How To Deal With A Famous Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a famous guy and you’re facing some troubles while dealing with him? 

Then, this article is for you… 

Falling in love is completely a natural process. While we fall in love we don’t really discriminate between a famous and a non- famous person. I understand you too didn’t. Initially your life was definitely like a fairy tale, but gradually as days were passing you started to face some problems dealing with him.

But don’t worry. I’ll try my best to guide you on How to deal with a famous boyfriend.

Let’s find out first, what are the problems of having a famous boyfriend…

What are the problems of having a famous boyfriend?

Having a famous boyfriend is a special thing but dealing with him is not easy every time…

  • It is always a long distance relationship

If you are in a relationship with a man who is very famous, then you must also accept the fact that the relationship will always be a long distance relationship. You cannot meet him whenever you want. You cannot just go and surprise him every time. He’ll not be available for all these.

Instead you have to wait for his time to be free. As you know your boyfriend has so much work to do apart from working on the relationship, you’ll feel neglected sometimes; and it happens.

This is definitely an issue of having a famous boyfriend. You’ll feel like you’re the only one who is in the relationship. There is no involvement of your boyfriend. You’ve to tackle everything alone. 

Most importantly, you’ll never get your boyfriend by your side whenever you need him.

A famous boyfriend will never call or text you or if he does, you can hardly remember the time when he did that. You shouldn’t expect all these things from him. Now I understand it’s very difficult for you to do all that every time. Being a girl I can understand how it’ll hurt your self- respect sometimes.

But unfortunately, you’ll never get the same reciprocation from your boyfriend. 

You’ll always have to make the first move, take the first initiative. There’s also a problem with this also. You may not know every time where your boyfriend is. You can call him but he may not answer your call or reply back to your text. As an excuse, he may tell you that he was having a busy schedule. 

  • You’ve to deal with all his admirers

Your boyfriend is a famous one and therefore, obviously he will have a lot of admirers, especially girls. You have to deal with all of them. 

famous boyfriend
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Sometimes all the girls fans may make you feel insecure. You’ll see your  boyfriend posting pictures with them. He will have his friends. He can go to dinner parties with them, where you may not be invited. 

You have to deal with all of these issues alone. You’ll not find anyone who can be by your side. You’ll feel insecure, you’ll feel lonely and most importantly you’ll feel inferior to him and that’ll make you feel the worst. 

  • Premier Nights will be the worst

Being a girlfriend of a famous boyfriend, you’ll have to attend all the premier nights with him, which you may not like sometimes. 

When you reach the place, you find your man surrounded by all his female fans and colleagues. You feel alone there. 

Sometimes you don’t want to go there but still you’ve to go as you’re his girlfriend and he wants you to attend all these nights with him, no matter if you like it or not. 

  • There is no certainty of marriage

As your boyfriend is a celebrity, he cannot manage to find a date to get married. You’re engaged with rings and all. Everyone knows about your relationship, but you’ll still feel insecure.

Whenever you ask your man anything about marriage, he skips the topic anyway giving the excuses of his career and busy schedule or he can console you by saying he’s already engaged with you and so there’s no fear of separation.

But deep inside you know everything is just for outer people, there is no effort for making you happy. 

  • You’ll always have to stay conscious

You’re a girlfriend of a famous man therefore you have some social restrictions. You cannot just do anything in public. You always have to be dressed properly while stepping out of the house. 

You’ve to be conscious about what you are posting on social media. There is no scope for you for being the real you.

  • Hard to keep faith in the relationship

No matter how hard you try to keep the faith in your man and also in the relationship, you’ll end up with trust issues. That is not your fault though. You always find him with other girls and female actors and you understand that there’s no time for you.

Your man always stays busy with stuffs related to his professional life and that makes you feel really insecure sometimes but the worst part is your man never pays any heed to that.

  • There’s no place for intimacy or romance

As it is a long distance relationship with your boyfriend, so obviously you’ll never find him closer to you. Hardly he get any time to come to you. So your romantic life is just at stake.

You see other relations having a healthy romantic bonding but on the contrary you have to wait every time for him. There is no intimacy in the relationship. 

  • No one will understand your trouble

Everyone around  thinks you to be the happiest girl because you’re the girlfriend of such a famous celebrity. But deep inside you know how painful it becomes for you sometimes but no one will ever understand.

You may not have any scarcity of riches or wealth, you may not have to think twice for going to the parlour but that’s not the thing a relationship demands. 

You’re living a luxurious life. You too are feeling like a celebrity sometimes but that’s not the kind life you want. You want your man to be with you for sometimes but that expectation of yours always ends up in despair. 

  • There’s pretension everywhere

Before engaging into the relationship, you probably were a common girl who was not used to a celebrity lifestyle or had a little knowledge about this but now you see and realise how hard it is to deal with media and camera every time.

