My Boyfriend Breaks Up With Me When He Is Drunk.

Fed up with your boyfriend’s drinking? And now are you frustrated beacause my boyfriend breaks up with me when he is drunk then this article will help you to find a way of dealing with this. 

Drinking is one of the most common problems that most couples face and due to this reason sometimes their relationships  come at a stake also. So definitely this problem is not at all something that can be overlooked. 

Because of this drinking issue many girls break up with their partners and also if they don’t, they become the victims of violence or any kind of tortures.

Before analysing why your boyfriend breaks up with you when he is drunk, let’s have a look at the 5 possible reasons why your boyfriend drinks.

5 reasons why your boyfriend drinks.

  1. He is influenced by his friends.
  2. He is trying hard to forget something.
  3. He is under extreme pressure.
  4. He is not getting the love and care he wants from the relationship.
  5. One of his family members had this habit of drinking.

1. He is influenced by his friends

After coming under the friend’s influence some men start drinking. Initially it used to happen occasionally but after day by day drinking has also come under his regular routine and that too because of his friends. 

The reason for your boyfriend’s drinking can be the same. Watch the circle of his friends and see how this prediction comes true.

Probably your boyfriend is someone who did not even like drinking earlier but it is his friends who insisted him to try this one and then they just pushed him into drinking. Now you can say he should have stayed firm in his position if it is so, but it is not so easy to stay firm with such influences. The funniest part about this is a man never understands when he gets addicted to this drinking and when he realises, that too becomes very late. Addiction cannot be left so easily; and if he gets addicted because of his friends then it becomes more tough because he cannot leave his friends either.

My Boyfriend Breaks Up With Me When He Is Drunk.
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2. He is trying hard to forget something.

Some men take drinking as a refuge. Probably your boyfriend is also doing the same. He takes drinking as a way of forgetting some negative experiences, maybe his past bad relationship, maybe his failure or maybe some humiliation. 

Drinking helps people to forget the pain sometimes but men forget that it is temporary as when the influence will get over he has to deal with the real world. I’ve seen so many people stay under this influence of alcohol throughout the day just because they are scared of facing the real world. 

Your boyfriend is probably trying to forget his past relationship and when sometimes you resemble his past partner, in some of your behaviour, he gets mad and talks about breaking up. He is drunk so he does not have the ability to differentiate either. Your actions or behaviours sometimes remind him of his ex and he talks about this kind of thing. 

3. He is under extreme pressure.

Extreme work pressure, extreme family pressure and relationship issues make a man mentally sick sometimes and he wants to get away from all of this and then he thinks of drinking because it can help him somehow to stay away from all of this. 

It is true that drinking can never be a way of dealing with pressure but your boyfriend has chosen this as a way because he feels that there is no one who can understand him. Maybe he gets zero support from his family and friends. In his workplace he too doesn’t get appreciated no matter how better work he does and lastly in the relationship also he does not get that feel that he wants to have. All of these things make him sick mentally and troubled.

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Being his partner you need to solve this problem with your initiative. It’ll not be easy though. It will take a lot more time to gain that place in your man’s heart. Your boyfriend feels deprived of everything and you have to make him realise his value and position to help him live a good life.

4. He is not getting the love and care he wants from the relationship.

As I’ve mentioned earlier that your boyfriend can drink because of so many reasons and a bad relationship is definitely one of them. 

Maybe your boyfriend is feeling deprived of the love, care and support that he should have from you in the relationship. 

Maybe you’re not becoming enough compatible with him or it can also happen that now a days you’ve become too judgemental and that nature of you is making your boyfriend away from you.

He loves you and so he feels bad about the relationship and to seek some kind of mental relaxation he has thought about alcohol. 

He is talking about breaking up because of the same reason. There is a deep pain in his heart regarding the relationship and when he drinks all this pain paves a way of coming out. 

5. One of his family members had this habit of drinking.

This is one of the important reasons why your man is drinking. Though we often overlook this issue but if you think and observe properly you’ll find this problem to be the most serious of all.

Probably your boyfriend has grown up seeing his father or uncle or his elder brother drinking. That has created a bad influence in his mentality. This can also happen that when he came home drinking for the first time, there was no one to tell him that whatever he has done is bad. 

Family influence or family culture plays a major role in a child’s bringing up. Parents need to shape their lives by guiding them through a proper way. Your boyfriend might lack that advantage. 

