I Stole My Boyfriend’s Shirt

I stole my boyfriend’s shirt when he was on a trip with his friends and I was really missing him. So I went to his home for a good reason and then stole his shirt from behind. I stole my boyfriend’s shirt because whenever I miss him I wear his shirt and his shirt smells like him which makes me feel like he is with me under my skin. It feels so good but he was angry because it was his favourite shirt. Later on, he was so happy about the fact that I love him so much and he is blessed to have me as his partner. 

Some girlfriends stole their boyfriend’s shirts to give themselves a baggy or oversized look. And when it comes to the shirt of their boyfriend. They feel so comfortable and cosy in it like it gives them a blissful feeling. I can even wear my boyfriend’s shirt for 24 hours every day without washing it because of the way it gives comfort that I would not have in any other cloth. 

Every love Dovey couple has this story of when they started and everything was new. New dates, new experiences and new sleepovers. Isn’t that thrilling? right! 

And the day comes when you start stealing your boyfriend’s start and try to wear it!

This happens when you, my darling, are in deep love with your boyfriend. You crave his clothes and his shirts! Especially when you both are having a lot of intimate relations together.

Why did I steal my boyfriend’s shirt?

I Stole My Boyfriend's Shirt
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Your boyfriend’s shirt thrills you

When you are in deep love with him you obviously crave his body and let’s suppose he is busy because of some work and he is far from you. His shirt will give you that sudden excitement in your body. You will start feeling the positive energy in you that you channel from his shirt. Those are the release of happy hormones in your body! When we are around our lover these hormones are released and we will start missing him more. These will make you fall for him more. 

And if in this situation he is not talking to you like he is not that much craving for you like you for him. Make him crave for you! make him fall for you! You are his girlfriend and making him fall for you more than you do is a prime thing. 

You feel secure in his shirt.

When you are in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend it is usually a concern about whether your partner in a long-distance relationship might return or not. To feel secure some women stole their boyfriend’s shirts. It is like a feeling your boyfriend is gonna come back to you whether you are apart for your work from him or he is apart for his from you. As you have given him your heart you need his shirt for collateral. 

It is a kind of sense of comfort which gives peace to your mind when he is not with you or you both had a fight. 

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to be mad about this because it is something that he wants after all, like after stealing his shirt you are expressing your love in a way about how much he means to you

You feel like a baby in your boyfriend’s shirt

When you are shorter than your boyfriend it is obvious that his shirt might be oversized or loose on you. But for some women, this oversized shirt gave them a baggy look which they quite liked on them. 

And most women like men who are bigger than them as it gives them a feeling like a baby in his arms. The sense of safety and security around their boyfriend is what women want. A baby cuddling with a bigger man is a fantasy of most women. 

And this is what your boyfriend’s shirt makes you feel. 

Anyway if your collar bone is visible while wearing his shirt over a tank top. Then he is the best boyfriend ever you could have! 

You are adding your boyfriend’s shirt to your style.

Wearing your boyfriend’s shirt for style is another reason why most women atole their boyfriend’s shirt following the trend of an oversized look is very mesmerizing and after all, it is your boyfriend’s shirt why will it not look good on you? 

A lady in homeless clothes is a sign of a woman who is taken and crazy in love with his boyfriend. Though women put a lot of thought process and effort into their style though and if you can effortlessly style your boyfriend’s shirt in you then you are made for each other to share his shirts with you. 

He doesn’t need to be mad about why you are stealing his shirt after all you are wearing his token of love in your style and that is something he must be proud of.

On the other note if you are stealing his shirt very often then try to give him new shirts so that he will not get irritated by the thing which you are doing by randomly wearing his shirt. 

You think about your boyfriend a lot

When you are constantly thinking about your boyfriend you get an urge to feel his presence and the only way you can feel his presence is by stealing his shirt and wearing it on your body to feel his presence on your skin. 

Being a girl we are driven to objects. You will see his shirt and it will remind you to love him or you hate him. Either way, it will give a spark of emotions and you will call him or think about him or you will burn his shirt to move on if you and your boyfriend are not together anymore! 

A woman’s mood swings as a cycle the whole day. It is not like a man who is one emotion the whole day. Women can’t switch to one emotion for a long time. 

