How to cheer up your boyfriend when he is sad over text – 10 Easy Ways!

A bad day at work, maybe lousy grades, perhaps he is just feeling under the weather. Or maybe his favourite football team lost again! So, How to cheer up your boyfriend when he is sad over text ?

Whatever the reason might be, your man is upset, and as the superb girlfriend that you are, it is your duty to know how cheer up your boyfriend when he’s sad over text! To be honest, making someone happy through virtual messages can be a tad bit difficult, but thankfully for you, I have combined a list of things that you can text your boyfriend that will guarantee to make his mood right as rain. And as a bonus they will also make him realise how much you care for him and how invaluable your support is in his life. 

So, let’s get to it then.

Ways on How to cheer up your boyfriend when he is sad over text:

1. Be all ears: 

When someone is down, feeling low and dejected, the best thing to do is to listen. Letting them unburden everything that is bothering them is one of the most wholesome ways of cheering someone up. 

So, text your boyfriend that he can tell anything to you, and you would listen to him without an ounce of judgement. Let him know that whatever has made him sad, you are ready to listen to all of it. 

Channelling out all those repressed emotions is the best way to let out all the sadness and maintain a healthy mind. Hence, be the medium through which your man channels out all his misery. 

2. Empathise:

The key to a healthy relationship is respect, communication and understanding. And now that he has confided all his problems with you, you need to put yourself in his position, empathise with his situation and let him know that you understand. 

Be his strength, acknowledge his vulnerability and text him that it’s okay to feel this way and that he is not alone. Understand what he is going through, and tell him better things are in the future.

 But do not, and I mean absolutely do not make him feel as if he is to be blamed for whatever happened. Instead text him, that it happens to the best of us and it doesn’t matter whether he was right or wrong, cause you are always with him, may whatever comes. 

3. Share your lows:

Like your boyfriend, all of us have bad days when nothing goes right. And that includes you as well. 

And as he has been vulnerable with you and confided in you all his lows, it is time for you to share yours with him. So, he knows that he isn’t the only one to be let down. 

Text him about the time when you were sad, why you felt that and how you overcame it. Because there is a stigma around mental health, a shame that stops us from sharing the problems in and of our mind. But by letting out your vulnerability, you will be giving him strength and courage. 

You will be making an environment of comfort for him where he sees you as his safe-space, and acknowledges the person that is with him through it all. 

This process of sharing and understanding will make your bond stronger than ever. The experience of letting out all your burdens will also make the both of you even stronger individuals.  

4. Praise him…..a lot :

And now that the emotional aspect of understanding and unburdening him of his problems is done, you can move on to the activities that compel him to be happy and forget all about his misery.  And one of the initial activities is to praise your boyfriend. 

Because sadness oftentimes arouses self-doubt, insecurity and anxiety. So, make sure to constantly remind your guy how unique and extraordinary he is. Text him all the things that you love about him, all the things that he is the best at

And do not be shy with your compliments at all. However small or big his achievements have been, remind him of those and let him know that you appreciate all of them. And that his existence alone is precious and that you are thankful for having him in your life everyday. 

How to cheer up your boyfriend when he is sad over text
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But, if you are a girl that has a hard time communicating her feelings so openly and complimenting your partner doesn’t come easy to you, let me tell you that I understand. It is very common to have some reservations about expressing your feelings in such an open way. 

But remember that  on a day when your boyfriend is feeling particularly low, a few compliments over text from you, especially if you are known for not handing out any, will make him a very happy man indeed.  

5. Share some music:

The great musician, Beethoven, was of the opinion that music can change the world. As sure as he was of this fact, we are certain as well that listening to music will change your boyfriend’s mood.

 But, not just any music, instead songs that you send him and tell him how they remind him of you. Because, there is nothing more flattering or romantic than dedicating a special song to someone and sharing with them how the song reminds you of them. 

You can also text him the lyrics that you love and how those lines apply to your relationship. 

And look at all the things that you will be accomplishing through this method. Not only would it lift up your boyfriend’s spirit, as music is a certified stress-buster, it will also give the two of you a “YOUR” song that will be special to your relationship and define your love-story.

6. Be funny:

Humour, it cures everything, because laughter is the best medicine after all. And that is why we are sure that it will cure your boyfriend’s mood too. 

So, be funny but not to the point of being condescending or making jokes at his expense. Because, he is in a funk as it is and you do not want to add oil to the water. 

