Husband Doesn’t Respond When I talk to Him

Many marriage women come and express their grief that my husband doesn’t respond when I talk to him. This is a problem of discussion. But if you are currently in this situation let me tell you that you are not only the one whose husband doesn’t respond when you talk to him. 

Being in a happy marriage is something every woman desires. But if the thing is lack of communication from your husband’s side, then you can find answer in this article why your husband doesn’t respond when you talk to him. 

Keep reading the article as I’ve shared some of my personal experiences as well that can guide you to solve your problems…

Now let’s see what are the 15 causes why your husband doesn’t respond when you talk to him.

Here are the 15 causes why husband doesn’t respond when I talk to him

  1. He is angry
  2. He is stressed
  3. He is upset with your behaviour
  4. He is avoiding you
  5. He thinks your question is unworthy
  6. Your husband wants more attention
  7. Your husband doesn’t like argument
  8. You don’t appreciate your husband
  9. You may stay busy with own
  10.  Your husband is feeling ashamed
  11. He has made some problem in the outside world
  12. He is scared of your response
  13. You are not there when he wants to talk
  14. Your relationship is facing issues
  15. Your husband is tired of your behaviour

He is angry: 

 If your husband doesn’t respond when you talk to him, it may be because he is angry with you for some reason. Maybe you have done something in the past that made him feel disrespected. Man sometimes falls under ego so if his ego gets hurt by some behaviour then he is more likely to get angry. 

It is not like everytime he is angry with you, but it can also be because of some other reasons. He might have faced some issues in his workplace that made him angry. He might have an argument with his colleague or boss. 

Try to find out the cause if your husband is angry and you understand that by some of his behaviours. If this is the case then there is nothing to be worried about as he is a human being and so definitely he’ll not be in a perfect mood always.

He is stressed:

Work pressure is something that men deal with throughout his life. He needs to income for the well-being of his family and children. 

If your man is stressed, then try to give him some sort of relief. Don’t just hop on to tell him all the problems you faced throughout the day. Maybe you’re also a working woman, you might have also faced something in your day but that is not the right time to tell him so. 

Some situations need some time to be settled down. Human brain works in this way. Let your man be calm and stressed free first then I’m sure he’ll listen to you and respond as well. In this case you need to stop overthinking first. 

He is upset with your behaviour:

This matter needs special attention. Before saying that my husband doesn’t respond when I talk to him, identify if you have done anything earlier that made him upset with you and for this he is not responding. 

People often overlook their own faults and jump on others. Do not do this. Maybe your behaviour has made him upset in some way. 

He is your husband and so he too can have expectations from you. Don’t make him upset if it is so

He is avoiding you:

If your husband doesn’t respond when you talk to him, is your husband avoiding you? This can happen; and if this is the reason then you are probably in a problem. 

He can avoid you because you’ve done something which he did not like. Or this can also happen that he thinks you’re not capable of understanding his problem. 

Husband Doesn't Respond When I talk to Him
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Don’t think in a negative way that he is avoiding you because he has lost interest in you. I’m not saying that this cannot happen but before indulging into some negative thoughts, find out what can be the reasons for his avoiding nature. 

He thinks your question is unworthy:

Aren’t you asking your husband some stupid questions? Your husband is coming home after a hectic day of work and as soon as he comes home you’re covering him with questions that are not so important to be answered. If so then please stop doing that. You are feeling that your question is important or you need to tell your husband everything but understand one thing first that every action should be done in its proper time.

Your husband is feeling your question unworthy and therefore he is remaining quiet. Try to change your way of behaving with your husband and that’ll definitely help you to get the response.

Your husband wants more attention: 

If your husband is not responding to your question in the beginning but after a few times of repeating the questions, your are getting the answer, that means your husband wants more attention of yours.

It’s a general problem that sometimes we think it is only about women who want attention, effort and appraisal. But NO! Not only women, men also want the same. You have to understand what your husband wants.

Understanding each other will be helpful in solving so many problems by yourself. Try to focus on that instead of pointing your husband’s fault. 

Your husband doesn’t like argument:

There are some men who don’t like argument and also there are some women who argue a lot. Have you ever thought if you are one of them? If not then it’s good but if yes, then Girl, you need to change yourself first. 

Your husband is coming home after a long day of work and home is somewhere we find peace and relaxation. If you start arguing with him even at your home, then your husband may not like your behaviour and that is not his fault though.

You don’t appreciate your husband:

Your husband is not responding to your questions,,may be, because he is feeling somewhere that you are not appreciating the efforts of your husband. 

Every man wants to get appreciated from his better half. Like the women love praising, men also do. You need to understand this. 

not responding
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You need to make your husband feel special and worthy. Do something that can make him realise that you’re appreciating his efforts. Share your opinion regarding his profession. Though some men do not like to take opinions, that’s a different issue but sharing opinions with him makes him understand that you value his work and efforts. 

You may stay busy with your own:

Some women really stay busy with themselves only. If you’re one of them then most likely this is the reason why your husband doesn’t respond when you talk. 

You’re not paying attention to anything about your husband. Self-centered life makes people go away from each other. Don’t do so. Pay attention to your husband also. Make him feel special. Tell him about what suits him the most and see how you’ll get your desired attention from him also.

Your husband is feeling ashamed:

Maybe your husband has done something in his workplace or with anyone outside the house, but is ashamed to share the incident with you. 

