How to get him to like you over text in 5 easy steps?

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And now let’s move on to other different ways to make him like you over text: 

So, Here’s How to get him to like you over text in 5 easy steps?

1. Talk about common interests : 

People say that the opposite attracts. And that might be true when you talk with someone face to face. But when it comes to texting? The best way to bond is over common likes and dislikes. 

Otherwise, having opposite interests will just turn into arguments in texts, because you cannot judge the tone of a message virtually. So, disagreeing with him on text might come off as rude and condescending. 

But that also doesn’t mean that you must change your preferences to match his. Instead be the way you are and try to stir the conversation towards things that you both love. While also making sure to avoid topics where you know both of your opinions will clash.

Bonding over the same things will give you so many opportunities to talk with further and stretch the conversation. For example, suppose you love the same band as him. You can send some facts about the band with him, share their songs which are your favorites, make him a playlist.

And in case, you two stop texting each other for a few days for some reason, you can take the help of these common interests to start the conversation anew. Like after a few days of not texting, send him a message about some new information you heard about your common favorite band, actor, book, show or anything. Or ask him if he has watched this video, or seen that photo. 

Also, you can create some photo edits, video edits, or memes yourself and send them. This will not only show them your creativity but he will also see how much you love the same things that he does. 

And after you have created a good base of conversation, and have become somewhat close because of your favorites, plan a casual hangout. Both of your favorite franchises have released a new movie, so plan to see that together. Plan a binge watch for your favorite show, or have a book marathon together. 

And before you know it, you just scored your first date with him!

How to get him to like you over text in 5 easy steps?
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2. Use creativity and humor: 

People instantly like someone who can make them laugh and bring a smile to their faces. So to make the guy like you use your humor to build a connection with him. 

Use your quick wit and be sassy while texting. Or you can also lean more towards adorably funny and send him silly dad jokes and knock jokes. 

Also a common mistake that many people do is send a barrage of memes to someone in hopes of trying to seem funny. Do not do that! He won’t be able to see all of them and might also find it annoying. Rather try to be organic. Make jokes of your own and only send him a few memes that are unusually funny. 

And to show him your creative side instead of sending him usual texts,add a little zing to it. For instance, instead of sending him ‘Good morning’, send- ‘Good morning sunshine’ or ‘Lovely morning’. Use some pickup lines while having a conversation, never make it dull talking. He shouldn’t find you like the other girls he has texted before. 

Also, emoticons are the cutest stuff and one of the most advantageous tools that you can use. Use emojis if you want your text to sound interesting.They are just like the icing on the cake. Also, you can use emojis when you run out of words, you can use love emojis like heart and kiss emojis to express your feeling for him.

3.Show your caring side:

Everyone wants a caring partner. A partner that takes care of you, is attuned to your moods and does everything to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, show him that you can be very warm and caring too, through texts. 

Ask him almost regularly how his day went, how he is feeling. And also between different conversations try to inject lines such as, “I am here for you”, “You can tell me anything” and “ I really care for you”. 

Be a good-listener and listen carefully to all his problems. Don’t try to give him solutions, rather just make your supportive presence known. Show him that you are there for him whenever he wants to unload his burdens and that you will support him and encourage him no matter what. 

Also, try to seem as caring and worried for his well-being as you can. For example if he texts you about an adventure he had, or a funny anecdote where he fell down, or anything that he did that required some serious actions, try to appear very concerned for him. Ask him if he is okay, if he hurt himself, and tell him that you get really worried when you think about him getting hurt. 

Expand your concern to his health as well. If he has even a mild fever or cold, fret over him through texts. Tell him to take care of himself, and if he needs you could cover over and take care of him. 

Even small messages, such as “Drive carefully” and “ Text me when you are home” can mean a lot. They show the way you care about all the big and small aspects of his well-being. 

4. Do not let the conversations stop: 

You must have heard the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. When talking through texts, you are never actually in his sight, but that doesn’t mean that if your conversations stop you won’t be out of his mind. 

Because, you would be hundred percent forgotten. There are so many girls that might want to talk to him. So, in that case if there is a gap of 4-5 days between your texts then your name is going to be at the bottom of the barral, all but forgotten. 

Hence, try to avoid that. Try to keep the conversation going. When the night comes to an end, stop the conversation at such a place that you can pick it up again come tomorrow morning. 

If you have nothing else to DM him then as I have advised in other methods, send him some memes, edits that you made, share some new information etc.

But don’t over do it to the point of appearing clingy and annoying. He is going to avoid you, if you cling to him incessantly. Because boys hate their personal space being invaded in this way. 

And message him regularly, does not mean that you will text him at all hours of the day, everyday. Instead, try to give him a chance to initiate a conversation with you. To text you because he got used to your messages everyday and because he likes talking to you as well. 

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5. Connect on all social media:

Facebook messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, etc there are so many social media platforms to connect and text each other. So, try to make a point of conversing with him in all those different apps. 

React to his Instagram stories, comment on his Facebook pictures, message on Whatsapp and maintain streaks on Snapchat. Do all of this so that there is no chance of him talking to you on one one and then talking to another girl on somewhere else. 

Social-media also gives you many conversation starters. For example you can find out his likes and dislikes and start a conversation through that. You can ask him about something that he posted to make you notice him and start talking through texts. 

Also, try to revamp your social-media, if you are following each other on all platforms. Try to not post anything cringey. Rather you should appear intelligent and mature to him on these sites. 

And try to showcase your talents on the apps. Create your own stories with really aesthetic pictures. Post edits that you made. Show him your singing, dancing, painting or any other talent that you have. 

Now that I have shared with you these 5 amazing steps, it is time to answer some of your questions and give some extra tips. 

5 texts to make a man fall in love with you

1. You are special to me.

2. Anything for you.

3. You are enough.

4. I’m falling for you.

5. You make me smile.

Cute ways to say l like you over text?

1. I would do anything for you to smile.

2. I feel safe with you.

3. Hours feel like seconds with you.

4. I’m lucky to have you in my life.

5. I miss your face.

6. You smell like love.

Can a guy fall in love through texting?

Yes, a guy can develop feelings for you if you are texting him every day. You will get positive signs if he is falling for you, if he likes you, he will text you every day, he will find a way to talk to you even if he is busy and he will send you quick replies.

How to flirt over text with a guy example?

1. You are too hot to handle.

2. Nobody gets me as you do.

3. You are one in a million.

4. You’d be such a great catch.

How to make a guy text you every day?

If you want him to text you every day, keep in touch with him constantly. Send him good morning and good night messages, forward him memes, ask him about his day and send him pictures that you randomly took in a day.

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Should I text him sexy pictures to make him like me? 

The answer to this question is : No, absolutely not! There can be many reasons behind it. One of the most important being your safety and dignity. If he likes you it should be on the basis of how you are as a person and not because of your body. Also it is very unsafe to share such sensitive pictures with someone who you know so little about. You may not know where pictures will end up. 

Should I confess to him through texting? 

Whether you tell him that you like him to his face or text it to him is completely your choice. And there is nothing wrong with either option. So, if you are choosing to confess over texts then go for it! 


As the world has become more virtual, talking has been replaced by texting. So, it is understandable that you would want to make an impression on him in this way. 

And what you want we deliver. Hence, go through all these steps and tips, use them and let us know any other question that you might have regarding your love life! 

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