How To Accept That My Boyfriend Finds Other Girls Attractive

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I’ve seen many relationships got broken because the girls are facing the same issue as How to accept that her boyfriend finds other girls attractive! This is a very common issue but needs special attention. If your boyfriend is telling you that he is getting attracted to other girls just to make you feel jealous then you should take that sportingly but if he is saying this in any other way that may seem that your boyfriend is kind of serious about his attraction towards other girls then I would suggest you to read this article carefully. 

In this article I’m going to share with you the causes of why your boyfriend finds other girls attractive and also How you’ll deal with it as a woman. 

Why does my boyfriend find other girls attractive?

If you are feeling that your boyfriend is the only one who finds other girls attractive, 

then let me tell you one thing that there are so many who are dealing with this same issue.

First I’m analysing 5 reasons why my boyfriend finds other girls attractive…

  • You’re not being enough compatible

This can be one of the most prominent reasons why your boyfriend finds other girls attractive. In a relationship both of you want that compatibility that can drag you both closer to each other every time but if you lack that compatibility, you’re unable to understand the mind of your love, ot you’re taking more interest in your professional life then your boyfriend will get attracted to someone else or tends to get attracted either.

You’re creating a space in a relationship so that any third person can easily enter. Is it so? Lack of communication and understanding may lead to you becoming more incompatible with your boyfriend. Getting angry every time, judging Your partner and most importantly taking the relationship for granted are the definite causes why your boyfriend gets attracted to other girls. 

  • You’re not matching his expectations

See no person can match anyone’s each and every expectation. But in this regard I’m not going to tell that. I’ve come across many boys who tell me that “I want my girl to be more open, more caring” – that means your boyfriend too has expectations. He wants you to get more involved in the relationship. He wants you to become more caring. But somehow you’re lacking those qualities.

If you’re in a serious relationship, you’ve to be emotionally invested there and that too in the way that makes your partner this that “Yes, my girl loves me, thinks about me”. 

Love is the only thing that can bring people closer and closer day by day. Boys also want their girls to do some special things for them. They may not tell you so every time. Your boyfriend also wants that thing from you. 

Make him feel special. Do something that makes him realise your love for him. Relationships have expectations and being in a relationship you’ll definitely have to fulfill them too at least to some extent.

How To Accept That My Boyfriend Finds Other Girls Attractive
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  • You’ve become self-centered

This is one of the most common causes of Why does your boyfriend find other girls attractive! 

Aren’t you one of them who has been more focused on her professional life and career? Being professional is a very good thing but being in a relationship, you’ll too have to give importance to your boyfriend also. If you start living a self-centered life only with your career and profession, your boyfriend will definitely get attracted or attached to other girls because he wants to be loved and noticed just like you.

Staying happy with yourself is good as long as you’re single, but just the moment you’re becoming involved with someone, you’ve to leave this habit of yours. 

There are so many girls who just love to stay on their own but have been engaged in a relationship and now they don’t really are in the relationship. It seems like it is only the boy who cares about the relationship. If this is the same case with you then please get over this habit. Be engaged and involved in your relationship. Spend time with each other.

  • You haven’t got over your past relationship

While I was researching the causes of this problem I came across this as a very prominent reason for this problem. Many girls just get into the relationship only because they’re feeling lonely. NO! This shouldn’t be done. There are many relationships which are facing issues because partners are involved in the relationship because they don’t want to feel lonely, not because they want to love again. 

I strongly believe that no one should ever get into any relationship until he or she gets over his past relationship completely. You can’t stay with a person who is not in your mind. Forget your ex completely and then get into any relationship. 

Don’t come to a relationship where you cannot be fully invested. 

Once your boyfriend starts to understand that you are still with your ex in your mind and brain, then is it completely wrong for him to get attracted to other girls? When you’re not completely with him? 

  • You are lacking physical attraction

Though I, personally don’t think this to be a reason why your boyfriend finds other girls attractive, but still I’ve found this as a serious reason.

There are so many boys who have preferences about their girls. Some of them really want their girls to look attractive everytime. I understand this is impossible for girls to look perfect every time but it’s your boyfriend’s preference.

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If your figure is lacking the charm and attraction that once used to drive your boyfriend mad, then he can get attracted to other girls who have that physical charm though. 

Now, let’s talk about How you’ll deal with it as a woman. 

  • Keep yourself updated

Boys really get attracted to those girls who keep themselves updated always. Try to match with his vibration. Uplift your energy and vibration.

Be enthusiastic and energetic. Your liveliness will attract your boyfriend for sure. We all are connected through vibration. You’re no exception. Try to vibrate positively. Positivity will definitely make your boyfriend drawn to you.

  • Groom yourself

I’ve seen many girls neglecting themselves after getting into a relationship. You shouldn’t do that. Grooming is very necessary for both boys and girls. Make yourself look even more attractive after getting into the relationship.

Dress up, be happy. Live your life to the fullest. 

