My Boyfriend Doesn’t Do Anything Special For Me – 29 clarification!

Now and then every girl faces the problem of why my boyfriend doesn’t do anything special for me and then we connect this thing with love. 

Does he even love me or not? If he loves me he will try to impress me with his small gestures at least that kind of special little small effort will make me feel loved but no he is a boring potato couch or he finds his only interest in work and not in me! 

What I think is if the person loves you he will show it at least in one form. Or maybe some boyfriends show love. However, the love language mismatches sometimes. He may express his love but you don’t consider it as special or maybe you consider it normal. 

If he is not giving you priority then the thing is different! For that, you have to talk about your feelings and confront him whether he is in this relationship or not or it is only you who is putting efforts to make this work between you too.

Talk to him! Another thing is that if you want to make things in favor of you as you want him to crave you emotionally

Why does my boyfriend don’t do anything special for me?

  1. He’s not interested!
  2. He doesn’t appreciate what I do for him?
  3. He’s cheating on me.
  4. I’m too busy for sex.
  5. We don’t live together.
  6. He’s too old for me.
  7. He Doesn’t Understand What You Want from him exactly.
  8. You are Always been Together
  9. You’re Mothering Him
  10. He’s a keeper
  11. You are Smothering Him 
  12. You are Giving Up on Yourself
  13. Maybe he doesn’t what special things you want
  14. Maybe you see his special things as normal
  15. You Don’t Give Him Enough Quality Time
  16. He is Selfish
  17. He is Being Powerless Around You 
  18. He Feels You don’t Love Him Back
  19. He doesn’t care about you
  20. He doesn’t love you
  21. He thinks you’re boring
  22. He’s busy
  23. He doesn’t know how
  24. He feels insecure
  25. He doesn’t think you’re beautiful
  26. He is Anxious About Commitment
  27. Maybe He is Afraid Of Losing You
  28. Maybe he stopped feeling for you!
  29. He is avoiding hurting you because of stress!

He’s not interested!

This is probably the number one answer I get when people ask me about my relationship status. There are many reasons why guys just aren’t interested in doing things for their partners.

Firstly, they may consider themselves to be above-average at sex, and if they’re not, then they might feel like they have no need to go out of their way to please their partner.

Secondly, some men think that having sex is the only thing they need to do for their woman; others assume that if they already pay for everything else (including rent, utilities, food, etc.), then they don’t need to spend money on her as well. Finally, many guys simply don’t know how to approach women and often don’t want to risk rejection, especially if they’ve been rejected before.

My Boyfriend Doesn't Do Anything Special For Me
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He doesn’t appreciate what I do for him?

If he appreciates what you do, then he’ll appreciate it more. If you put yourself out there to make his day/week/month/year better, then he should return the favor.

You don’t have to give him expensive gifts but show him that you care by making sure he knows that you’re thinking about him. Be creative and thoughtful. Remember that sometimes a simple gesture can mean more than you realize.

He doesn’t want to sleep with me anymore.

It may sound harsh, but if he doesn’t want to have sex with you, then stop trying to force him. Sex is not something that you need to be forced into. Give him space to decide whether or not he wants to continue seeing you.

He’s cheating on me.

I’m sorry, but if he’s cheating on you, then he’s not worth your time. Don’t try to change him, and don’t let him disrespect you. It takes two to cheat; if he isn’t willing to commit himself to you fully, then he’s not worthy of your attention.

I’m too busy for sex.

If you really believe that you’re too busy for sex, then maybe you shouldn’t be sleeping with someone who thinks that you’re too busy to have sex with them. If you truly love the person, then you’ll find time for them. You may have to sacrifice certain activities for your significant other, but that’s okay.

We don’t live together.

Living together is great, but if you’re not actually living together, then you may not be getting the best out of your relationship. Make sure you communicate with each other and have open discussions about where you stand with regard to your relationship.

He’s too old for me.

He’s not too old for you; he’s just not young enough for you. If you’re both happy in your relationship and enjoy spending time together, then don’t worry about age. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, however, then you may want to reconsider.

He Doesn’t Understand What You Want from him exactly

As a girl, there may be no scarcity of things that you want your man to do for you. 

The trouble is, he might not know what those things are unless you inform him. 

You have to expose him to what makes you feel liked and unique so he is aware of how critical it is to circulate or do something thoughtful every now and then. 

If you want him to take you out on a date, then this needs to be your number one intention.

You are Always been Together

Your boyfriend may not do something special for you because he gets to look at you all of the time. 

