How to Make a Man Shake in Bed – 31 Shockingly Easy Ways

How to make a man shake in bed? This simple guide will reveal 31 shockingly easy ways how to make a man shake in bed! Read this article through and you will be able to make any man shake in bed with ease…

How to make a man shake in bed

In our generation getting a man in bed is quite easy but making him stick to you can be hard. In a pool of girls out there you don’t want to be someone who he has sex with and forgets afterward.

While being physical is not the only thing, it sure is very important! Making a guy addicted to you is not that difficult, you just need to know the right ways to do it.

While you think that guys just need sex, let me tell you that they need more than that. Their ultimate goal might be penetration, but what happens before intercourse is what will make him come back to you wanting more!

What men are looking for is an experience that they will never forget. It’s about adding adventure and spice to the mundane process of having intercourse, that push and pull, that banter is what will draw him to you every time he is turned on. 

How to Make a Man Shake in Bed
How to Make a Man Shake in Bed

Let me take you to the first step of making your man shake in bed so that he never forgets what it feels like to be with you…

31 Easy Ways to Make a Man Shake in bed

Below is a table with all the 31 ways that you can use to make him shake in bed! to Make him Shake in bed
1Don’t rely on him to liven things up or initiate sex
2Grab Your Man & Take The Lead
3Get What You Want
4Set the Mood
7Symbols of Sensuality
8Colour Psychology
10Dirty Talk
11Dry Spell
12Pay Compliments
13Give a Sneak Peak
14Make Him Feel at Ease
15Give Him a Massage
16Pleasure Yourself
17Blow Job
18Work His Testicles
20Using Your Body to Bind Him
27Rough Sex
28Start Grinding
29Ride Him

1. Don’t rely on him to liven things up or initiate sex

Take control of the situation! Tell your man about some unusual sex ideas you’d want to try, even if they sound a little strange. He’ll probably think it’s hot that you’re contributing and will like seeing you get so worked up when you actually attempt it.

Everyone has issues with their sexuality. Maybe you’re concerned that your belly is too round, or that you don’t sound “hot enough” during sex. Your man is undoubtedly concerned about the size of his penis and if he can last for a long while, even if he’s never had any complaints about it.

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2. Grab Your Man & Take The Lead

Instead of waiting for your man to do anything with you, grab him and take what you want. So take his hand in yours and bring him in for a kiss. Alternatively, seize him and lead him into the bedroom.

Alternatively, grab him, push him onto the bed, and begin undressing him. When you start grabbing him and take the lead, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to turn them on.

3. Get What You Want

It may be so hot when your man grabs you and takes what he wants, regardless of whether you’re satisfied or not. It’s time to flip the script. So, the next time you’re joking around, don’t allow him to take the initiative. To obtain what you want, get him on his back, straddle him, and start grinding on him.

4. Set the Mood

Setting the mood is very important. When we talk about the mood, it’s the ambiance you are surrounded by that matters the most. While you are with him make sure the lighting is mellow and dim so it sets the tone right and will also give him relaxing vibes.

While you are with him also make sure the music is appropriate and has sensual tones in it, which can get him in the mood easily. Since music tends to change anyone’s mood.

5. Aphrodisiacs

Coming to aphrodisiacs, we all know how wine is the perfect aphrodisiac.It will not only help you get turned on but also get you tipsy to enjoy the night more. If the occasion doesn’t allow for a wine you can always go for strawberries and chocolates as your savior.

6. Aroma

The scent of the atmosphere is again a very major influence when it comes to the mood. If possible make sure that the place that you both are in has a nice and soothing scent that relaxes you but at the same time invigorates you and excites you.

7. Symbols of Sensuality

Roses are again a symbol of love and sensuality. While having rose petals on the bed might seem too obvious make sure that there are just a few roses on the side to add to the vibe of the place.

8. Colour Psychology

Another very important thing to remember is color psychology. We know how red color stands for love but at the same time seduction too. While you are with him try and wear something that is red and probably in satin fabric. The combination of both will for sure make you look sexy and seductive and it’s something that will please his eyes and make him go crazy when he looks at you in that red dress.

9. Lingerie

While you are focusing on the clothing, make sure that you focus on your lingerie too! If you are not wearing something that is sheer or see-through you can still make sure that your lingerie is sexy and unique.

You can also intentionally make a piece of lingerie visible to him so that it intrigues him and makes him curious to know what’s inside your dress. And if you can wear something that is see-through where your lingerie is visible then that will be perfect.

10. Dirty Talk

The next step is to start the dirty talk. It can do wonders while it may seem a bit uncomfortable at first but once you start the conversation it’s gonna be hard for him to control himself.

dirty talk

You are gonna be surprised at how much he wanted his hands to be on you. You will be able to see that sexual tension building upon his face and body too! It’s gonna make his adrenaline rush in his entire body and make him as hard as he has ever been before.

