If A Man Nuts Fast What Does That Mean

I have heard many women saying that if their man is having an orgasm quickly they might be sleeping with someone else, but cumming fast is not related to the fact that your men are cheating on you with someone else.

But that’s not the case, the reason is something else.

I am going to tell you many reasons why your man cums quickly.

Now your doubt about why your man is cumming quickly is going to be clear.

Many men have orgasms quickly but one of the reasons for Cumming very fast is because of premature ejaculation.

Below I am going to tell you more about why your man cums fast.

I am going to tell you about the top 8 reasons why your men nuts fast.

And I have mentioned some techniques also on how you can make it long-lasting in bed.

If a man nuts fast what does that mean? Top 8 reasons 

Let’s discuss if a man is nuts fast and what it means.

  1. Premature ejaculation 
  2. Maybe it’s been a long since he had sex 
  3. Maybe you are giving him so much pleasure that’s why 
  4. He is selfish
  5. It’s his first time having sex 
  6. Depression or anxiety about sexual performance
  7. Maybe he has erectile dysfunction
  8. Doing same-old sex position.
  1. Premature ejaculation 

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man has an orgasm sooner than he expected. 

At least 40% of men experience this premature ejaculation at some point in time.

And premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction that happens to men between the ages of 18 to 60.

If A Man Nuts Fast What Does That Mean
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And the good news is this premature ejaculation is fixable, and if it is happening often then it must irritating for both partners, so going to the urologist is a good option.

  1. Maybe it’s been a long since he had sex 

Sometimes it may occur because maybe you and your partner haven’t had sex for a long time.

Or maybe he hasn’t dated in a while, that could also be the reason for his premature ejaculation.

And you both got excited, sometimes it happens during the foreplay or the middle of the intercourse.

 And it happens occasionally only, the reason could be that your partner got excited, that’s why he had premature ejaculation, it’s called premature ejaculation excitement.

If it happens then there is nothing to overthink about it if it happens occasionally then just talk and try again.

  1. Maybe you are giving him so much pleasure that’s why

If he is Cummings more quickly than usual then one of the reasons for him Cumming very fast could be that you are giving him so much pleasure.

Maybe during the foreplay only he is getting so much pleasure that it’s making him cum fast.

Or during oral sex also if at that time he is not able to control it because he is liking it a lot and he is not able to control it that’s why maybe he is having an early orgasm.

If you want your man to give so much pleasure and want him to last longer also then you have to try something else which gives him pleasure and does not make him cum fast.

So you can take this as a compliment also that your man is so turned on by you that’s why he cummed very quickly.

But if it starts happening every time then you should talk to him, he may have sexual dysfunction of premature ejaculation.

  1. He is selfish

Some men are selfish in bed, they only care about their pleasure.

So if you are thinking that why he is having his orgasm very quickly, sometimes it’s not a medical condition also or it’s not the case of occasional premature ejaculation excitement also.

it’s just your date or your partner is selfish in bed he just cares about his pleasure in bed.

So if you want to see if your man is selfish in bed see before the sex is he directly coming to the sex part and ignoring the foreplay.

Or if you are giving him oral and he is getting pleasure and he is not returning that same pleasure to you then he is being selfish he is being a selfish lover.

So if you notice this often then you should talk to him about it, because you should also get the pleasure you deserve, so talk to him.

  1. It’s his first time having sex

So it happens to a man who is having sex for the first time and he may experience premature ejaculation.

 Because he is having sex for the first time and he is excited about it and that’s why he may have cummed very quickly.

His excitement made him cum very quickly, maybe he was inexperienced also he doesn’t know much about sex or he didn’t get to have sex.

So this could also be the reason for nutting very fast. 

  1. Depression or anxiety about sexual performance

Some men get anxious during intercourse.

And anxiety is a mental health issue and it is serious for everyone but for men, it can be more serious because it will affect their sex life.

They may ejaculate very quickly or they are not able to get it up so anxiety or depression can cause serious problems in men’s sex life.

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Because their mind is somewhere else they are not able to concentrate that’s why they are not able to control their thinking and they get distracted during intercourse.

And if he is Cumming very quickly every time this can also increase his anxiety.

So if it’s happening then try to talk to him, take him to a urologist make him feel like it’s not a problem make him stress-free.

  1. Maybe he has erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation these two are the most common male sexual disease.

Both diseases are different but they are connected in a way. 