If the situation goes out of control,you can take help from this also

Let’s come to the point now…

Why My Boyfriend Breaks Up With Me When He Is Drunk.

Your boyfriend doesn’t stay in sense when he is drunk and therefore he cannot discriminate between right or wrong sayings. He tells whatever comes to his mind that time. As his brain doesn’t stay in a state of working so he cannot control his words also. 

People often speak out his heart when he is drunk. Maybe in his conscious awareness he has thought about breaking up with you because of some of your behaviour but was not able to tell you so on face but after getting drunk he has lost control over his emotions and so it becomes easier for him to confess so.

Probably you are not playing your role in the relationship properly. You’re lacking the supporting and caring nature. So your boyfriend feels neglected and refused everytime. Being a partner you need to be loving, caring and supportive. 

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I understand you don’t like when your boyfriend drinks and that is absolutely fine. But talk to him about this when he is in his senses but because of that don’t start creating issues. You will not be able to control him if you think quarreling or judging will be a justified way of dealing with this problem. Absolutely not. 

Think one thing that why does your boyfriend breaks up with you or even tries to break up in his drunk situation. There are so many other ways also to react. That means he feels that his need in your life has become over. He feels himself to be judged very much. Don’t let this thing happen to your relationship. Figure it out as soon as possible. 

There is also a problem that I often hear from women specially from those who are in a serious relationship. That is why is my boyfriend mean to me when drunk? 

Let’s answer that also in this regard….

Why is my boyfriend mean to me when drunk?

A drunk man doesn’t stay in his senses first of all. Your boyfriend is mean to you when he is drunk because he in venting out his anger somehow. You do such things that your boyfriend does not like but cannot say that you on face but after getting drunk he is able to break that barrier and says to you such things. 

Human brain does not work properly when it stays under the influence of alcohol. Same is happening with your boyfriend also. He has lost complete control over his words, thoughts and emotions and so because of this he is being mean to you. 

Talk to him about everything you feel when he comes in his senses. Say you don’t feel good when he becomes mean to you. Tell him why you do not like when he gets drunk. Tell him about all your expectations and preferences. Listen to his preferences also. Try to act accordingly. I’m not saying if you do such things your boyfriend will stop drinking from the next day but you’ve to make him realise how precious he is to you and therefore how much hurt you get when he behaves this way. 


Relationship is a beautiful thing that can change your life and has also the ability to drain your life also. You have to choose the way you want to make it. There are so many hurdles lying in the way of  a better relationship but you along with your partner have to make it strong and smooth. Smooth doesn’t mean that you will not have any problems further but you have to stand by the other person’s side when problem will get arise. 

Drinking is not that a major issue that cannot be solved. If your boyfriend desires to get over this habit he definitely can but you have to be supportive in that case also. 

If your boyfriend has some complaints about your regarding the relationship. You’ve listen to that with patience and then definitely have to take the initiative to solve that. 

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Definitely think more deeply about the fact why your boyfriend breaks up when he is drunk. Breaking up means he wants to get himself out of the relationship and what makes him do so? Have you thought about that? If not, then please think. Are you creating situation in the relationship which makes the relationship somewhat claustrophobic? Relationship and love also give freedom. Be in that zone. Don’t pull and push your relationship. Just let it go the way it wants to go. Drinking is an issue but it can be solved but once a relationship gets break it cannot be fixed like earlier. Understand the difference. 

Love is everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- My Boyfriend Breaks Up With Me When He Is Drunk.

Why do couples fight when they’re drunk?

Drinking give rise to so many problems. Some men tend to behave unnaturally and violently sometimes and that makes girl crazy and disturbed so they fight. Some girls have preferences with this drinking and if their boyfriends don’t get themselves matched with the preferences, couple fight.

If your partner broke up with you when they were drunk and the next day acted as if nothing happened should you even bring it up?

If depends on how often this happens to you. If this is the first time your boyfriend is doing this after consuming alcohol then leave it but if it keeps on happening repeatedly then definitely you should bring up the matter next morning when he comes in his senses.

Is alcohol good for a breakup?

Yes, alcohol can be a very good reason for a break-up. Some girls don’t like alcohol at all and of their boyfriends drink on a regular basis and keeps on doing unnatural and violent things and the girls cannot keep the situation under control then it can lead to break up.

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