How To Make Him Want You More

He loves you and wants you there is no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean that he cannot want you even more. You might wonder How To Make Him Want You More, and here’s the answer to that question.

In a relationship after some-time , desire is something that wanes down as the relationship becomes older. It starts to lose that excitement that it had before. But there are many ways that you can still make him mad with want for you, no matter how long you two have been together. 

And this easy-to-follow guide is going to guide you through 8 ways that you can try today with your man and make him want you even more.

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Without further ado let’s start.

1. Call him by his name:

Baby, honey, sweetheart are great nicknames for your partner but to be honest they are quite common and well-used. So in this era of sweet endearments nothing can be more unique then calling your boyfriend by his given name. 

But, calling his name doesn’t mean using it just casually anytime you like. 

To the contrary, use his name only when you want to rile him up on special occasions. Say it in a sexy way. Whisper it near his ear. In a breathy voice take his name and say all the things that you would like to do with him. 

Make it so that whenever you call his name he gets shivers and gets flashbacks to all those times when you called out his name in bed. 

2. Do not play games:

Making him chase you, playing hard to get all those things you did might work in some cases but these games are not worth the risk of losing him. 

Because there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t ditch you if you try to play games with him by ditching dinners, making him wait, not picking up calls and ignoring him. All these shows a low regard for him and might challenge his self-respect. 

So, instead of playing hard to get, rather make him trust you more. Make him rely on you emotionally by being there for him always. Though it doesn’t mean that you should be too easy and say yes to all his demands. 

But, do not try to put too much distance between the two of you in the hopes of making him want you more. This distance might turn into a full-fledged break up if you are not careful. 

How To Make Him Want You More
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Hence, on the contrary you should try to break down all his mental walls by your love and make him emotionally crave you. 

3. Treat him right:

When a guy wants to get a girl, he romances her, takes her to dinners, buys her flowers and gifts etc. And all this pampering always ends up working in his favor. So, now that you want him to desire you more, take a page from the guy’s book and pamper him. 

Treat him the way you want to be treated. With champagne, food, gifts and flowers. Yes, flowers. Man might try to look tough and all, but in truth they love to be given flowers as well. And the gesture is so unique that he will be all adorably flustered and blushing for you.

And then after the end of the night, when both of you had a great time, he would love to return the favor to you in a much more pleasurable way. 

4. Remind him the fun stuff:

After a while in a relationship, men tend to forget all the old stuff. It’s not completely their fault per se. Since, forgetting dates and older memories is a common trait for men. 

So, don’t give him too much grief over it. Instead remind him all of your good memories, sexy memories and fun memories. 

Pay attention to everything he says and remember them. So, when the right time comes, you can repeat it to him. This will make him feel special and show him that you care about everything he says. 

Also tell him all the anecdotes and engage him by asking if he remembers the things that you both did. If he doesn’t retell it to him. 

Especially the sexy ones. Make him remember the things that you both did in bed, and let him know that you won’t mind a repeat performance. Or better yet, tell him if he would like to go even further than that and then witness him losing his mind over you. 

5. Flirt with him:

After a while in a relationship, most women stop giving an effort to dress up sexy, being coy and flirting with him. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be so comfortable and secure in your relationship that you can forgo all these things. 

But, even after being with your partner for a long time, if you still treat the relationship as if it is still new then you will keep the spark between the two of you lit forever. 

And for that you have to be expressive in your thoughts and in your behavior. Flirt with him casually, sound sexy, seduce him. You also need to tease him and always keep him on the edge. Kiss him and rub his thighs. But when it tries to go further, stop it. But then coax him into bed when he least expects it. 

Keep him guessing about you all the time, be a mystery that he wants to explore.

6. Be sexual and sensual:

No man can resist sex, be it, anyone. If you want your guy to always crave for you, make him obsessed with you sexually. Know what a man really needs in bed, and satisfy his needs.

Ask him about his desires and sexual fantasies, and be open and frank when it comes to sexual relationships, only healthy communication can build your bond.

Try new things with him. And see it as a great opportunity to explore your own sexuality. Do all those things that you were too shy to ever try. Drive him insane with your sexiness so that he looks forward to being with you. Be his sex Godess and rock his world. 

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7. Make him emotionally crave you:

Sex and all is fine, it makes him crave you physically. But for most men out there sex is just sex, be it a with a wife, girlfriend or just a one night stand. 

So, along with making him addicted to you through great sex, you also need to make him crave you emotionally, because that is not something that everyone can provide. 

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Tap into his emotions, be attuned to them and know the right thing to say at the right time. Form a connection with him that goes beyond physicality. And after you two form that bond with each other, the intimacy and sex between you will be soul-shatering as well. 

Make it so that he wants to share everything with you, wants your presence in his life and cannot even go a day without being with you. Hence, make him emotionally dependent on you. 

8. Make him happy:

Imagine a scene, where he is just going about his day, busy at work, doing his job. Then a thought of you flashes through his mind, and a smile dazzles his lips even in between so much work. 

Now tell me, is there anything that proves that he wants you, is addicted to you more than him smiling at the mere thought of you? There is not. Because the biggest way of making him want you more is to be the source of his happiness.

You can be funny and cute by making jokes, doing silly things like dancing like a dork, singing off-key to him and making him laugh . 

Or you can make him happy in other ways. Like showing your care for him, appreciating him and his presence in your life, encouraging his dreams and having his back no matter what. 

Be the light in his world. Provide warmth and comfort to him. And make him happy in any way you can. 

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How to make him want you more through text?

Here are a few messages that you can send.

1. I told my friend about you.

2. You look cute.

3. I’m craving your presence.

4. You are too hot to resist.

5. You are my special person.

Here are 33 texts to make him want you more

How to make him obsessed with you?

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Hug him whenever you meet him, play with his hair and touch him often.

Guys feel special when they are praised, complimented, and keep reminding that he is doing great.

Put a smile on his face by doing something that he likes.

Send him dirty pieces of stuff always, so that he keeps thinking about you all the time, and he will crave to want you more.

Making a man obsess over you is easy when you read these 20+ tips and texts that help any man obsess over you.

How to make a man want you and only you?

The secret formula to get him crazy about only you is to keep him obsessed with you.

Give him freedom, and give him his space. Be unique and be like no other, he should be able to connect with you, and he should want you all the time.

Make him dependent on you in such a way that no other person will do.

How to make him crazy about you?

There are certain elements that will make him want you and be crazy about you all the time.

One of the elements is sexual combability, knowing his fantasies, and being open to him.

Make love to him all the time, give him the pleasure that he needs, when he is satisfied with you, he will always want you and be crazy about you.

How to make him beg for your attention again?

Ignoring him and not paying attention is something you do not want to do as a good girlfriend. Instead you should always give him time and pay attention to him. Putting too much distance is not a good thing. 

But, if you feel like he has been ignoring you then only you should ignore him in return as well. And let him know that you are deliberately ignoring him. Instead it should appear as if you are busy a lot. 

Then he will make time for you and do everything to have your attention on him just like before. 

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The key to making him want you even more is, you desire him even more. You should want him with all your heart and body. And only then can you attract him towards you, show him that there is no one else in the world who loves him and wants him more than you do. 

Do not be shy to take the first steps toward making your relationship even more solid. Because in the long run you are going to be the one to reap the rewards of all your efforts. 

And if you have any further questions about your love-life or want some advice make sure to comment, so that I can solve it as well! 

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