If a man has erectile dysfunction he is not able to keep his erection but when he can he gets excited and because of excitement, he may experience premature ejaculation excitement.

And when you try to focus on erections you get excited and when you get excited you experience premature ejaculation and then which may cause you anxiety, so you are not enjoying sex, not even your partner.

So first treat your erectile dysfunction then just stop overthinking about your performance talk to your partner, about what they are feeling make them feel like it’s ok if it’s happening you both will treat his disease together so that he will feel like he has some support.

  1. Doing same-old sex position

If your partner is having an orgasm very quickly most of the time another reason for him having an orgasm very quickly is because maybe you and your partner do not change the sex position.

And it’s becoming like the same old same old and not getting excited in bed also then you both should try changing position.

It may help both of you in bed, it will be pleasurable for both of you and you may experience new things in bed.

Maybe you and your partner’s relationship also improves, and your bond may get stronger if you communicate about what you want in bed.

4 sex positions to help you long last in bed 

  1. Girl on top

It’s also called the cowgirl position so in this the girl has to be on top and the man will be down, and the girl will sit on top of him. 

In this cowgirl position, the girl will have control if she thinks he is going to cum then she can slow down.

  1. Spooning 

             In this position, you and your partner both will cuddle up very closely side by side, and your partner’s erection will be touching you from behind, you both can have sex from that position.

  1. Sitting position

This sitting position will also help you to delay your man’s orgasm.

In this position, your partner means your man will seat on the floor, bed or chair and the woman will sit on top of him both will be facing each other.

This position can be exciting, it will delay your men’s orgasm, and it will be pleasurable for both of you.

  1. Doggy style 

This position is also one of the best positions to try.

Even if you are not having a problem in bed this position is helpful anytime.

Because in this position men may hit a woman’s G-spot and she can have the best orgasm.

The best-modified doggy style position is when you lay on the bed fully you are laying fully on your stomach, but you should inform him because it may cause some miscommunication and it may ruin it for both of you.

After that, he will lie down on top of you with his stomach on your back.

You may experience different types of orgasms and it will be good for both of you.

Apart from this position, there are other things also which will help you to long last in bed.

  1. Pelvic floor exercise

If you want to long last in bed then try this pelvic floor exercise, after doing this exercise you may be able to control your climax.

If your men have premature ejaculation sexual dysfunction then your problem will be resolved.

You will be able to last long in bed and you will be able to control your climax in bed.

  1. Foreplay 

focus on foreplay, when you are getting intimate with your partner focusing on foreplay is most important because it will increase your time in bed and it will be more enjoyable for both of you.

  1. Try different sex position 

I have mentioned above trying out new sex positions to last long in bed.

It will create new feelings and new ways of giving your partner more pleasure.

I have explained in detail about trying out different sex positions.

  1. Masturbating 

You would be thinking how masturbating will be helpful in bed.

Before having sex, if your partner will masturbate bring yourself close to the orgasm then wait.

Then after some time again do the same things and then when you will be close to the orgasm stop yourself.

Trying this method will be helpful because you will get to know how you will be able to control yourself when you are in bed with your partner.

I have mentioned every reason why man nuts fast.

Now I am going to answer some questions which have been frequently asked by many people on why 

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Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

  1. Is it good when a man nut fast?

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual issue in men.

Man doesn’t have that much control over ejaculation so it happens sooner than men want.

And some men have erectile dysfunction that’s why they developed premature ejaculation.

It’s normal to happen sometimes that men lose control over ejaculation occasionally.

  1. Is it normal for a guy to release quickly?

Occasionally, losing danger over how much time is it being stopped in a shop.

Yes if sometimes happens with you then it’s normal.

If it’s now you will know exactly what to so do.

  1. Can a man stop himself, from cumming.

Yes, men can stop themselves from cumming I have mentioned the technique of how men can stop themselves from cumming.

Mentioned some things on how your partner can stop himself.


I have mentioned, everything which you should know why man nuts fast.

I have even mentioned some techniques to try in bed with your man, it will be something new for both you and your partner it may also improve your relationship with your partner.

Knowing what they want, and talking about what you want in bed improve your relationship with your partner.

Let them know you are with them, to make them feel comfortable around their sexuality, it’s ok to ask for things at least you will know what your partner wants.

I have mentioned the topic of premature ejaculation also why it happens and what you can do to not let that happen again.

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