So either your boyfriend’s shirt will remind you of good times or bad times.

Shirt Boyfriend
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You feel your boyfriend’s smell in his shirt

Some girls like to smell like their boyfriends and for this, they stole their boyfriend’s shirt. It makes them comfortable when they are not around them. Even in a long-distance relationship a shirt of your boyfriend will help you to feel the love of your boyfriend in his shirt though he is not physically present in it it gives you a relief that he is still with you and he is yours no matter what! 

Phone calls or video calls are not enough for the woman if his boyfriend is busy or they are in a long-distance relationship. Your things should be exchanged with each other. If not then it helps to make your bond and love strong. 

If the girl wears his boyfriend’s shirt it is obvious it is going to remind her of her boyfriend. And when you smell his shirt just like your boyfriend does it will also help you to relieve your stress. 

You are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt for status

If you are the woman who likes to brag about his boyfriend then you are simply wearing your boyfriend’s shirt for status. When a girl will wear her boyfriend’s shirt it is obvious her girlfriends will ask her about it and she will get the time to flaunt his boyfriend around her girls! 

But what I believe is that no woman should flaunt her boyfriend, especially in front of other girls. It is a kind of attraction card you are playing in favour of him. 

If he gets the attention of too many women he will have more choices and since the girls will be from your group then he can easily meet them in front of you. 

And this will give him pride and he will start behaving like he is the one who chose you despite other options of women he has. And apart from being in a relationship, he is still in demand. 

Above all this, you should be knowing that usually, best friends are the one who steals your boyfriend. 

So the choice is yours whether you want to flaunt your boyfriend or not. 

You feel like he is your property

When you wear his shirt you smell like him but he is not wearing your clothes so he will not smell like you until you chose to wear his shirt and then return him your worn shirt so that he can smell kike you. 

And seriously if you feel like this then you see him as your property who works according to you and smells like you the way you want. 

It is okay to have a limited obsession with your boyfriend. Too much obsession can be a killer for this relationship. 

Have you ever wondered if he has a problem with your obsession if he is not showing you now then maybe later on?

Your boyfriend must be loved by you but not as a property as you own him. 

It should be once in a while like once in a while you want your boyfriend to wear your worn shirt but not always. It is like you are not giving any woman a sign that he is your property and you shouldn’t be. 

Apart from you, he has his personal life too and you should be giving him that privacy in this relationship. If you do not, he will start demanding it rudely. 

You feel a little freezy 

It might also be a reason that you are a little freezy and that is why you stole your boyfriend’s shirt. As boy’s clothes are a little warmer and comfy than girl’s clothes. And obviously, if it’s your boyfriend’s shirt it will smell like his body odour which will give you another sense of comfort and warmth. 

You wear it because you think he will love it!

Boyfriend Shirt
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Rather than being in a skirt if you are wearing his shirt over his boxers or your panties why wouldn’t he love to see you in that? After all, you are his sexy girlfriend in his shirt. Men love to see when you are in his clothes after sex and maybe that is the kind of thing you like to make him obsess over you with your little obsession with wearing his shirt. 

What it would be like if you wear his shirt on a date with him instead of that short smoky dress! Isn’t he amazed to see you? 

These little naughty things make your boyfriend want you more because there is an urge in a man to grab his girlfriend when she is in his clothes. 

Cuddling with you and loving you is his love language to express while you wear his shirt. Which makes you feel loved too. If he likes it, wear it! 

Wrapping it up

Why steal my boyfriend’s shirt? This question can’t be explained by a woman and nor men will understand the reason behind why my girlfriend stole my shirt.

Believe it or not, it is a part of dating.

While wearing those mini skirts you won’t feel more comfortable than if you were wearing your boyfriend’s boxers. 

Over the years I have collected various pieces of clothing from my past dates and presently my boyfriend’s whole wardrobe belongs to me and he loves seeing me in his clothes and your boyfriend should too. It is not his car he is sharing with you for which he will get furious with you if you know what I mean by it! it is the clothes you are wearing. He must be glad that his girlfriend’s heart revolves around him and his things.

Having your boyfriend’s shirt around your body feels like a never-ending hug and if you have never felt it then wear his shirt and feel it!

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