How to Get Him to Like You in 5 Crazy Steps!

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5 Ways to Get Him To Like You

1. Be the girl of his dream: every guy will definitely have a dream girl, he might have some expectations, and he might expect certain qualities from you. Be that girl, get to know him and his expectations, get to know him better. When he meets the girl of his dream, he is definitely going to start liking you.

2. Understand him: not each can understand everyone. There are only a few people, who put themselves in the shoes of the other person, be that rare person. Understanding someone completely and supporting them in their most crucial times, when no one is there, can make the person feel really special about even, he will eventually start liking you for your qualities.

3. Be his support: Men too need to encourage and a shoulder to lean on. It’s said- Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Be the reason behind his success, encourage him and celebrate his victory. Not everyone can feel happy about the other person’s win. Be that person to him and for sure, he is going to start liking you.

4. Comfort him: wherever you wander, home is the only comfortable place. Be his home, don’t judge him for what he is and for what he likes, give him suggestions, and opinions, but let decisions be according to his choice, give him his space, and make him feel the most comfortable when he is around you.

5. Compliment him: at times, even men need to do told that he looks handsome, he is doing a great job at work, or that the shirt looks good on him. Men need compliments too. Appreciate him, admire him, make him feel special, the way you treat him really matters a lot.

How to get him to like you back?

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If you like a guy and he doesn’t like you back, don’t lose hope. You can still go for it. First, talk to him as a friend, impress him, and make him obsessed with you. Show him love, affection, and care, and make him feel like the most wanted person in your life.

How to get him to like you more?

Look him directly into your eyes and smile at him whenever you see him. Flaunt your beauty in front of him and charm him with your elegance. Spend time with him and talk about each other’s hobbies and get to know him better.

How to get him to like you more than a friend?

If you are friends for a very long time, but you don’t feel that he is your friend but something more than that and want him to feel the same as you do, express yourself to him. Ask him about the expectations and desires he has towards his girlfriend, get to know his likeness, and cultivate those qualities to make him feel that you are more than a friend to him.

How to text a guy to get him to like you?

Here are a few examples:
1. Wish you were here with me.
2. I feel safe when you are with me.
3. Will you be mine, forever?
4. You make my heart skip a beat.
5. You make me go crazy.

How to get him to like you again?

Ask him out and take him to places where you spent time together, bring back memories and tell him how much he means to you. Wear his favorite dress, cook his favorite food and spend quality time with him. Make him feel confident about you.

How to get him to like you more than you like him?

To make him go mad about you, you should make him obsessed with you completely. Talk dirty to him and send him flirty texts and make him go crazy about you. Make him miss you more and eventually crave your presence.

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