How to make a guy friend fall in love with you in 7 steps?

“I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead”. Has this thought been going around in your head as well? Have you stopped looking at your guy friend in a friendly way and want him to see you in a different way too?  So, How to make a guy friend fall in love with you in 7 steps?

Then go through this article to, where through extensive research and work I have put together 5 ways to make your guy friend fall in love with you. 

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Watched the video? Great! Now, let’s move on to those steps.

Here’s How to make a guy friend fall in love with you in 7 steps?  

1. Don’t deny the rumors: 

You are always together, hanging out and smiling at each other. So it’s not a big deal that people around you think of you as a couple. There might even be many rumors flying out about your relationship. 

When it comes to rumors that are not true, denying them vehemently is a knee-jerk reaction. But this rumor might work out quite well for your plan of making your guy friend fall in love with you. 

Because, due to the rumors he might start to introspect your friendship. With the thought of the both of you as a couple revolving around his head, he might even seriously start to consider the idea. 

Secondly, if he has feelings for you, then you denying there being any kind of romantic feelings between the two of you will dishearten him and discourage him from ever confessing to you. 

And most importantly, such rumors will also keep other girls away from him. And all you had to do was nothing! Except for keeping quiet, of course. 

2. Prioritize him:

Friends are always there for us, even if we do not text them for a few days or ditch plans with them to stay at home instead. They are always at our sides no matter what. And that is why it becomes easy to take them for granted. 

But he is not just your friend. He is someone that you want to be your boyfriend. So do not take him for granted at all. Rather do everything in your power to show him how important and special he is for you. 

Talk to him or text him everyday. Do not ditch plans with him at all. Instead use these opportunities to put some of the methods that I have shared with you into action. 

If you had prior plans and he asks you to hangout with him, then cancel the plans and make sure that he knows that you did it.  Also treat him differently than the rest of your friends so that he sees that he really is special to you. 

3. Don’t flirt with other men: 

You might have come across the idea of flirting with other men or dating some-one else to make him jealous so that he gets his act together and expresses his feelings for you. 

How to make a guy friend fall in love with you in 7 steps?
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My advice to you would be, don’t do it. Don’t play such games with not one but two men. 

Also having feelings for your guy friend is a tricky slope. You do not want to do something which will make him distant with you. 

And flirting with other people will put a strain in your relationship. Because, even if he had feelings for you he is just going to assume that you don’t reciprocate those since you are with others. He is going to back down. 

But in case he doesn’t see you as a romantic partner, being with other people will still be a disadvantage. Because he might not ever consider a relationship with you after seeing you with others. 

4. Flirt with him: 

So, rather than flirting with other men, who should you flirt with instead? Your guy friend! The man you have been trying to make him fall in love with you. 

One of the best ways to dig yourself out of the friendzone will be to act as a girlfriend to him. Look him in the eyes when you talk to him. Glance at his lips when he talks, to show him that you might be interested in kissing him. 

Flirt with him. Tease him and give out compliments about his physique. Touch him frequently.  And when you kiss him on the cheeks make sure to linger a little closer to his lips. 

When you hug him, press yourself more firmly against his body so that he can feel your curves. And give him little peekshows. 

Bend down a little in front of him to give him a little glimpse of your cleavage. “Accidentally” shows your thighs when you are sitting down. Make his attention go towards your lips, so that now he is the one imagining kissing you. 

5. Make him see you: 

Guy friends often see you as one of them. A buddy or a bro. But brotherly feelings are what you absolutely do not want to invoke in him. 

Instead you want him to see you as a girl. A girl that he can take to dates, kiss and touch. And not just a buddy. 

So, wear pretty dresses, put some good make-up on. Show off all your best assets so that he can finally see you. 

Even talk the same way in front of him. Talk about love and romance. And as the two of you are friends try to initiate some kind of conversation about sex, but be indirect about it. 

Whatever you do make sure to grab his attention in such a way that his eyes always look for you. 

6.Show your caring side:

Everyone wants a caring partner. A partner that takes care of you, is attuned to your moods and does everything to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, show him that you can be very warm and caring too. 

