7 Step Guide To Figure How Often Should I See My Boyfriend!

Meeting him often and everyday makes you wonder, “what if I am being clingy?”. Meanwhile, meeting him seldom, once in a blue moon makes you question, “ am I being too distant?”. 

But all your worries about whether you should see often or seldom ends right here! Here’s 7 Step Guide To Figure How Often Should I See My Boyfriend!

Here’s guide for How Often Should I See My Boyfriend!

1. Depends on your relationship:

Relationships work differently for each couple. And how often you meet your boyfriend depends upon many different factors.  Like the way you understand each other, your schedules and work,  your level of comfort when you are around him, etc.  

People live in the same city and catch up only on weekends, some are in a long-distance relationship waiting to meet ASAP,  and some don’t meet at all, and that’s fine.  Your relationship, you both decide. 

Match up your schedules, see if you are both free and then decide when and where to meet. You can also plan before-hand how many days a week or a month you can meet. It will give you both a time to spend with each other and also have a life outside of your relationship. 

And one of the best advice would be just to ask him point blank about when and how much he wants to see you. Have an open conversation and ask for his opinion on the matter. Because both of you are in a relationship and need to figure out all these things together. 

2. See him whenever you want to:

Friends always mean us well with their advice but often their advices are coloured by their own experiences, which may add no value to your relationship. 

If you want to meet your boyfriend many times, crave his presence and need him in your life constantly then that doesn’t necessarily mean you are being clingy to him. It just means you are in love. 

But other people around you, namely your friends might have completely different opinions on this matter. They might tell you about their ex-boyfriends that ditched them, how their date stood them up and many such tragic tales. 

You can listen to all their suggestions, but as I said before, all relationships are different. Whatever happened to them, doesn’t mean it will repeat in your relationship. 

On the days when you feel you miss him, miss him more than usual, when you want to be just cuddled, and taken care of, if you feel like being with him, feel like being wanted by him, or feel like being pampered by him, then just go and meet him. He is your boyfriend after all! 

3. See him when he wants to:

There might be days when he will crave your presence, he might miss you, or he might need you when he is feeling low.

He might have had a bad day at work, or he might be troubled by some thought that might be disturbing him, just make sure you are there for him whenever he needs you.

Of course, you must also make sure that you are free and do not have any work to do. But apart from that, when he makes plans to meet you, you should almost always say yes. 

Because, if you cancel those plans a lot, it might make him feel as if you are taking him for granted. That you are detaching from him and do not want to be with him anymore. 

But being with someone when they need you the most, can mean so much to them. It also points out the fact that they crave your presence in life. And such people are hard to find, so hold them tightly and do not let them go. 

7 Step Guide To Figure How Often Should I See My Boyfriend!
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You can also do something special for them and plan an impromptu surprise. Maybe wear his favourite dress, buy him a treat or rent a movie. Show him that not only do you want to meet with him but that you are also willing to go the extra two miles and make his days when he wants you very very special. 

4. Hangout with him in crowds: 

If you want to meet with him, but do not want to make it seem like a date between just the two of you then what you can do is meet him in crowds.

Plan an outing with your common friends or maybe even family.  Invite him there and hang out together. Though there will be other people around you to act as a buffer you can still see him and be with him. 

You can also plan a hangout with his friends or his family. It will give you a chance to bond and form a connection with his loved ones. And seeing you care and be happy with his people will make him love you and respect you even more. 

And meeting him among all those people will not even count as a date, it will be just an impersonal getting together. Also if you feel like, you can just convince him to just ditch the crowd all together and go somewhere else to be with each other alone. 

5. See if you are comfortable with him:

Nothing in this world should be more important to you than your self-respect and comfort. So, give priority to them before anything else. And that includes when deciding to meet with as well. 

Meet him if you are comfortable around him and not because your friends are pushing you or he is forcing you to.  You will know when you are happy and comfortable around someone who makes you feel special and wanted.

The way he treats you matters a lot in a relationship, he should be someone who is able to understand you better than anyone else and make sure you are really comfortable and happy around him.

