9 Ways To Make a Guy Want You

Are you looking for how to make a guy want you? Before I tell you about some tips on how to make a guy want you more or always keep him interested in you,

I have something to share. Relationships are always complicated, right? But, how to make it happen and make a guy want you?

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My friend Jessica is really pretty looking, all the guys in her office wanted her. But my pretty friend had a crush on this guy who never showed any interest in her, she wanted to know how to make him want her.

I told her about the Wrap him around your finger program and it really worked for her.

So, here are some ways you can use to make him want you more based on the program I suggested Jessica…

Ways on How To Make a Guy Want You

When I asked my friend Jessica about how did her relationship work with the guy after the Wrap him your finger program, I went in aww after listening to her, here are a few insights.

1. Keep him interested in you:

He might be talking to multiple girls at a time, but you have to be his priority. You should keep him interested in you amongst all other chics and he should want you more. The only way is to be yourself, to be unique and that will make him want you more.

2. Dress up for him:

Physical attraction is common and your dressing literally defines the kind of person you are. Though it’s said not to judge a book by its covers, he will definitely judge you for the kind of clothes you wear, let that judgment be a compliment for you, so dress up for him so that you can seduce him and make him crave for you and make him want you.

9 Ways To Make a Guy Want You
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3. Don’t talk about your past relationship:

It’s good to not hide your past from the person whom you like but make sure you don’t complicate the situation. Don’t always talk about your past relationship and make him feel unwanted. Remember, you are trying to make him want you.

At the same time, confess to him if you got to say something important. Just see that your past does not spoil the present, make sure that you make him want you.

4. Don’t make him jealous:

Well, you might think that making him jealous is one of the ways to make him want you more. It always doesn’t work like that, don’t talk to him about all your ex-boyfriends or narrate them situations that will make him feel jealous. He might feel insecure about you, or even judge you, at times, so, don’t ever do this stuff.

5. Physical touch:

All men crave his physical desire, it is one common way to make him want you. Make eye contact, hold his hand in public, play with his hair, let him feel the warmth of your breath, touch him in a crowded place, keep it as an accident. Let your touch on him talk the language of love.

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6. Give him his space:

Guys need freedom and personal space when it comes to a relationship. You need to mature and act wisely, you need to understand his deadlines, compromise even if he couldn’t take his time for you. Let him play his favorite game, and do things that he loves, be a cheerleader for him. This is one of the ways in which you can make him want you.

7. Don’t rush things:

Nothing is gained by hurrying, you always gotta keep it calm. Also, don’t make decisions when you are in anger, things may move out of hand. Keep calm to play the game and will definitely win.

8. Spend alone time with him:

Silence speaks louder than words, take him to a romantic place, maybe on the terrace when the sky is full of stars, just hold his hand and keep silent. Your feelings will communicate in pure silence. Get such romantic and alone time with him to make him want you more and know if he likes you back.

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9. Be impressive:

Act matured, don’t be that cringy kind of girlfriend. It might irritate him at times, act like a lady, be independent, succeed in your career, multi-task things and your behavior will definitely impress him.


This is all I got to say, follow these 9 simple steps to make him want you more.

Also, don’t forget to check the Wrap him around your finger program mentioned in the beginning.

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