Ask him almost regularly how his day went, how he is feeling. And also between different conversations try to inject lines such as, “I am here for you”, “You can tell me anything” and “ I really care for you”. 

Be a good-listener and listen carefully to all his problems. Don’t try to give him solutions, rather just make your supportive presence known. Show him that you are there for him whenever he wants to unload his burdens and that you will support him and encourage him no matter what. 

Also, try to seem as caring and worried for his well-being as you can. For example if he tells you about an adventure he had, or a funny anecdote where he fell down, or anything that he did that required some serious actions, try to appear very concerned for him. Ask him if he is okay, if he hurt himself, and tell him that you get really worried when you think about him getting hurt. 

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Expand your concern to his health as well. If he has even a mild fever or cold, fret over him.Tell him to take care of himself, and if he needs you could cover over and take care of him. 

Even the most small and mundane things, such as “Drive carefully” and “ Text me when you are home” can mean a lot. They show the way you care about all the big and small aspects of his well-being. 

7. Just say it: 

The best method is to just go to him and say it. 

Say that you don’t see him just as a friend, that you have feelings for him. Tell him that you want to kiss him, cuddle him and touch him. 

Take the first step and say everything that is in your heart. Because life is short anyways, so don’t waste your time being anxious about whether he will reciprocate your love or not. If it will break your friendship and other worries like this. 

Because letting out all your feelings is better than stewing in them while he gets together with other people. All just because you are afraid to open up your heart. 

And if he is the man for you, he will be so grateful that you confessed to him and in return he would say that he has always loved you as well and wants to be with you. 

But if he doesn’t, even then it’s okay. Because at least you told him everything and now there are no thoughts of regret and wondering what would have happened had you made your feelings known. 

Also, if he doesn’t love you that way, then his loss. There are still more fish in the sea. 

How to make a male friend fall in love with you over text?

If you are in love with your male friend and want to make him fall for you over text then send him cute and flirty texts. Make it seem as if you are a couple rather than just friends. Text him the way a girlfriend would text her boyfriend. And due to this kind of message exchange he would start to see you as a potential romantic partner rather than just as a buddy. 

How to make a boy fall in love with you without speaking to him?

You can get a guy to fall for you just by means of displaying him a few gestures. Smile at him every time you spot him, look right into his eyes and touch him whenever possible. And make your touches and your glances linger. Don’t be casual about them, but show to him that whenever you touch him you do it deliberately. With intention. 

One sentence to make a man fall in love with you?

Right here are a few sentences to make a guy fall in love with you:

1. I adore every single thing about you.

2. I want to be yours forever.

3. I like the way you are mine.

4. My heart beats faster whenever you are near me. 

5. You make  me so crazy for you.

A way to make a guy fall in love with you again?

Begin clean and make certain you don’t repeat the identical mistake again, which made you apart. Show him your love and make him experience your care. Because in the end all that matters is the way you love him. 

How to make a man fall in love with you after a breakup?

Split can feel the worst however not more than being strangers to each other. But you can use it to your benefit. 

Now that both of you are strangers again, you can start anew with a clean slate. Don’t be the person that you were in your former relationship. Because that is why you split. Instead try to make yourself better. And avoid all the mistakes you made. 

Also as communication is the key, try to sort out all the misunderstanding and miscommunication that the two of you had. 

How to make a man fall in love with you in 10 days?

Making him fall for you in 10 days is not definitely hard. Think about love, at first sight, they didn’t even take an afternoon to fall in love. With 10 days in your hand, try to spend the best time with him, get to realize him, all his likes and dislikes. Flirt with him and impress him every day possible. 


People say that the first step of love is friendship. Hence to fall in love with your best friend could be nothing short of perfect. 

You already know everything about each other, have a level of comfort and could talk about anything and everything. So you already have all the right ingredients for the recipe of love! The only thing lacking is the first step. 

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So take advantage of all these methods that I have provided you with and take the first step. 

And let us know any other queries that you have about your love-life and want some more suggestions. I will solve those too! 

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