13 Ways To Make a Guy Like You

Want to make a guy like you? Before I tell you how to make a guy likes you, make sure that you read this article to the very end because I have a really cool gift for you at the end of the article.

Making a guy like you can be hard at times, hence I am going to share some tips that I have shared with my friend Laarmi based on the program Wrap Him Around Your Finger.

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Laarmi is very fond of a guy in her office, but he seems to not pay any attention to her and she was worried about it. She had called me last night and was enquiring about how to make that guy like her.

When I asked her about the aspect, she opened up about the guy she likes. I gave Laarmi a few tips about how to make him like her even without talking to him. I’m sharing the tips I shared with Laarmi in this article.

Sharing my personal experience, I had a crush on one of my friends but he never used to pay attention to me, but I really liked him a lot but had no idea how to make him like me back.

Also, I was quite hesitant to tell him that I liked him when I was on the verge of losing all of my hope.

Science proves that opposites attract, just like the attraction of magnets. Making a guy like a girl is not really a big deal, as they have the natural tendency to fall for the opposite gender.

So without any further ado here…

13 Tips To Make a Guy Like You

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Make a Guy Like You
Make a Guy Like You

1. Call him by his name:

Though are a lot of ways to call a guy, by nicknames. Calling him by his name can directly hit his heart. Calling people by their name will make them like you more, even without their consciousness, they will start developing feelings for you naturally.

2. Make eye contact:

Look indirectly into his eyes, that is the gateway to enter his soul. Eye contacts are a complete intimate act, it is pure and soulful.

Try to have eye contact whenever possible, when you are looking into his eyes and when he is looking back at you. You are talking the language of love.

3. Comfort him:

Standing by his side even in the worst situations of his life will make him respect you more. It’s not about being together during happy moments, being at the worst of anyone’s situation matters a lot because it has a very emotional connection, trust me, they will never forget you.

4. Give him your time

Spending quality time with him will make your bond stronger, give him your time even if you are busy. That shows how much attention you pay to him despite your busy schedule.

5. Be his strength

It is said that men are psychically strong and women are mentally strong. Well, you have to agree with this statement.

Women are more patient than men, they have the tendency to survive even in a tiering atmosphere, being strong in nature emotionally, be his strength and make him feel powerful when he feels weak.

6. Prioritize him

Priority always matters, that is the key to a healthy relationship. Make him feel that he is the most important thing you, being prioritized by someone despite their deadlines is the most exciting and special feeling, this will definitely make him like you.

7. Make him feel like family

Invite him to your family occasion, friends party, your best friends party, tell everything that is happening, share cute memories, introduce him to your circle, and always him feel that he is a part of your family.

8. Remember important dates

Don’t just remember his birthday, make sure that you remember his dog’s birth date as well. Remember all the important events of his life that are very much important to him, wish him with a greeting, handwritten note or a flower on his important occasions.

9. Be casual

Never give him hints or may it be very obvious that you are putting efforts to make him like you, there are chances that he might take advantage of the situation. So keep it casual and cool as much as possible, but keep trying.

10. Communicate your feelings

Communication is the key to anything in life, communicate your feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, desires, bucket lists, religion, movies, politics. Just talk about everything, get to know each other better this way.

11. Go out for movie dates

Go out for romantic movie dates, romantic films carry a bunch of emotions and emotions, it talks about love and feelings.

Watching a movie with him, being in sync with the emotions from the movie, he will start having feelings for you, but sure that you go for the perfect kind of movie.

12. Be a casual flirt

Be a poet in disguise through your words, keep it casual. Don’t flirt too much, keep it within the boundaries, try to sound witty and also romantic at the same time.

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13. Be humorous

Guys usually like girls who are funny and humorous, don’t turn out to be a joker, just act smoothly according to situations. Also, being humorous is an added advantage, because you can manage serious situations.

In Conclusion

If you will follow these 13 tips it’s not too long before your guy will start liking you and eventually start loving you.

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