How to Get Him to Chase You in 6 Easy Ways!

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6 Ways to Get Him To Chase You

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1. Be a woman of confidence: carry yourself with immense confidence, your attitude talks a lot about you, so let your confidence do all the talking. When you are confident about the way you look, talk and behave, the rest is easy. Men get impressed by women who are pretty confident about themselves.

2. Be the center of attention: who doesn’t like to be the talk of the town, especially for the way you look, for the way you carry yourself, and for your success. Let everyone talk about you, compliment you and applaud you. Well, it might make him feel jealous about you, sometimes. But who doesn’t like to be next to a successful and popular woman in the city?

3. Ignore him: pretend to be busy, make him crave your presence. Spending quality time with each other is really essential because that is how we get closer. But if you want him to chase you, make him miss you more, at the same time, keep the limit and just see that you don’t mess up things.

4. Hang out with other friends:
spend more time with your girls, go out for parties and keep yourself engaged. When a man wants you, he will be there for you at any cost. When you don’t spend much time with him, he will definitely ask you out, to take you shopping, to a movie, or for a coffee date.

5. Be unique: men call fall for 100 pretty girls at a time, but it takes uniqueness to be the only woman in his life. Be different from everyone else, and that difference is what is going to get him to chase you, where you go. Shape yourself in such a way that he should think that nobody can replace you or no one can really be like you.

6. Let him know your worth:
always see that you keep up your self-respect as well. Choose the right person and introspect within yourself if he is the right person for you, you need someone whom you deserve. Don’t let him take you for granted, let him know how worthy you are.

How to get him to chase you through text?

Get Him to Chase You over text
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Be in constant touch with him, and text him whenever possible.

Talk about interesting topics, share pictures, and share memes, and funny jokes.

Keep him always engaged.

Ask him about his day, tell him about your day, and share stuff with each other.

After building a close bond with him through text, send him late replies and pretend to be busy.

He will definitely miss you and start chasing you through text.

How to get him to chase you after sleeping with him?

No one can resist sex on a majority basis, he might start losing interest in you after sleeping with him because he has got what he wanted.

But, if you want him to chase you after sleeping with him, be in touch with him, talk to him daily and meet him whenever possible.

Ask him if enjoyed spending time with you, and ask him what he enjoyed the most or which gave him more pleasure, and ask him if we can do that again, keep him interested in you, always.

How to get him to chase you after a fight?

Getting back together after a silly fight can be the most wonderful feeling, but if want him to chase you, instead of you making the first move, then wait until he comes to you.

Pretend to be angry with him and at the same time share him some dirty messages through a meme or a reel, send him something related to getting back together after a fight. He is definitely coming for you.

How to turn the tables and make him chase you?

If you both are in a fight and the mistake is on you, but you want him to come back to you, all you need to do is to make him miss you more.

Avoid his call, hang out with your friends and post pictures on social media, and pretend that you are happy without him. In the fear of losing you, without any egos, he will come back to you.

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