8 Easy To Follow Ways To Make Him Want You More!

No wonder how much he wants you that’s not enough so there is always room to make him want you more!

This easy-to-follow guide is going to guide you through 8 ways that you can try today with your man and make him want you even more.

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Without further ado here are your…

8 Easy Ways To Make Him Want You More

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1. Call him by his name:

Though there are sweet ways to address a person, like baby, honey, darling, and sweetheart. The nicest way to call your boyfriend is to call him by his name.

What can be cuter than their own name itself? Maybe, shorten his name and make it sound sweet, it might feel special.

When you call people by their name, they start to develop special feelings for you, and sometimes, they might get addicted to the way you call their name, all this might make them want you more.

2. Make him miss you more:

Men will expect move love, affection, care, and time from you, that wants they really want. By making him miss you, you can make him want you more.

Let him spend time alone, skip dinners with him, send him late replies, don’t pick calls, and pretend to be busy. At the end of the end, when he misses you, he will want you more.

3. Attract him:

Keep him attracted to you always, both emotionally and mentally. Wear a sexy dress and flex your curves in front of him, attracting your lips and eyes to him. Smile at him and look him in his eyes.

4. Remind him stuffs:

Guys are really poor at remembering dates, at times they forget their own birthdays too. Keep a note on all the important dates of his life, for instance, the date of his mother’s birthday, his first job, his first bike, and dates that mean special to me.

Remind him of such dates with a cute note, he is really going to get impressed and he will want you more.

5. Flirt with him:

Be open-minded and express yourself, often women are judged for what they desire, but don’t get a damn about it. If you want him, you should take the effort.

Be expressive in your thoughts and in your behavior. Flirt with him casually, sound sexy, seduce him, and at the same time make it sound calm and casual. Keep him guessing about you all the time, be a mystery that he wants to explore.

6. Make him addicted to you:

Addiction is the way to settle down in a man’s heart permanently. If you want to open the doors of his heart and make him want you, just make him addicted to you.

Be the only damn gorgeous girl in his life, make him feel special and wanted. Though men don’t express much about themselves, you have to dive deep and explore them.

7. Sexual obsession:

No man can resist sex, be it, anyone. If you want your guy to always crave for you, make him obsessed with you sexually. Know what a man really needs in bed, and satisfy his needs.

Ask him about his desires and sexual fantasies, and be open and frank when it comes to sexual relationships, only healthy communication can build your bond.

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8. Make him smile:

Be cute enough to make him smile whenever he sees you or whenever you simply flash on his mind. Just don’t make his lips smile but make his heart smile too.

Be on his mind all the mind, send him flirty texts, and share memes with him. smile at him whenever you see him and look him right into his eyes.

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How to make him want you more through text?

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Here are a few messages that you can send.
1. I told my friend about you.
2. You look cute.
3. I’m craving your presence.
4. You are too hot to resist.
5. You are my special person.

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How to make him obsessed with you?

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Hug him whenever you meet him, play with his hair and touch him often.

Guys feel special when they are praised, complimented, and keep reminding that he is doing great.

Put a smile on his face by doing something that he likes.

Send him dirty pieces of stuff always, so that he keeps thinking about you all the time, and he will crave to want you more.

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How to make a man want you and only you?

The secret formula to get him crazy about only you is to keep him obsessed with you.

Give him freedom, and give him his space. Be unique and be like no other, he should be able to connect with you, and he should want you all the time.

How to make him crazy about you?

There are certain elements that will make him want you and be crazy about you all the time.

One of the elements is sexual combability, knowing his fantasies, and being open to him.

Make love to him all the time, give him the pleasure that he needs, when he is satisfied with you, he will always want you and be crazy about you.

How to make him beg for your attention again?

He will need you to pay attention to him, when you don’t take him seriously or if you are ignoring him.

If you are truly in love with him, but you want to increase the love and want to make him beg for your attention, just ignore him or give him a careless response, or just pretend to be busy.

He will want you more when you do this to me and beg for your attention.

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