How to Get him to Kiss you in 4 Steps!

Do you want a way to get him to kiss you? Here are 4 Steps to get him to kiss you.

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How to get him to kiss in 4 steps?

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1. Play with him: start by simply playing with him, teasing him, and bringing his attention to your lips. Don’t let him kiss you at first, pretend for some time and then play the game. Touch his lips gently, and make passionate moves. Look him into his eyes and hold his face in your hand, play with his hair and take it slow. Kiss him on the upper lip and then on the lower lip, and once he feels your touch, it will become easier along with the flow.

2. Talk dirty: seduce him by initiating dirty talks. You can directly ask him for a kiss, or if you want it to be more fun and interesting, you can give him hints, or you can seduce him. Tell him that your lips are dry and you need some moisturizer. Lean in closer and whisper into his ears that his lips can make yours wet. Close your eyes while kissing, it gives you an intense feeling and sensation.

3. Highlight your lips: take care of your lips and mouth with proper care, just do the basic stuff. Brush twice a day, chew mints, and use mouth refreshers, see that your mouth smells good all the time. For lips, apply some natural balm or lip gloss, if you are using lipstick, know which color suits you better, and choose the best flavor. Don’t use matt when you are planning to kiss him, as it might get messy.

4. Touch him: make physical contact when possible, lean close to him while talking and get close to him, let him feel your breath on his skin, and wear some nice perfume that he likes. Slip on him accidentally and touch him. shake hands while meeting and hug while going.

How to get a guy to kiss you without asking?

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Kiss him if you want to, why wait? If you feel like kissing him, then go for it without any hesitation, why always wait for a guy to make the first move. Don’t miss the opportunity, if you’ve got any, just build some confidence and go with the flow. He will take it forward once you initiate.

How to know if he wants to kiss you?

If he is staring at your lips for a long time, it is a sign that he wants to kiss you, his eyes will do all the talking. He will get closer to you, touch you, lower his voice and tell you how beautiful you look. If he does all this, take it as a sign that he wants to kiss you.

How to get a guy to kiss you for the first time?

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If you want to get a guy to kiss you for the first time, be friendly to him and give him some confidence in you. The first kiss need not necessarily be on the lips, it can be on the lips, or hands, or on the forehead, as a sign of affection and love.

How to make a boy kiss you on the lips?

Guys usually like to kiss on the lips, if you give him some hints, you can be kissed by a boy on the lips. Kissing is most of the most passionate and erotic ways to express your love to someone. Build a bond with the person who loves, look him into his eyes and stare at his lips, bite your lips and make s seductive face to be kissed by him immediately.

How to make someone kiss you first?

Seduce him by talking dirty, making it obvious that you need a kiss from him. at times, he might not make use of the opportunity to kiss you fearing that you might react back negatively, so make him comfortable and give him hints to kiss you.

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