How to make a guy fall for you over text

How to make a guy fall for you over text? Before I tell you some tips to make him fall for you over text, here is a special video for you, click on the link to know what it is.

The above link shared is a ‘how-to’ video that contains a lot of special texts, to make him fall for you, crave for you, and to be completely yours, the video is psychologically designed to make him obsess over you.

My friend and I were chilling at the coffee shop, we were talking about the guy whom she likes in our office. A notification popped up from her mobile and it was a message from the guy she likes. The text said- ‘Hey, can we meet this weekend to discuss about our project’. She started to sweat and didn’t to what reply to give him.

I suggested her take a look at the video that I shared to you in the beginning of the article. After watching the short video, to my surprise, the reply she sent him was absolutely brilliant. She said- ‘Sure, and maybe we can discuss our future too’.

How to make a guy fall for you over text?

Texting is the easiest way to communicate our feeling to someone, there are a lot of ways in which you can make a guy fall for you, you just need to be a little poetic and know how to give the best replies to his text, or send messages that will touch his heart and make him fall for you.

Make sure that you put a smile on his face whenever he reads your text, turn his cheek pink and make him blush over your text.
Send him messages to let him know that you are thinking about him all the time and let him know that how much he means to you.

Give him the besets replies, this should be funny and well as romantic. sarcasm and romance are two good flavors to make him fall for you.

How to make a guy fall in love for you over text

1. Show interest in him:

Let him know that you are in love with him, indirectly, through your text. Let him know that you are interested in him, probably by sending him good morning and good night messages daily, with some romantic elements in them.

2. Quick replies:

Reply to his messages as quick as possible that is reply to his messages as soon as you see his text, don’t make him wait for your reply. The more sooner you reply, the quicker he’s going to fall for you.

3. Use emoticons:

How to make a guy fall for you over text
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Emoticons are one of the cutest features of a texting app, you can convey your feelings and emotions through a single emoji that could describe things more than words can do. Don’t keep your messages plain, see that you add some emojis.

4. Use pickup lines:

Who will not fall for pick up lines? It is one of the most efficient and effective way to convey your thoughts to someone you like. Use pick up lines in your text or reply to him with pick up lines that will make him fall for you.

5. Share memes:

Memes are today’s love letter, you can eventually tell that you have a crush on him or can even propose to him through a single meme, you have memes about everything today, go and send him the right meme to make him fall for you.

6. Spice up your conversation:

Don’t be boring, add different elements to your text. Just spice it up as much as possible and bring his attention to you completely.

7. Engage him:

Don’t talk too much, let him also do the talking. Engage him in what you say or ask, make sure that he is not bored of your text. When he engages equally with you, he is eventually falling for you.

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How to make a guy fall for you over text
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How to make him fall for you over the text again?

The broken can be fixed again and you can make it seem beautiful again. Lost him? Want to make him fall for you over the text again? Here are a few tips that might work.

1. Be patient:
Keep in mind that you are trying to fix something that has already been broken. So, you need to carry a lot of patience to make things work

2. Be gentle:
Don’t trigger him with anything that is toxic, be calm and composed when you text him, use gentle words and make sure that you don’t sound rude

3. Bring back old memories:
Memories cannot be forgotten, he will still remember stuff. Try to provoke all those memories through your text, try to bring that old bond back to life.

4. Wait for his reply:
Don’t expect an immediate response from him or demand him to do so, wait until he replies to your text, being composed is the key

5. Don’t text him often:
Make sure that your messages don’t irritate him, you are trying to make him fall for you again, so you must know the right quantity. You must probably know his schedule and timing, text him whenever necessary.

Words to make him fall for you

  1. I’d do anything to see you smile.
  2. I appreciate all that you’ve taught me.
  3. I’ve always trusted in your decisions.
  4. You make me so proud.
  5. You mean so much to me.
  6. I can’t see a future without you.
  7. You are my everything.
  8. I trust you more than anyone else.
  9. My heart is beating for you.
  10. To love is to recognize yourself in another.
How to make a guy fall for you over text
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