7 Ways on How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Love Him!

Saying  “I love you” to your soulmate is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. But at the same time it is one of the most frighteningt as well. Here’s 7 Ways on How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Love Him!

I mean, opening up your heart to someone else and showing them all your vulnerability, understandably will make anyone anxious. On top of that you also have to make sure that everything goes perfectly for the ultimate showdown. 

But, dispel all your fear away because I am here! To help you with 7 perfect ways to tell your boyfriend that you love him. 

So, let’s start. 

Here are 7 Ways on How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Love Him:

1. Romantic candle-light dinner :

Nothing beats down an old-school romantic candle-light dinner. The ambience, the slow music, champagne, food, you in a sexy dress, him looking hot as usual. The very setting of a candle-light dinner screams steamy romance. 

And that’s what you need to do to romance him. 

Mostly, planning a surprise dinner falls on the shoulders of the man. Wives and girlfriends expect gifts, roses and dinners on any and all occasions. 

But today is not a day of expecting but rather arranging. It is your special day. You want to show him that and tell him that you love him so much. So, it is only fair that you be the one to surprise him with a candle-light dinner. 

Do all the things that you want him to do on an anniversary or on Valentine’s. Cook or order his favorite food, decorate all available surfaces with roses and scented candles. Wear his favorite dress. And surprise him with the greatest day of his life. 

While at the dinner, praise him and compliment him often. Tell him everything that makes you crazy about him. Touch him frequently, touch his hand, rub his thighs. Supply him with lots of champagne. 

And when the moment is right, when he is completely immersed in the evening, tell him you have fallen in love with him. 

 2. A sentimental gift:

Irrespective of the age, presents make everyone happy. And that is why to confess your love you should gift him something. 

But not just any present, you must give him something that holds an emotional value in his life. Because you do not just want to make him happy. You also want him to see you as the person that loves him the best. 

And that is possible when he realizes that you care for his emotions and feelings. To make this fact apparent, introspect into your relationship. Look for something that you know will fill him up with all the emotions. 

It can be anything, either related to his life or your relationship. Maybe buy him something that he has always wanted as a child, repair one of his most prized possessions that unfortunately broke. 

Or you can also use your talent and creativity to write him a song, paint him something, write and print a romantic story about him, tattoo his name on you etc. Whatever you are most comfortable with. 

7 Ways on How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Love Him!
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And while you present him with any of these emotional gifts, incorporate all your feelings, especially the words “I love you” in there. 

3. A memorabilia of your love-story :

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Rachel pulls out a box of ordinary things that she has saved through her relationship with Ross? 

That scene made all of us go “Awww”, because how romantic is that, right? To carefully keep all those little things that make-up and define all the moments of your love-story. 

So, in this method you have to do something like that too. It is a long process, longer than other ones for sure. But it is the best way to show him that you cherish all the moments you shared with him, that your most precious treasure is the memories that you made with him. 

Hence, start from today. Start collecting objects from your dates. Maybe a movie ticket, a souvenir from a trip that you went on together, a note that he wrote for you, maybe even a chocolate wrapper. Whatever it is, start collecting them and keep them in a box carefully. And if you have something from your first meeting then that’s even better! 

After you have conjured up a good amount of items, put them in a box or make a scrapbook out of them with little notes. And give it to him. Make a road-map of your relationship. Then point out all the moments when you fell in love with him a little more each time until you had completely and irrevocably fallen for him.  

4. Sex it up:

There is a  saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. In truth, it’s a little towards the south of the stomach. 

So, one of the best times to confess your love to your boyfriend is in the heat of the moment. When both of you are sated and relaxed and you have just rocked his world, it’s time to also open up about your feelings. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should say “I love you” after you have had sex with him, just way you do everyday. 

Not at all. For a special and important occasion like this you have to be extra sexy and feisty. Put on the skimpiest piece of lingerie, put on a show and focus on his pleasure. Do something with him sexually that he has never done before. And then you can do either of two. 

When he is in the throes of passion, out of his mind with bliss, look into his eyes and say you love him. He will be so immersed in the pleasure that he will repeat the words to you as well. 