But if you feel distant from him, or are either not comfortable with his behaviour or the people that he hangouts with then the best option is to talk to him. Share with him your problems regarding the situation. 

And if he is the right man for you then he will do everything in his power to vanquish all your troubles. The right man will treat you in the right way, and if you have that kind of man in your life, you might want to be with him all day and every day. Maybe even for the rest of your life. 

6. See him on special days:

Festivals, holidays and birthdays. All these special days have an emotional value attached to them. No one wants to spend these alone, instead everyone celebrates such occasions together, with loved ones. So, why not spend it exclusively, with the person that you love the most, your boyfriend. 

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving and even 4th of July, there is just something very special when you spend these days with your partner. 

It’s a bonding experience. Both of you plan and schedule the celebrations, buy gifts for each other and just be together. It is indeed a beautiful experience. 

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It also points to a life-long commitment. You have spent Christamas this year together, you might spend the next one and then the next one and then all the Christmases together. It builds anticipation for the future and makes a pile of memorable moments of you two.  

When you share a special together, you also share a memory that you will remember for the rest of your life, whenever that special day comes. 

7. See him every day:

Now, many people will advise you against meeting your boyfriend everyday. They might warn you that meeting so often ends the magic and the novelty of the relationship.

 But you do as you want to, because there are only two people in your relationship whose opinion matters. You and your boyfriend. So if you both feel like meeting everyday, do so with pleasure. But make sure that it is something that both of you decide. 

You shouldn’t be the only one making plans to meet today, tomorrow and everyday. He must want to meet you too. He should also be the one to insist on meeting with you everyday. Otherwise if the anticipation is from only one side then you might appear clingy, something every girlfriend despises to be called. 

And if both of you decide to meet everyday and yet you are afraid of losing the magic then you can try to make each day special and unique. 

Everyday that you see him, try to do something different so that he is excited for every new day. Just a night before your meeting, tease him and give him little hints about what you are going to do. He will be so giddy like a child to see what you have in store. 

So, in this you will get to see him everyday and still have the magic and excitement in your relationship intact, 

8. Consult a Relationship Expert:

If all else fails or you are worried to try the above steps what you can do is chat with a relationship expert to guide you best for this!

Sometimes, it might get very confusing and complicated  for you to find a solution to a relationship problem. But don’t worry, because there are experts that will help you professionally to pass through any obstacles that you might find in the way of your relationship. And the best option will be to take their help in that case. 

If you ask me I would recommend to you JustAnswers.com which is only available in the USA all you need to do is just click here to chat with a relationship expert now!

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Now wonder if it is okay to see your boyfriend every day?

Is it OK to not see your boyfriend every day?

Not seeing your partner at all, is not really a very good idea.

You should at least catch up for a coffee or something.

It might be really hard to be without spending time with each other if you really love the person, you will obviously start missing him and feel like being with him all the time. So, it is better to meet him more often than not. 

How often should you hang out with your boyfriend?

The answer is it entirely depends on your partner and your relationship.

There is no specific time to meet someone, you just gotta meet when you feel like meeting him, don’t restrict yourself, just go out when you are available and when you both want to.

Whether you want to meet him often or seldom, depends completely on you. 

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Is it healthy to see your partner every day?

Yes, it is. When you are in love with someone you crave their presence, their warmth and touch. So, it is completely fine and healthy to see your partner everyday. 

By seeing him every day, getting to spend a lot of time with him, you get to know him better, his likes and dislikes, and you get to grow your bond stronger by talking with him every day.  

Something that you should never do in a relationship is second guess yourself at every turn. Always wondering whether I should do this or not, whether I should say that or not. Be free, open and do as you want.

Because, in the end it is your relationship and your boyfriend. So, take any decision pertaining to it only after discussing it thoroughly with your boyfriend. After all, communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

And if I solved your doubts and answered all your questions then let me know in the comments, and also tell me any problems that you may face in your relationship. I will solve those too! Related read:How To Make Him Want You More?

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