Hence, be funny in a silly and cute way. You can remind him of a funny anecdote that always makes him laugh.Send him dad jokes, knock jokes or cute animal memes. And let us tell you, animal memes are irresistible. Whether cat memes, doggo memes or raccoon memes, it is impossible to be upset after a healthy dose of serotonin shoots up in your system, courtesy of silly little fur babies.  

But the best part about displaying your humorous side is that not only  would it make him go LOL, but it will also endear you more in his eyes.  Because most men like girls that make them laugh and smile. 

7. Create something special:

There’s nothing better than a hand-made gift in this world. These are the perfect presents that represent how much you care for someone to put effort and time into preparing something special for them. 

You must be a little confused now, as to how you can make something and send it to your boyfriend through texts?! But, let me assure you, with how advanced technology has become you can do a lot of things virtually for your boyfriend. 

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For example, make a video edit. It can either be funny with compilations of all your fun moments. Or it can be romantic, with love songs and little texts about how much you love them. You can also make an encouraging one, with feel-good quotes about success and failures. And with the number of apps present online to make videos and edit them, this should be a very easy task. 

But apart from videos, you can also make a custom-made meme, or a photo edit. You can also write poems or limericks for him.Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to have literary experience to write a good poem. You can just write a silly and funny one, with the age old “roses are red, violets are blue” opening. Cause that’s always funny! 

Whatever you create, you can easily send them over texts to him. But, the best part of this method is that, the fact alone that you put in the work to create something especially for  him will make him realise how important he is to you, and how much you cherish him as a person. 

8. Plan something: 

Diverting his attention from the cause of his misery is one of the most important ways of making him happy. And you can accomplish that by making him busy with you in planning or organising something over texts. 

Plan for a trip. It can be however big or small as you want it to be. It can be a vacation to Paris, a sojourn to DisneyLand or a drive to the nearest Walmart. 

Send him pictures of places and hotels and make sure to completely submerge him in the bookings and reservations. So that he is completely submerged in the planning of the trip and his sadness is all but forgotten. 

You can also include him in any kind of event planning and organising. Or maybe you have an assignment or a presentation to make, ask him to help with that. 

Whatever the task is, just make sure that you have embroiled him in some kind of light work so as to make him forget about all his troubles. 

9. Grant a wish: 

Getting something that you have always wished for is a sure fire way to feel all giddy and happy. So, be the Genie to his Aladdin and fulfil one or more wishes of his. 

You can either text him and ask what it is that he wants so that you can fulfil his wants. Or as his girlfriend, if you know of something that he desires, something he has always wished for, then surprise him to make the wish come true. 

Adding even more fun to it, you can make a game out of this. Like making coupons or a lucky draw. Make a list of things that he wants, and text him the respective numbers without knowing the contents. He can choose however many numbers as you want. And you will fulfil all the things that he has chosen. 

Most men are like children, so when they are upset, you can make such silly games for them to partake in and promise them a reward to make them happy. Just as you would buy a little kid a toy or an ice-cream to make them smile. 

10. Spice it up:

Now, this last method is the most effective, because by the time you have applied it, he will be too aroused to think straight, let alone be sad anymore. 

And you can do this by romancing him via texts. 

Like, the sweet-nothings that you murmur in the ears of your lover, but make it virtual. Send him flirty messages and be coy, men absolutely love that

Tease him and remind him of a particularly raunchy memory of the two of you. Or better, yet tell him how you are planning to make his mood alright. 

You can also text him all the things that you find sexy about him, how you love what he does to you and makes you feel. Sending him a breathy and sultry voice note will do the job perfectly as well. 

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And as I mentioned before, after all this, your man will have only one thing in his mind and be too turned to think about anything that might have upset him earlier. 

There is a saying that “behind every successful man there’s a woman”. And it is rightly said so. Because men might showcase their muscles, their prowess and how strong they are, but this strength is all physical, only skin deep. 

But the minds of  women, on the other hand, are unmovable like a mountain and persevere like the river , that doesn’t stop until it has reached its destination. 

And that is what you must remember when you see your man all dejected and disappointed, that you are both the stronger and the softer gender. You are strong when it comes to lending him your support, giving him a shoulder to cry on, and encouraging him to go forth and make it big. And you are soft when you understand his fears and failures as if they were your own. 

Hence, stand at his side at all times and be the woman behind his success.

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