Or you can confess to him after you have given him the best sex of his life and both of you are just there lying down. Initiate pillow talk with him, slowly caress him and open up about yourself, about your feelings and tell him that you have fallen for him. 

Physically and emotionally vulnerable in such a moment it will be as if there are no secrets between the two of you. And then he will open up about his feelings for you too. 

5. Write a letter:

When you say someone you love them, you completely bare yourself to them, put down all your walls and unguard your heart. And that is so scary, to bare all your emotions to someone, even more so when the confession is face to face. 

Standing in front of your boyfriend, trying to say to him that you love him to his face, you might lose all your nerves and end up messing up what you wanted to say. Especially, if you are someone that has problems communicating her feelings, or has a fear of being put on the center stage, it can get even more frightening. 

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So, in that case you should opt for writing an old-school love letter to him. Because in this method you can just let all your feelings flow onto the paper. Things that you have always wanted to say to him, things you would never have ever been able to say to his face. Just let out all your emotions and write them on a piece of paper. 

Another plus-point of this process is that, writing a love-letter in this age of DMs and Snaps, are just other-worldly romantic. They are archaic, real and take you and your lover back to the time of true love, life-long commitment and soul mates. 

6. Romantic getaway:

If you want to be more extravagant in saying your “I love you” to him, then you can plan for a romantic getaway. And make sure that it is a surprise. 

There are so many romantic places around the world to visit to expand your own romance. But don’t worry, I am not asking you to go to Paris, Switzerland or the other side of the globe just to confess your feelings. 

There are many beautiful and budget-friendly options available in the U.S. Like a mountain cabin in Colorado, resorts in Alaska, cruise in Hawaii and so much more! 

So, you can book a few days long trip to any romantic place of your or his choice. And then you can incorporate any of the above given methods into this one. 

Plan for a candle-light, give him a present, spicing it up, writing a letter etc. You can include many methods into this one to make your “I love you” super extravagant and completely unforgettable. 

7 Just say it!:

You want to say “I love you” to him then you know that he is the man for you, you know that he is the dream man you have been waiting for.

And your dream man gets you, understands you and most importantly loves you. 

So, stop second-guessing yourself and just say it! Tell those three simple words I LOVE YOU and change your and his life forever. 

You can apply many ways and think of a hundred different scenarios, but the beauty that just three words invoke when said to the love of your life, every other thing pales in comparison. 

And in this step you don’t need anything except for you, him and your love to say that you love him. 

8. Consult a Relationship Expert:

And here is a bonus step for you. 

If all else fails or you are worried to try the above steps what you can do is chat with a relationship expert to guide you best for this!

There might be many other issues that might prove as obstacles in the way of your confession. Issues that are too confusing for you to solve it all alone. And that is why there are relationship experts that professionally help you solve all your love-life problems, So, take their help. 

If you ask me I would recommend to you JustAnswers.com which is only available in the USA all you need to do is just click here to chat with a relationship expert now!

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How do you tell your boyfriend you love him over text?

Here are some cute texts that you can send to confess your love.

1. I love you to the moon and back.

2. I love you more.

3. I love you more than you think.

4. You + Me=Love.

5. Can you be mine?

If you like the above texts then you will love these 169+ Texts To Make Him Obsess Over you

How do you tell my boyfriend that I love him for the first time?

It might be a nervous moment to express your love to your boyfriend for the first time, it might hear your own heartbeat, and feel all the butterflies in your stomach. It might be hard but go for it.

Source: Getty Images

Gather some courage, make up your mind, and go tell your boyfriend that you love him.

After confessing the love you have for your boyfriend if you might want to know how often you should see your boyfriend

When should you tell your boyfriend that you love him?

The perfect time to express your love is when you feel it’s the right moment to tell your boyfriend that you love him. Be it 3 am or 2 pm, be it a rainy day or a sunny one, be it in any city.Tell him when your heart wants to.

Expressing your love to someone, might make you anxious to think about, but when you say the words, believe me it frees you. 

Although at the same time, it is natural to have a fear of rejection, and giving so much power over you to someone else can be very daunting as well. But you know what they say, “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Also read: How to Make Him Obsess Over You 20+ Crazy Tips & Text Messages!

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