Maintain your physical and mental health. Do all those things which make you happy. Don’t just stay busy with making your man happy. Live your life also but definitely also take care of your relationship. 

  • Get rid of past baggages

Don’t live your life thinking about your past deeds. The faults you’ve made in the past will definitely raise a negative mindset in you and make your vibration lower and that’ll cause your boyfriend to get distracted from you. After all, no one wants negativity. Right? 

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Move on from your past, accept the present. Stay happy with everything you have. Don’t pretend either. Pretension is such a bad thing that can make anyone go away from you. Don’t do that. 

  • Be an invested person in the relationship

Apart from your boyfriend’s effort, also make him realise that you too are worried about him. You too want to make the relationship perfect. Make him realise that it’s not only him, who always takes the first initiative. You too care about the relationship the same way.

Do things that can make him happy. Cook good food for your man. Have dinner together. Make a surprise for your boyfriend. Gift him with little things occasionally so that he also understands, you too are worried about his likes and dislikes.

  • Don’t be a perfectionist

Girl, if you always try to be a perfectionist in every sphere that will only make you distracted from the relationship. 

No one is perfect, you have to understand this. Don’t try to be perfect either, or don’t even try to make the relationship perfect. Let it flow with love and care. Nurture it and it’ll grow perfectly. 

Let’s now discuss Is it ok for boyfriend to think other girls are attractive?

Is it OK for boyfriend to think other girls are attractive?

No, if your man is in a committed relationship with you then he should never find any other girl attractive. 

Just because an attractive individual catches his attention, that doesn’t mean that he can show less and less respect to you. 

This is totally disrespectful for both you and the relationship. 

Everyone is perfect in his own way. When your boyfriend fell in love with you, he found you attractive but now as days have passed he lost interest in you and is now getting interest in others is definitely not something acceptable.

Another thing which is needed to be answered 

How do you deal with a partner who is attracted to others?

See staying in this kind of relationship where you can’t even get a minimum respect is totally up to you. You’re in a relationship, you love your boyfriend but in contrast, your boyfriend is attracted to other women. This is not something tolerable. 

Respect is the primary key of a healthy relationship. No man can stay in such a relationship where he cannot find respect and dignity.

Staying in a relationship where your partner is drawn to others instead of you. Is there any meaning left still? The relationship has already broken. It’s only you who is in the relationship, not the two of you.

This is a disrespect and where there is no respect, there can be no love also. 

Let’s answer some Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)- How to accept that my boyfriend finds other girls attractive?

When a guy says another girl is hot in front of you?

Oftentimes I’ve seen boys complimenting other girls as hot just to make their girls jealous. If it is so with you, then try to take that sportingly.

But if you feel that your boyfriend is comparing you with another girl, I would suggest show the best version of yourself to him.

When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty

Like I’ve said, sometimes boys compliment other girls to make his girlfriends feel jealous. Then you should take that sportingly for sure.

I have a girlfriend but find another girl attractive

It’s a matter of concern then. In spite of having a girlfriend, you shouldn’t find anyone more attractive than your girl. But if you’re finding it so, question yourself, are you seriously in love with your girl or not? 

Why is my boyfriend attracted to other woman

Some boys have a tendency to get attracted to other women, no matter how beautiful his girlfriend is. 

If this is the problem with you, groom yourself and show him you’re no less than anyone but if still he does the same by getting attracted to others, then I would suggest you to think again about staying in a relationship where you are not getting the respect you deserve the most.

My boyfriend thinks his friend is prettier than me

I would really like to give a clear answer to this question. 

First of all, he shouldn’t get into a relationship with you if he thinks that his friend is prettier than you. Because it’s clear that he doesn’t care about your feelings like how you would feel after knowing that your boyfriend finds his friend prettier than you. 

He is comparing you with any other girl. This is clearly a sign of showing disrespect.

Secondly, if you understand that he is attracted to his friend more than you, then you should get out of the relationship. It’s hurting your self-respect and dignity. 

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I can understand how you are feeling if your boyfriend makes you feel that he is attracted to other girls instead of you. The amount of respect, love and care of yours are engaged into the relationship, I understand, and therefore I wouldn’t suggest you break the relationship and come out. 

Rather, I would tell you to make yourself the way your boyfriend never imagined you could be. Be the best version of yourself, obviously not for your man but for you. Show respect, care to yourself. Don’t focus on what your man is doing. See how his behaviour towards you starts to change day by day.

We don’t understand sometimes that we get disrespect because we don’t respect ourselves, therefore paves the way for others to also disrespect us.

Relationship is a beautiful thing but no one can stay in such a relationship where he cannot have his dignity. 

Still, don’t break the relation, I would suggest. Instead take initiatives by yourself to settle the matter. Make your man feel special and precious. Give him unconditional love. Groom yourself.

If still, things go worse then try to make your mind about the relationship.

Stay Happy and Stay Blessed. 

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