How To Apologize to Your Boyfriend

You must have heard about the age old myth about how women never apologise. But this myth is just plain wrong, because women do feel sorry! So How To Apologize to Your Boyfriend ?

The only problem is that we have a hard time reconciling with the fact that we might be wrong in an argument. Especially, if the argument is with a significant other. 

But, there is nothing to be ashamed about making a mistake and wanting to apologise for it. In truth asking for forgiveness proves the kind of considerate and mature person that you are. 

So, in this article I will help you to find the right words and methods to apologise to your boyfriend. 

Ways on How To Apologize to Your Boyfriend:

1. Realize the mistake:

Misunderstandings in a relationship are pretty common, but if that turns out to bring your relationship to an end, you should take steps.

Think about what just happened between you both, analyse whose fault it was, if you were wrong, realise your mistake.And don’t feel bad about it, as humans we all tend to make some mistakes. 

Also, it takes courage and a beautiful heart to realise the mistake and accept that it was your fault. Be that person with the most beautiful heart.

2. Let go of your ego:

One thing that should not exist in a relationship is ego, it will take things on a different path. Often, people get confused with ego and self-respect.

You should never give up on your self-respect, no matter what, but, never develop ego in your relationship.Let go of your ego and text him first, try to talk to him, try to convince him, try to sort out things. 

And just because you are the first one to extend the olive branch, does not mean that you have somehow lost to him. Because, there is no such thing as losing in a relationship, because it is a commitment not a war or a battle-field where one is the winner and the other a loser. 

Moreover, in the end when you have sorted everything out with him, and your relationship is stronger than ever, then it means that both of you are the winner. 

3. Say the “S” word:

When we fight with someone, even when it is a loved someone, we say the vilest of things in the throes of anger. Words that we cannot take back. But, ironically, when we realise that we are in the wrong, the most simple and significant words refuse to leave our mouths. 

The dreaded “S” word….Sorry

But I will mention this again, there is no shame whatsoever in feeling sorry and reciprocating the same to someone. And this word becomes even more important when the fight is with your boyfriend. 

Because a relationship is based upon love, respect and understanding, and if you have done something that breached any of these aspects then saying sorry is the best possible way of mending your relationship. 

It might seem very daunting to think about saying sorry and apologise, because maybe you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that you were wrong in front of him. But, I promise you, uttering this one word will quell all your feelings of guilt and regret, and it will also make you a bigger person. 

How To Apologize to Your Boyfriend
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4. Explain your perspective: 

Oftentimes, arguments arise between couples because of a conflict of interest or a difference in opinions. 

These petty arguments then take vicious turns and the next thing you know, both of you are breaking up because of your differing perspectives. 

So, to stop that from happening, take some moments to calm yourself down, and then take turns explaining each other’s point of view. Do not interrupt him, listen to what he says and process it logically. Then make your points to him and state your opinion. 

If even after that, you two do not find a point of equilibrium then accept the fact that both of you are different and unique individuals. 

And look at the plus side of this method, you do not even have to verbally apologise to him. You can just agree to disagree and move on from the topic and avoid any further discussion on it. 

5. Be empathetic:

One of the main causes of hurting someone is the fact that sometimes we fail to put ourselves in the place of the other person. We cannot comprehend that had this been said or done to us we would have felt the same pain over it. 

Therefore, in order to apologise to your boyfriend for hurting him, you need to put yourself in his shoes and analyse your behaviour. Think about how it would have hurt you, if he had done the exact thing with you. 

In doing so, the apology that will come from you then will be straight from the heart. It will be genuine and make you a mature person that takes full responsibility for their actions. 

6. Pamper him :

In case if you do want to apologise to him but want it to be in a unique way rather than just saying sorry then it is time to bust out your creativity out of the closet! 

There are so many things that you could do for him. Like you can bake something for him and write “Sorry” on it, and even if you are not good at baking then no worries. Just order a cake or cupcake from a bakery and request them to write “sorry” on it. 

You can arrange a special spa and salon day for him. Give him a massage or hire a professional to do it. Buy him something that he has always wanted or make something for him by your own hands. 

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 But if you want to give it a romantic twist then you can plan a candle-light dinner and give him blue hyacinths, that represent “ I am sorry”. And if you are wondering how you can give a man flowers, then let me quell your doubts and say that men also love to be given flowers, that just don’t show it.