He is feeling guilty maybe because of some outer reasons. Some men don’t like to discuss outer topics with their family. But if so then don’t poke him time by time but observe the situation and try to understand what is the reason why your husband is not responding to your talk.

Men sometimes feel ashamed of their deeds. But cannot accept it every time. Give the situation some time and it’ll get better.

He has made some problem in the outside world:

Work pressure or some negative incident outside may lead your man to become silent. He is may be in deep thought or trouble that is stopping him from interacting properly with you.

Like I’ve said some men don’t like to share everything with their wives if this is the same case with you then you’re not one. But don’t get impatient. Time will make everything right.

He is scared of your response: 

Are you very judgemental? If it is so, then it can be the reason why your husband is not responding when you talk to him.

Your husband is getting scared that you’ll judge him if he shares his problem with you. Then you need to change yourself first. 

Becoming judgemental is a good thing when it comes to your professional career. But judging a person,no matter if he is your husband or anyone else, should not be done. People will feel low if they are judged every time. 

You’re not there when he wants to talk:

If your husband is not responding when you talk to him maybe because you were not there when he needed you the most. May be there was a time when he needed to talk to you but because of some reason you ignored him.

Now time comes in his favour and so you’re facing the same thing you had once done to him. If this is the case then solve the matter as soon as you can. 

At present also, he may not get you when he still wants to talk to you. Solve this matter first. 

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Your relationship is facing issues:

You’re getting away from your husband and that is why you’re not getting any proper response from him. It can also be the reason that you both are lacking interest in each other. 

Lacking interest in each other will lead to lack of communication also. As communication is one of the most important pillars of any relationship, you need to manage this problem. Otherwise this problem can arise hundreds of problems that will be much difficult to resolve.

Your husband is tired of your behaviour:

If it happens everytime that your husband doesn’t respond to you, then it may be because he is tired of your behavior. May be you’re not understanding him properly, may be you’re not compatible enough to be with. If these are the problems with you then try to rectify your behaviours first.

Try solving the problems by yourself initially. But if it doesn’t become fruitful then don’t delay consulting a marriage counselor before the situation goes out of hand. 

Now, let’s discuss why your husband ignores you when you talk to him…

Why does my husband ignore me when I talk to him?

I’ve seen so many women who come and complain to other women “You know, when he comes back home, he doesn’t speak a word. He just comes, has his dinner and simply goes to bed. I don’t understand why he is behaving this way.” Don’t worry, this is a common problem that often arises from miscommunication, from being extremely judgmental and also from extreme work pressure. It is not like your husband is ignoring you. But it can be that your husband wants you to ask him how his day has been. Men want to see your efforts also. Try to be compatible enough to understand his mind. 

Men really like those women who make an effort to make her man feel special. Be one if them. If your man is angry, don’t start narrating your problems to him. Find the faults in yourselves also. Maybe you’re also responsible to some extent why your man is not responding to you.

So far I’ve told you about the issues. Now let me give you some possible ways to solve this problem. Being a girl I can understand what you are going through. 

Don’t worry, keep reading the article till the end…

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What to do when your husband will not communicate with you?

One thing I’ll say more is that don’t take your problem outside your house. It is only about you and your husband. Don’t drag your friends and other family members inside.

People think discussing with others may help in solving the problem. But no it doesn’t help actually. I’ve seen the situation getting worse after the discussion with outsiders. In a conjugal relationship, except the husband and the wife everyone is an outsider and women need to keep this in their brains. 

If you really want to talk then talk to your man. Find a nice place, then do something that your man likes and then figure out the situation. Don’t make this thing an issue that my husband doesn’t respond to when I talk to him. Make him feel special also.

Let me now answer some of the most common questions asked by people…

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)- Husband doesn’t respond when I talk to him 

My husband won’t talk to me but talks to everyone else

If it is the problem then most likely your husband doesn’t think you are capable enough to understand what he is going through. Make yourself updated with time and most importantly don’t get jealous if your husband is talking to everyone but not with you. Instead try to bring changes within yourself so that your husband realises that he can share his problems with you.

Husband doesn’t want to talk after work

It is not a very serious problem either. He probably gets tired after work and needs some rest. Give him some time to get settled after a day’s work then talk to him and probably you’ll get a better result. 

Husband not talking to me after argument

It’s very simple that he’ll not want to talk to you after an argument. Don’t get into arguments, instead try to solve the problem in a natural way. No one likes those people who have a tendency to argue. Your husband is not an exception in this case.

Husband not talking to me for months

This problem needs special attention. If your man is not talking to you for months then you must pay special attention to this. Consult a professional as soon as possible. 

Husband doesn’t want to talk about problems

Many men don’t want to share problems with their wives. If the problem is about your conjugal life, then your husband should talk to you but if the problem is related to his office then he may not tell you. Then you need to wait for the situation to get solved. Otherwise you take the initiative to talk.

I can’t talk to my husband without him getting angry

In this case you both need to change yourselves. Talking with him at an improper time will make the situation worse. Try to understand what is the right time to talk to him then talk and please talk with patience and calmness. Try to make the situation light. But if you also have anger issues then get yourself out of that first. 


Happy marriage is something that every women desire

Be in a relationship that is healthy for both men and the women. Try to adjust with each other every time. Though it is not possible every time to do so, try at least.

Don’t drag others into your conjugal relationship. 

Finally, husbands also need to pay attention to what his wife desires. Have a good talk at the weekend. Go somewhere out of the chaos and spend some quality time with each other and let the relationship grow with time.

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