8 Ways to Make a Man ADDICTED To You + Text Messages

How to Make him Addicted to You?

Do you want to make him addicted to you and only you? Do you want to keep your man’s eyes on you and only you?  If so, you’re in the right place.

As you may or may not already know, there are certain things women can do to make men commit. The good news is that these have nothing to do with looks, but rather an attitude.

Once you can get yourself in the right mindset, you’ll not only have his attention, but like a lovesick puppy dog, he won’t leave your side.

how to make him addicted to you & you alone
Make him Addicted to You

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How To Make Him Addicted To You – 8 Easy Ways

1. Be mysterious.

Have you ever left a date feeling mentally drained, or like you knew everything there was to know about a man? If so, you probably had little interest in seeing him again.

The same rings true for men.

If you’re the kind of woman who takes over a conversation or shares everything from your childhood memories to your deepest secrets then he’s isn’t going to be compelled to call you.

Instead of spilling your heart out to him, it’s important that you hold back some information, and keep him coming around for more.

Also, note that this isn’t only for in-person conversations, but it applies to text messages, phone calls, online messaging, the works.

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2. Be positive.

More than just smiles, emotions, in general, are contagious. This means that if you’re the pessimistic or self-pitying type, those feelings are going to affect your date, too.

Even more importantly, men are attracted to happy, outgoing women. Just like you wouldn’t want to date someone who was always down, nor do men. That’s why it’s so important to be positive and try to find the good in everyday situations.

Once your man realizes that you’re the one to keep him smiling he’ll become hopelessly devoted to you.

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3. Be hard to get.

Now this one has been disputed over the years, but believe me, it works.

Since men are hunters at heart, making him work for your love and attention will keep him chasing you. When this happens, he’ll become addicted to you.

To do so, you mustn’t be “too available”. This means that you don’t drop what you’re doing to see him, and you set certain standards for yourself when it comes to making plans with him.

For instance, if he calls and asks if you want to go for dinner that night, tell him that you’re busy and suggest rescheduling for a day or two later. Even if you have no plans for that night, keeping him on his toes to see you will get him hooked.

It’s also important that you’re not always the one to initiate contact with him. If you’re doing all the texting, messaging, phoning, etc., it’ll take away from his pursuit for you. Instead, let him be the one to woo you.

4. Appreciate More and Complain, Less

You should appreciate even his small gesture of love towards you.

Compliments make men happier than anything else. It will increase your
chances of him falling in love with you madly.

You shouldn’t be always complaining about the little things he misses onto, as it
will irritate him the most and there are chances he starts disliking you.

5. Try To Have A Good Sense Of Humour and Intelligence

As they say, intelligence is sexy. Show him what you are capable of with your
intelligence and by being sassy. Men often fall for women who are intelligent
and have a good sense of humor, as this helps them to open up completely
with them.

Tell him about your adventures, your funny stories and be enjoyable with him.

6. Be you Original Self

Don’t pretend because it won’t last long and eventually you have to show your
original colors. Be who and what you are. If you are not the kind of person
who is a party animal then don’t tell him that just to impress him.

Be honest with him and see the magic of love pouring between the two of you.

7. Be clear with him

Open up with him and don’t leave him in any kind of bewilderment and
mystery. Men are quite simple beings and they like to be direct about their
feelings and emotions. Try to be straightforward in telling him, how much you
want him and what you love about him.

These small and transparent conversations with him will leave a major impact on making him addicted to you.

8. Be Sensual With Him

Make him a slave of your sensuality. Take a step forward in making intimate
moments with him, try to please him with all the possible ways such as a
flirtatious smile, a delicate touch, etc. Put his chest on your heart and make him
listen to your heartbeats, this will arouse him towards you and make him fall in
love with you altogether.

Let your body language do the talking.

For more tips on how to make him addicted to you, watch this video

Tell us which one of these tips you are going to try by commenting below…

How to make him addicted to you with text messages

How to Make Him Addicted to you with text messages
How to Make Him Addicted to you with text messages

To make a man addicted to you with text messages you need to watch this video by Amy North.

This is the #1 texting guide which you can use to addict any man over text messages.

How to Make Him Addicted – Conclusion

Be an enchantress and cast your good spell on the man. Try to lure him by
showing your elegant and true side. If you follow the above-mentioned tips then
you are on the right way of making him completely yours.

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