How To Make a Man Cry In Bed in 9 Easy Steps (#7 is Shocking)

How To Make a Man Cry in Bed

Here you will find How To Make a Man Cry In Bed in 9 Easy Steps

Do you want to make your partner cry in bed? Isn’t it wonderful to know that he can’t wait to see you again? A woman with the ability to get a man sexually addicted to her possesses a great deal of power. However, perfecting the craft can take some time, which is why I’ve created this guide just for you! 

But, before starting I want to ask a question that is – Do you really want your man to be sexually obsessed with you

And worship you like a goddess? If your answer is yes, then you must watch this video and make your man go absolutely crazy for you! 

The key to making a guy addicted to you, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, a friend with benefits, or any guy you’re interested in is to do things so perfectly that he forgets about everyone else and to provide a safe haven where he may attempt things he’s never done with anyone else before. 

Well, there are numerous ways to make a man cry in bed. However, If you’re seeking to make things so heated during sex that your man shed tears of ecstasy then – 

Here are 9 simple steps to make a man cry in bed

#1 Talk Dirty to Him

How to make a man cry in bed step #1 talk dirty to him

Talking dirty to your partner is one of the best ways to get him addicted to you. Hearing each other moan, sigh, and demand what you want/how you want is really seductive. It ensures that you both have a good time. Also, whispering naughty words in his ear like ‘Fuck me Daddy’, ‘Choke me’, ‘Pull my hair, etc can be really enticing. 

Make the best use of this information and see him getting obsessed with you. You can also use some of these suggestions to talk nasty in the bedroom, but you can also do it over the phone and initiate phone sex which is a great way to fulfill his desires and also a terrific way to keep in touch and get him thinking about you or miss you when you or he is away from home. 

You can also use these naughty phrases to make him crazy in bedread them here

#2 Call out his name

How to make a man cry in bed step #2 Call out his name

Surprisingly, one of the many things guys enjoy hearing during sex is their own name. When you like something sexual he’s doing to you, seductively call out his name. Please keep the name of the person you’re sleeping with within your mind. Before you yell out someone else’s name, think about it. 

Well, guys find it very attractive also to some guys it’s a personalization of intimacy and lust. It’s a way through which you can let him know how good it feels like he’s blowing your mind and that’s the only thing you remember or you can say when he’s inside you! 

For some guys being eye-to-eye while having sex is the most vulnerable & intimate moment. And when you call out his name in that position it shows how much you’re present in that moment and how much you’re enjoying that moment with him.

Also, meet his gaze when he’s about to climax with a grin on your face most of the guys find it very attractive.

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#3 Look for His Sensitive Spots

How to make a man cry in bed step #3 Look for His Sensitive Spots

You must be deliberate about sexually gratifying a man if you really want to know how to make a man cry in bed. Men have a lot of erogenous zones that don’t get affection because they’re too afraid to ask their partners.

One of these places is Nipples. Men revealed that nipples were one of their favorite places for stimulation in a recent survey for the journal Cortex. For added enjoyment, gently sucking or licking a nipple while caressing your man down there can be a sexy idea. Focus on these areas, do things which he would do to you. 

Another sensitive spot to focus on is the Ear. Yes, you heard me correctly! If you really want to drive him wild you can play with his ears. You can gently bite his ears, kiss them & pull his ear lobes with your lips. You can also sit on his lap, bend forward, and whisper some naughty words in his ear. You can pull him close & gently moan and sigh by calling out his name in his ear. 

Another erotic thing which you can do is to focus on his Neck. According to a study published in the journal Ergonomics, the nape of his neck is the ideal location to concentrate. You should hum while kissing him there. The mix of heat and vibrations, according to specialists, helps him experience some intense experiences.

To let him know you want him, start with soft kisses. Then go your way down from the base of his ears. As you go down, you can softly bite his neck. Alternate between kisses and bites to keep him guessing what’s next.

You just cannot ignore the area around his Crotch! When the skin of the Scrotum is rubbed, it can truly turn a man on. Instead of biting and nibbling, try sucking, licking, cupping, or softly squeezing them.