There are probably times whilst he desires to take a break from being with you but is aware that if he does, then it will harm your emotions. 

This is why placing out or being collectively so much will have the opposite impact on what you need. So you should know how often you should see your boyfriend and how often you should give time to yourself and him, family and friends. 

special to me
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You’re Mothering Him

If you try to act like your boyfriend’s mom, he probably steps up and does anything special for you. 

If you say phrases like “thank you” then it means he has to earn them through doing something satisfactory for you. 

This is why it is so crucial that you take care of your very own desires earlier than trying to attend to them.

He’s a keeper

Some guys are just keepers and this isn’t something that you can change. 

If your boyfriend is used to getting the entirety he desires all the time, then it will be hard for him to apprehend what you want from him. 

Perhaps in case, your man doesn’t have several humans in his life putting their needs before his, then he has realised the way to love you the way you deserve.

You are Smothering Him 

While seeking to get your boyfriend to do something special for you can look like the proper aspect to do, it is able to have the other impact. 

If you smother him with love and affection, he will experience several times he has to stroll in or out of a room for you to say “I love you.” 

Hence, don’t make yourself so clingy that he will be suffocated by your presence.

You are Giving Up on Yourself

It is comprehensible in case you are feeling down regarding not being capable of getting what you need from him. 

While being sad over not having a man who will do whatever is special for you is understandable, don’t give up yet because this isn’t going anywhere each time soon. 

It is time to realize that being sad and disappointed received assistance as it will only make your relationship worse.

Maybe he doesn’t what special things you want

While a person would possibly recognize the belongings you do for him, he doesn’t know how vital it is for him to be affectionate with you. 

Perhaps in case you are not as bodily affectionate as he needs you to be, then probabilities are he will suppose that this is ok. 

For your boyfriend to know what makes your coronary heart develop fonder, you then have to expose him.

Maybe you see his special things as normal

If you need to get your boyfriend to do extra for you, you have to recognize all of the matters that he does already. 

Even if his affection toward you isn’t something that he frequently shows, it doesn’t imply that it is not there now. 

Chances are after you start focusing on those loving gestures, then your love will see how tons he matters to you and takes the time to show his selfless acts of kindness.

You Don’t Give Him Enough Quality Time

While each of you will be busy with work or faculty, quality time is usually critical in any dating. 

If spending every waking second collectively is your precedence with regards to being in a loving relationship, then it is probably that that is how you will act. 

You need to tell your boyfriend that it is essential for him to spend time with you and not simply come up with things like gifts or love notes.

He is Selfish

While selfishness isn’t inherently terrible, it may cause issues in your dating if he doesn’t see how his moves affect you. 

If you guys are constantly having fights about how he has hurt you, then maybe it is time to observe the motives why. 

It would possibly appear to be he cares more about himself than having a loving relationship with you, however other elements probably hold him from showing affection closer to you.

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He is Being Powerless Around You 

If your boyfriend is best going to reveal affection closer to you whilst it seems secure for him to achieve this, this may by no means be final. 

However, if the two of you have often been fighting, then maybe that is because he looks like you are by no means going to simply accept him for who he is. 

This may be a dangerous region for any dating, however, it every now and then occurs when the lady doesn’t recognize how to furnish affection and asks her boyfriend to do things. 

Love can be tough for everyone, so in case your boyfriend isn’t displaying his love in that direction of you, then maybe you need to discover methods to reveal yours first.

He Feels You don’t Love Him Back

The best cause someone might forestall loving someone is when they don’t feel cherished in return. 

If there are days when your boyfriend shows more affection toward you, then this will be due to the fact he feels like the relationship goes again within the proper route. 

However, if it seems like his affection is turning into much less through the years without a piece of evidence, he won’t experience that the emotions are mutual between the two of you anymore. 

Try asking him what has been modified these days to discuss this in preference to letting things get worse without explaining.

He doesn’t care about you

This may seem a bit harsh, but if he’s not showing any interest in doing things for you then he probably isn’t very interested in being with you at all. If he doesn’t want to spend time with you, he won’t. You’re just going to have to accept that fact. Maybe he’ll change his mind someday, but until then, you shouldn’t expect him to be much different than he currently is.

He doesn’t love you

If he really loves you, he would show it by taking actions that demonstrate how much he cares for you. If he’s not doing anything special for you, he’s not showing you that he actually cares about you.