When you start the dirty talk, start by sharing your fantasies whether it is that you want to try BDSM or sex on the beach. Tell him everything that you always wanted to do and more and get into the details.

Tell him why you want those fantasies and what makes you so excited to try these things. Let him see how much of a freak you are and this is gonna make him more interested and invested in you and he will forget everyone and everything that is around him.

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Also, you can share your wild experiences with him. It might be very small or insignificant, but it will tell him more about you and also make him excited and curious.

Share your likes and dislikes with him tell him what you prefer when it comes to the flavor of the condom or tells him where you like to be kissed; tell him which is your favorite position and how you like to be fucked.

While you’re sharing your preferences also ask him about what he likes and keep asking him questions about his sexual preferences at the same time make a note of it as you proceed as it can help you out a lot later.

11. Dry Spell

We suggest starting with your dry spells with him. While you might not think that this is the perfect topic to talk about, let us tell you why you should talk about it. Start by telling him how it’s been so long since you’ve had someone to kiss you and tell him how long it has been since you have had someone inside of you. When you share about how dry you’ve been, he will instantly want to make you wet.

He will instantly get excited and curious to make you feel the way you want to by kissing you, holding you, and fucking you hard. It is men’s tendency to chase a girl and make her feel loved and give her everything that she wants. This psyche works even when it comes to sex as well and it will instantly turn your man on.

12. Pay Compliments

The next thing that you should know is how to make a man shake in bed is by complimenting him and making sure those compliments are a little unique. Don’t just compliment him about his looks but how you like the shape of his body, his hands, his lips, and use your voice to your advantage. Make sure your voice is low and seductive.

While you do all of these things, try and get a bit touchy. You can gently pat him on his thigh while talking or just keep your hand there. You might also hold his arm or caress his hands.

13. Give a Sneak Peak

Make sure to give him a sneak peek of any body part of yours. Showing off cleavage always helps and if that is already showing then let him see a little bit more so that his curiosity is increased.

If you’re wearing a dress and it’s too short and rolls up to your body now and then, make sure that you don’t keep adjusting it. Let your thighs show a little bit and he will slowly start getting warmed up.

14. Make Him Feel at Ease

Also, a man can get a bit tensed or nervous while all of this is happening so make sure that you ease off any pressure off him.

You can start by gently giving him a massage and running your hands through his hair. Make him feel that completely comfortable so that he can enjoy the process.

15. Give Him a Massage

Another trick that you can use is to massage him if possible. Make him lie on his stomach and sit on his bum and then start massaging on either side of spine gently push and pull your hands up and down on his back using a little bit of lubricant or oil so that your hands can glide easily.

Just give the strokes perfectly, with not too much pressure and then move to his shoulder area and gently massage and squeeze to release any tension which will make him turn on even more.

16. Pleasure Yourself

The next thing you can do is to pleasure yourself in front of him. You can even strip in front of him. Start by sitting opposite to him where he can see you clearly and start teasing him. Don’t take your clothes off very soon.

Take them off slowly, piece by piece, and finally remove all your clothes off and finger yourself and play with your breasts. You might also wanna use some toys and make it even spicier and the most important rule for this step is to not allow him to touch you while you are touching yourself.

This will make him go crazy because he can just look at you from afar but cannot touch you or play with you

17. Blow Job

The next thing is to kiss him all the way down. Start kissing him on the lips then his neck moving down to the chest and stomach area and then slowly moving to the groin area and finally you can take his penis inside your mouth.

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Now blowing might seem a very simple task but there are a lot of things involved in it. First things first, always focus on the tip of the man’s penis. It is considered to be the most sensitive part so lick it using the least amount of pressure.

You can use the top side of your tongue which stimulates the penis more because of the presence of taste buds and the rough surface of the tongue and it feels very good to a man’s penis. To make this even more pleasurable you can use an edible lube and then go down on him.

While you’re giving a blowjob you can also make slow circular motions with your tongue around the tip of his penis which will give him the maximum pleasure and if you are comfortable, you can also perform the technique called Deep Throating and take his penis real deep inside your mouth till the tonsils of your throat as when the tip of the penis comes in contact with it, that makes it even more pleasurable for the guy.

You may add another tool to your blow job armory by taking him into your mouth and pressing/rubbing the tip of his penis against the inside of your cheek and tongue. Using the inside of your mouth is a less sophisticated fellatio method that is almost as efficient at delivering him with extreme joy and excitement as deep-throating him. 

In addition to the previous approach, there is another way to stimulate him that is the roof of your mouth. You’d be incorrect if you didn’t think that may benefit you while giving him a blow job.

When you position his penis such that the top of his glans brushes up against the ridges on the roof of your mouth, the texture is fantastic. If the size of his penis and your mouth prevent you from changing angles or if he gets scratched with your teeth, you should probably avoid this technique.