The glans, or tip of the penis, contain more nerves than the shaft. It’s a man’s clitoris. It’s one of his most sensitive areas, and it makes him turn on.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, males prefer to have the top of their shaft touched. When it comes to how much pressure to apply, experts suggest that it should be a bit firm.

You should also focus on the skin between his balls and his bum that’s where his ejaculatory muscles are located, therefore massaging them might increase the intensity of his climax. This way you can make sex memorable for both of you!

#4 Try new things in bedroom

How to make a man cry in bed step #4 Try new things in bedroom

Another way to spice up things in the bedroom and make your man cry and make him want you more is to introduce new things and activities while having sex. 

You can start by Trying Different Sex Positions. You can surprise your man by inculcating new exotic oral and anal sex positions while having sex. You need to remember that some of these positions give him a great view of your body which can drive him crazier for you. 

You can also include toys, costumes, or lingerie, as well as something a little naughty. If you’re unsure what you want to attempt, sex games or sex dice might help you come up with new ideas and make things more interesting.

You can also try prostate play and pegging. For some men trying them can be a deep desire whereas, others may or may not like them. So, it’s always best to ask for consent first! 

#5 Take the initiative

How to make a man cry in bed step #5 Take the initiative

Surprising him with sex can be a great idea to make him crave you more & more! 

Do you recall the whole “random act of kindness” fad? Hands down, this is one of the greatest methods to go about it. Men are more than willing to ask for sex, but initiating it is one of the most exciting things you can do. Not just sex even if it’s a kiss take control and initiate things trust me, men love it when you take charge and initiate things. 

Guys enjoy being sought after as well. Nonetheless, they are frequently required to make the initial step.

It could be due to gender norms instilled in us by our culture. It doesn’t help that approximately 30% of women have responsive desire whereas many males have spontaneous desire. If you want to surprise him with sex, you may need to get yourself in the mood beforehand.

So, take the initiative, give him good sex and leave him wanting and craving you more! 

#6 Explore Temperature Play

How to make a man cry in bed step #6 Explore Temperature Play

If you’ve never done it before, the temperature may seem intimidating, but it’s actually rather simple. You also don’t need a full dungeon’s worth of high-priced toys and accessories to achieve it. It’ll also make foreplay more enjoyable and introduce you to new feelings. Cupping and streaking are two more extreme kinds of temperature play using fire, but for now, let’s just dip our toes in the water.

It’s best to mix hot and cold to get the most pleasure out of temperature play. Warm liquids such as molten wax (make sure you use candles created expressly for sensual play as domestic candles have varied melting points, resulting in serious burns), melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, or edible oil can all be added to the mix to make it more delightful.

If you really want to spice things up you can give your partner an ice cube hand job! It can be a lot of fun to do.

One hand can hold an ice pack while the other remains at body temperature. Switching hands while doing handwork will provide a wide range of feelings. I swear it’s not as difficult or crazy as it appears. Honestly, it’s very sensual if done properly. 

#7 Give Him a Massage

I am not talking about a normal massage with your hands. You need to use your mouth and tongue in place of your hands as you straddle him & get him ready for a massage. You can make it an intriguing experience for him. Now you must be thinking how? Well, if you wanna know, stick around! 

Straddle him, look him in the eyes, and trace your lips with your tongue slowly. To add a little extra punch, add a little lip bite.

Circumambulate the outside of his earlobe with the tip of your tongue (an erogenous zone).

Take his hand in yours, raise his pointer finger, and lick it slowly. Then, starting at your clitoris, guide it down your body.

When things start to heat up, give him a delicate French kiss on the neck with your tongue.

Run your tongue up and down his sternocleidomastoid muscle (the powerful neck muscle that runs from his ear to his collarbone). Starting just below his hipbone and ending towards his package, run your tongue along his V-zone.

Before sliding your tongue down to his penis, repeat on the opposite side because his collarbone is sensitive to touch, move your tongue softly down and across it. You can also trail it up to his neck and bring him in for a seductive kiss.