He thinks you’re boring

It’s hard to impress someone who thinks you’re boring. If he thinks you’re interesting (or whatever word he uses), he wouldn’t need to do anything to make you feel special, because he already knows what makes you tick.

He’s busy

He may say he wants to take you out to dinner, but if he is really busy, he probably just doesn’t want to go out on a date. He could be working on a project, studying, or even sleeping. In these cases, he’s unlikely to give you any attention unless you call him or ask him directly to come over.

He doesn’t know how

He might not know how to do something, but you still should try to figure it out yourself. If you can’t figure it out, ask him for help. He’ll appreciate your efforts just as much as if you had done the work yourself.

He feels insecure

A guy who feels insecure cannot be confident enough to take action. If he feels insecure, he’ll never risk anything. Even if he’s willing to take risks, he’d never do anything that he wasn’t sure of succeeding at. So, if he’s not doing anything special for your anniversary, chances are he’s either feeling insecure or he’s afraid to show affection. Either way, there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Just enjoy the moment while it lasts! 

He doesn’t think you’re beautiful

You can tell someone that you think they’re beautiful, but if they don’t believe you, then you’re wasting your breath. You’re right, he’s not beautiful, but he doesn’t have to agree with you to be true to himself. If he doesn’t think you’re attractive, then he probably doesn’t find you attractive either.

He is Anxious About Commitment

If your boyfriend has been showing less affection closer to you lately without a piece of evidence, then there may be reasons why. It can be due to the fact he is certainly seeking out a way to seem distant so that you don’t get harmed when matters come crashing down. 

If this looks as if something your boyfriend might do, then you must try to ask him why he is so remote before jumping to conclusions.

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Maybe He is Afraid Of Losing You

If your boyfriend has been showing less affection towards you recently, it may be because he is afraid of losing you. 

Either something awful is going on in his life, and he doesn’t feel like bringing you down with him, or it looks like maybe the emotions aren’t there anymore. 

If matters are beginning to fade away slowly, then instead of letting them slip absolutely out of sight, strive to speak to your boyfriend! what is going on between the two of you so that it doesn’t show up without explaining?

Maybe he stopped feeling for you!

There might be several motives why your boyfriend has been distant recently without proof, but if it doesn’t seem like he desires to work on issues, then there is no aspect in attempting. 

Even though you would possibly need him again, this stuff takes time and effort on both aspects. 

It is higher to charm on than try making anyone who doesn’t discern the equal state desire.

He is avoiding hurting you because of stress!

If you have noticed your boyfriend is displaying less affection toward you recently without proof, then there are a few possibilities. 

It is probably because he is honestly seeking to avoid hurting you because he fears taking out his stress on you. 

However, if it looks like he doesn’t even want to attempt, then it is probably better to no longer beg him; just look for anyone that puts within the attempt.

Wrapping it up

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years.

he does not take the initiative to mention “I love you” to my face. He says it best in reaction with a red blush on his chubby cheeks after I say it to him.

he does not even longer talk about the good time we had! all the glad memories and experiences that we had.

He does not even reward me or give damn importance about what I do or who I am as someone.

I observed out early on that speaking, sharing, discussing, arguing, complaining, and something to do with starting the mouth is just no longer his distinctiveness.

The element is, that I don’t want him to do any of that to make me feel anything special. It is now not what I want from her. What I love is him and his selfless acts as the provider. I advised him, in particular, that is the one distinctive feature I would want from her for the rest of my entire life with only him.

On the other hand, he had instructed me mainly on the one factor that I always do which makes her feel special.

It is that I am continuing only to provoke the communication and sharing between us. I’m the one who asks questions and consists of him in our discussions. I am the one who usually talks about the glad recollections and splendid things he has finished.

That is one element about me she loves and it’s one element I can and love to do for him and only him after all he is the love of my life. I plan to maintain doing this easy aspect for the leisure of our lives collectively for both of us because we are together.

Special for me
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Tell your boyfriend just that one element you would love him to do to make your relationship special for both of you. Hopefully, it is something that he enjoys doing as nicely. That is the most convenient way that it is going to retain and last.

Likewise, do ask him what is the one element he would love you to do to make him feel special.

And, If your boyfriend has started to expose less affection towards you through the years without explaining, there may be reasons behind this.

When guys begin wondering if they aren’t really worth showing affection towards someone anymore, things will change slowly until they disappear completely.

If this begins happening earlier than you actually have a hazard to ask him what’s wrong together with your relationship, then you definitely should try asking him why he doesn’t feel it’s worth showing affection to you anymore.

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