 So, pamper your man and let him know that you care for him and are sorry for the misunderstanding. 

7. Make him smile:

Apologies are well and fine, but how do you make sure that he isn’t mad at you anymore? You just simply make him smile!

Be silly, cute and funny. Break out into some dorky dance steps, belt out a song in high notes. Justin Bieber’s “ Sorry” , is an apt choice for this.

You can say jokes to him or better yet make fun of yourself. And before you frown upon that suggestion, let me remind you that you were in the wrong.  So try to salvage the situation by making jokes about yourself and the way you fought with him. 

Let him know that, now that  you have cooled down and thought it through you see how immature your behaviour was. And do it all in a light and casual way while smiling and laughing to make him see that your good humour is back. 

To make the process of bringing out his smile more romantic, you may get on top of him and start tickling. And say that you will only stop if he smiles again and forgives you. 

8. Tease him:

To get him to completely forgive you must bring out the big guns. And that’s lust. 

Tell him how sexy he looks today. Touch his biceps and let him know that he has filled out a lot and his muscles look bigger. Touch his abs and pectorals as well and tell him how lucky you are to get such a hot boyfriend. 

But, but, but do not let him have you yet! 

Remember you are teasing him, making him so horny that he will forget all about your fight until there’s only one thing in his mind. 

Wink at him, and when he is about to kiss you, push him away playfully and tease him. Keep seducing him without any physical contact, make him crave for you. Keep staring at him, look into his eyes, smile at him, get closer to him, and rub his thighs.

Then, finally, when he is completely submerged in desire and panting at the mouth for you, offer him what he wants and say ‘sorry’ for hurting him.

And enjoy the best make-up sex of your life! 

9. Make him promises:

Often in a relationship when one person ends up hurting the other, the base of trust cracks. To mend those cracks apologies alone wouldn’t suffice. 

What you must do to win his trust again and have him to forgive you is that you will have to promise him that you would never do anything ever that will hurt him in any way. 

Promise him that there won’t be any repeats, and going forward you will be more understanding of his perspective as well. In return he will make promises too, about how he shall be more considerate in the future and avoid anything that might start a conflict. 

Hence, try not to repeat the same mistake again, and make promises to each other. If there is something that causes pain and hatred in your relationship, try to cut it off completely.

10. Show him your love:

The very reason you are apologising is the fact that he is the most important thing in your life and you do not want to let him go. So, hurry and let him know that too! 

Because, at the end of the day, all that you both need to share is ‘love’. Therefore, by all means necessary do not just make him feel, but also show him all your love. 

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Tell him how much he means to you and how important a role he plays in your life. Remind him of all the good moments you both had had together. The first time you met, your first date and all other milestones of your relationship.

Make him feel special by holding his hand, being a shoulder to his head, kissing him on the forehead, and caressing his hair, just making him feel wanted.

Compliment him and share with him all the big and little ways he makes your life beautiful. Furthermore, to make him emotionally dependent on you, you in turn have to let him know how much you depend on him and crave for his companionship. 

11. Consult a Relationship Expert:

If all else fails or you are worried to try the above steps what you can do is chat with a relationship expert to guide you best for this!

You might feel some hesitation to seek help from an expert, but remember that there is no shame in it. Sometimes, a relationship reaches a point of stalemate, no matter how much effort you put in. So, then the best method possible is consult an expert and have them aid you with making your relationship better and stronger than before. 

And, if you ask me I would recommend to you which is only available in the USA all you need to do is just click here to chat with a relationship expert now!

The experts will not only guide you in your relationship but will also help you build it better if you just ask them.

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It is a universal truth that we often end up hurting the person that we love the most. 

We try not to, but it’s impossible to not make mistakes in a relationship. Because, none of us are perfect, we are not infallible. So, making a mistake is not the problem, rather it is completely natural. 

But what is indeed a problem is not acknowledging our imperfectness, it is a problem to not take responsibility for our mistakes, and it is a major problem to not apologise for the said mistakes. 

And its even worse when we lose the person that we truly love to such a petty ego. So, keeping all your ego aside, prioritise love and ask for forgiveness wherever necessary. 

Not only would it grow your relationship but it would also nurture you as a great individual. 

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