Allow him to lie on his stomach while you lick along his spine with your tongue. Along the way, use your finger to trace some of the dampness. Do a little sharing of nipple sensations:

Apply a dab of flavored lube or whipped cream on his nipples and lick your way around the areolas with a firm licking motion. Then, lean back and draw his head toward your breasts so he may do the same, flick your tongue back and forth across the nipples.

See? When you start utilizing your tongue, your sex life takes on a whole new meaning.

Well apart from the aforementioned things you can also massage his ego or in other words boost his ego. Let’s find out how! 

Do you enjoy the sensation of his cock?

Perhaps he’s a wonderful kisser or maybe good at oral sex?

Let him know if he always makes you cry, scream, and shake in the bedroom, or if he is a good lover in any other way!

It’ll make him happy while also making him desperate for you. Just make sure the compliments you provide are sincere. If he’s average or small, don’t tell him he has the biggest penis you’ve ever seen.

Don’t know where to begin? How about a squeaky moan about how fantastic he feels inside of you?

#8 Indulge Yourself into Foreplay

How to make a man cry in bed step #8 Indulge Yourself into Foreplay

You can start by setting up a hot romantic date for the two of you or maybe a candlelight dinner. 

Next, you need to wear something sexy which makes him drop his jaw on the floor! Now you need to act sexy like using your sexy body language in front of him.

You can – how off your curves, bite your lower lip, bend towards him showing off your cleavage or do whatever makes you feel sexy. Be you! And see how it drives him crazy and horny for you. 

Now, consider this scenario: a guy is sexually fascinated with you, and both of you are aware of it.

He is sexually attracted to you.

You have complete control over the situation.

So why not try some real power play in the bedroom and dominate him? You have power over his orgasms and can punish and reward him. You can restrain him, blindfold him, punish him, and use a variety of devices on him.

This style of foreplay is also ideal for incorporating nasty talk! You can discuss his sexual addiction with you and persuade him to agree. Make a list of the things he admires about your physique and sexual abilities, as well as the things he’d do just to be with you. We guarantee it will improve your sex experience for both of you.

On the other hand, you may attempt sexually surrender to him. What better way to keep him sexually preoccupied than to cater to his wants and needs?

There is various other foreplay that you can try with your guys like Boss & Secretary, Doctor & Patient or Doctor & Nurse, etc. It totally depends on you and your partner whatever you guys are comfortable playing. 

#9 Give him the best oral sex – he could ever ask for

If you want to make your man cry in bed nothing can beat good – intense oral sex! 

Trust me it works like magic! I have already mentioned the sensitive spots on & around his crotch and what you have to do with them especially while giving him a blow job & a hand job. 

You must be a champ when it comes to a blow job or hand job but you will have to make it more interesting and pleasurable for him! 

Now you can make it a little more interesting by Edging. Now you must be thinking what’s that? Or how to perform that? 

Edging is the act of bringing yourself or another person dangerously close to orgasm and then backing away. You do this a few times before ultimately allowing him to cum. Why? After all that stimulation and anticipation, it amps up the intensity of the ultimate orgasm! Usually, edging is practiced while penetration but you can also do it while giving a blow job or hand job! 

You just need to focus and understand when he’s about to orgasm and use this sex move accordingly. This way you can not only control his orgasm but also, amplify its intensity!

With that, this was a wrap on how to make a man cry in bed.

FAQs – How To Make a Man Cry in Bed?

What can make a man cry in bed?

Either giving him the best oral or giving him the best massage can stimulate him enough to even make him cry.

What stimulates a man in bed?

Men revealed that nipples were one of their favorite places for stimulation in a recent survey for the journal Cortex.
Another sensitive spot to focus on is the ear.

What words attract a man in bed?

Whispering naughty words in his ear like ‘Fuck me Daddy’, ‘Choke me’, ‘Pull my hair’, etc can be really enticing for a man in bed.

How make him sexually crazy about you?

You can make him sexually crazy about you by talking dirty to him. Using phrases like “You feel incredible” can drive him even more crazy for you.

Learn 200+ dirty phrases, texts that drive men sexually crazy + also learn how to drive any man sexually crazy for you (& only you) without even touching him

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