is not possible, texting will be the only way open to both of you then.

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Let’s delve into some Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- How often do you text your boyfriend?

Do you text your boyfriend everyday?

In a relationship you’ve to stay in touch with him. Texting on a regular basis is very normal and needed also. 

If you are not able to text him regularly at least try to text him thrice or four times a week. 

How often should you text your boyfriend in a long distance relationship?

This is a very interesting question. Long distance relationships always need special care and effort. Texting and making phone calls are two important factors in long distance communication

To maintain a healthy long distance relationship, you’ve to be a bit regular with texting. Four to five texts per day will be enough in this case. 

How often should you text a guy?

If you want to make the guy fall for you, then you should text him more often, just to make him realise that you’re interested in him.

But in a steady and committed relationship, two or three texts per day will be enough. 

Healthy texting habits in a relationship.

Start your day with sending a little good morning text and throughout the day just text him to know about his whereabouts. Ask him if he has eaten or not. 

End your day with a sweet good night message. 


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Relationship is a beautiful thing. Little efforts sometimes take very big initiatives in relationships. Texting is also the same thing. 

Relationship is not only about texting but a little text from you can make your person feel special and it doesn’t take much effort either. So don’t feel awkward to text. 

But don’t lower your dignity either. Text him but if you don’t get the right reciprocation then stop at that time. Don’t text too much, it’ll make the person annoyed.

If you don’t get an immediate reply don’t jump on texting multiple times. Wait and see if the reply comes or not. If it comes later, understand your man was busy then to reply. 

Texting also needs understanding. Don’t forget that.

Live a happy life.

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