You don’t like to pretend every time but there’s no way. You cannot show your real 

wanting to the world. You just have to behave according to the demands of your boyfriend and the media. 

There’s no space of feelings. You feel that this is not a relationship but a movie which you have to show to the world.

Now let’s talk about how to deal with these…

How To Deal With A Famous Boyfriend
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How to deal with all these issues?

Having a man who is famous, into the life, may seem like a big achievement sometimes but on the contrary it’ll push you into so many psychological problems, you may not be able to deal with it sometimes. 

What do you need to do in this case? 

Don’t make yourself inferior to him. Don’t make the situation like you’re so dependent on him or his fame is the only thing that matters. You too are no less than anything. You too have beauty and virtue. You also have so many qualities that your man lacks. So don’t be surrounded by all the fame every time. Give yourself little time too. Make yourself feel valuable also. 

If your boyfriend stays busy all the time, make yourself busy also. Learn new things. Get involved with some social work so that you can also attract some media attention. Respecting and valuing yourself may draw your boyfriend’s attention to you. He will realise that he is not the centre of his girl’s life. 

Make new friends and spend time with them. Go for outings, parties and dinners. Live your life like you used to lead before getting into the relationship. 

But all these don’t mean that you have to neglect your partner.

See, if your partner is making you feel neglected then you’ve to be valuable to yourself but if your boyfriend wants to spend time with you but is unable to do so because of his busy schedule, then you must understand his point of view also. But before understanding him, observe how much effort your man is taking to make you feel special also. Make time for one another.

Understand one thing: no one is so busy that he can never make time for you. Maybe he cannot come and visit you physically every time but sending a little message from time to time or making a sudden phone call just to talk to you, shows no less of an effort.

There’s also a question which I often get you hear..Can a normal person date a famous person?

Can a normal person date a famous person?

Of course! Why not! If you fall in love with a celebrity, or you’re a celebrity and a normal man falls in love with you, obviously your two can date. There’s no written scripture about not dating a famous person of course. 

Falling in love is such a natural process. It happens within. Your heart doesn’t discriminate between a famous and a non-famous person when it comes to love. So don’t be afraid of such things. 

But you should learn to handle some problems also as I’ve mentioned earlier. 

Besides, this relationship will make you learn so many new things also. You’ll get to know a lot of people, you’ll learn more about socializing. You’ll stay upgraded every time. There are so many positive sides too. 

Relationship experts also say that the relationship with a famous person can definitely work but it will take the efforts of both the person and not only one. You both have to deal with the relationship very maturely. If your boyfriend is a famous person you’ve to be mature and capable enough to deal with all the female fan following he has without getting insecure.

Can a celebrity fall in love with a normal person?

Of course, why not! You have heard about Zac Efron, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba and Kevin Jonas who have found their love in normal people. So it is as natural as anything else and it happens.

But the base of the relationship depends on how maturely you can handle all the problems. 


Falling in love with a famous person or celebrity is not something unusual. But dealing with a famous person isn’t easy sometimes. He belongs to a different society and you’ve to keep this in your mind every time. Not everything you used to do earlier, can do at present. You have restrictions. But besides everything if you feel the love then sacrifices are worth doing. 

Relationships are not based on one person’s sacrifices though. It needs equal involvement from the other side also. 

Try to find love and happiness in the relationship. Enjoy the moment you get to spend together, a little time also. Ask your boyfriend to make a little bit of time for you too, apart from his work. Encourage him to prosper more in life and also make yourself adjust to that lifestyle if you can, at least you should try if you get genuine love and respect from him. 

Love knows no boundaries.

Lets answer some Frequently Asked Questions related to how to deal with a famous boyfriend…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- How to Deal With A Famous Boyfriend? 

How to date a celebrity?

If you think of dating a celebrity, firstly you’ve to make a mindset. Prepare yourself for all the insecurities you’re about to have. Don’t just make yourself agitated after you start dating the person. You’ve to deal with everything very maturely. Before starting dating, you must try to know about the person a little bit. Don’t fall for attraction if you are serious about him.

Dating vs relationship

Yes, there’s a massive difference between dating and relationships. 

I’ve come across many people who start dating celebrities just to come to the limelight and trust me this happens. 

Dating is another thing. For me, dating is like trying to find the right person but a relationship is something more and more serious. 

If you are thinking about getting into a relationship with a famous man or a famous woman, then prepare yourself first because of course your life is not going to be the same. 

Can you be in love with a celebrity?

Of course you can be in love with a celebrity. There’s no restriction in it. Love can happen anytime and with anyone. But before confessing that you’re in love with that person, ask yourself multiple times, is it genuinely love or not!

How do you deal with dating a celebrity?

Dating a celebrity needs more effort than dating a normal person. Obviously, your life is not going to be the same. You’ve to change yourself a little bit. If you’re okay with all these, then there’s no trouble dating celebrities.

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