You can also use a lot of other things like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and even ice cubes while you give your man a blowjob since it is great and will make everything yummier too! Ice cream and ice cubes work really well since the cold sensations can stimulate your man more

18. Work His Testicles:

Working his testicles or balls is another wonderful hand job technique you can integrate into your blow job. You may do a variety of things to his testicles with your hands while giving him a blow job, from fondling to stroking to teasing to massaging. Experiment to find out what your man appreciates the most.

Take his balls into your mouth and gently massage them with your tongue for a more intensive massage. Keep in mind that the watchword here is gentle.

You’ll also notice that the more saliva you use, the silkier your man’s skin feels. The edible lubricant also works well here. You can kiss, lick, and even suck them. Taking one of his balls into your mouth and lightly kissing and sucking on it is a strong technique.

19. Blindfold

You can also blindfold your man and tease him with hot and cold sensations. You can use an ice cube and run them over his body or you can even take some warm chocolate sauce and pour it over his penis and lick it gently.

20. Using Your Body to Bind Him

This is the simplest since it requires no equipment. You can use your hands to restrain your man’s hands above, behind, or to his side.

By resting on top of him, you may also utilize your body weight to bind him. You can use handcuffs or ropes to do this and It will make him go crazy.

Even rope, ties, and bondage gear work well – When it comes to restricting your man, the more apparent option is what will turn him on more.

21. Spanking

Spanking is something that almost everyone has tried, and it takes no additional toys. You can also use tools to spank. There are many other things to explore if you’re willing to expose your ass and get it spanked (or to perform some spanking yourself). Here are some options-

22. Whips

are single-tail sex toys with a lot of power used to spank your partner. Floggers feature many tails, are available in a range of materials, and may be used at a number of intensities.

23. Floggers

Floggers feature many tails, are available in a range of materials and may be used at a number of intensities. 

24. Paddles

Paddles can be made of leather or fur and can even create a pattern on your buttocks after usage.

25. Slappers

Slappers are paddles with an additional layer that adds a secondary bite.

26. Pinching

While some may consider pinching to be a child’s fun, it might come in useful when it comes to violent sex. Pinch everywhere you can hold skin, and the more you grip, the less it hurts in general. Similarly, using your nails might cause severe discomfort as opposed to mild ache.

The genitals and nipples are particularly wonderful targets for pinching, and you may twist as much as you like!

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27. Rough Sex

Rough sex is defined by biting and scratching. It’s as pleasurable to leave a mark as it is to look at a bruise or scratch on your own skin and recall what you did (or had done to you!) to obtain it. Again it’s a great way to shake your man in bed. Here’s what you need to do-

Push your nails softly up the back of your man’s neck and into his scalp along the back of his head.

When you reach the top of his scalp, carefully grab his hair from the roots and gently tug it back down. Your grasp should be firm enough that your guy can feel it, yet loose enough that his hair can easily flow between your fingers as you pull your hand down. Your nails should be delicately brushing into his scalp the entire time.

Pulling his hair or his pulling your hair might come under the roughing him up area and it may also lead to great pleasure and kinky sex.

But bear in mind…

Depending on how you do it, hair tugging may be enjoyable, kinky, and sexy, or downright painful too. To communicate with your partner before you proceed to do anything like this.

28. Start Grinding

Now, that he is hard like wood it’s time to take it for the next thing. So you can sit on his lap and grind him and kiss his lips slowly and gently while caressing your hands through his hair and neck.

Pull his hair a little and make him go wild slowly and steadily. Here you need to realize that the slower you take things, the more turned on he will be and the more intense the sex will be. 

29. Ride Him

Now the final step is penetration. Get on top of him and ride him slowly and then increase your pace. Make sure that your face is towards him so that he can see you and make intense eye contact.

As you increase your pace, your man will start getting more stimulated by seeing you moan and bouncing on him.

After it’s been a while riding on top of him, go towards him, closer to his face, and then start riding him again this time your upper body will be on his stomach and chest and the only thing moving will be your ass up and down on his penis.

30. Edging

Edging is a pleasant and unusual approach to improve your orgasms. It entails pushing yourself or your partner to the edge of orgasm and then pulling back.

You do this as many times as you want (or can!) until you experience one explosive orgasm. Do this trick with him and he will not be able to control himself!

31. Swallow

Now when he is about to cum, the best thing is to do is swallow it. Not only it will be an enjoyable experience for you but also he will be thrilled

We’ve given you a long list of steps to follow and to shake your man in bed. We’re sure these will be pretty helpful to you and will leave your man wanting more the moment he leaves you. Be confident and ready to show your wild side to him!

With that, this was a wrap on how to make a man shake in bed guide, make sure you comment what are the things you are going to try tonight 😉

Simply Mastering The Art of Blowjobs Makes Any Man Sexually Addicted To You

FREE Video Reveals:

How Simply Mastering The Art of Blowjobs Makes Any Man Sexually Addicted To You!

This SECRET has transformed 150,652+ relationships so far…


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