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Are you looking for the quotes that will work best with the search ‘my boyfriend has no time for me quotes’ so your search ends here? I have collected quotes for ‘my boyfriend has no time for me’. There was a time in my life when I didn’t have time or I could say I don’t want a boyfriend in my life but when it happens it happens.

I accidentally found a boy who was able to convince me that I should be loved by him. He is the right one and it is in our destiny and all those love doesn’t things that a lot a person says before relationship and after the relationship that excitement starts getting dim and leads to MY BOYFRIEND HAS NO TIME FOR ME and some people like you and me possessively alone search for this….so here are some quotes which I deeply connect with I hope you will too. 

My Boyfriend Has No Time For Me Quotes
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My Boyfriend Has No Time For Me Quotes:

  1. Why are you acting so differently from me? Are you tired of me? You don’t want to talk? Am I annoying you now? If I am so annoying you don’t have time to even talk to me, message me or call me! Let’s end it here, leave me! 
  2. Why were you not picking up my call? Does your work make you so busy that you can’t even at least pick up and say I will call you back or you are busy! You don’t even drop a message! 
  3. You have time to go to the movies with your friends, you have time to go on a night out with your friends but you don’t have an hour for me? Is this how relationships work? If yes I don’t wanna be with you and that is my final decision.
  4. You have time to drop a good morning message to your other female friends but you have a meeting and workloads for texting me! 
  5. If you were so busy meeting me, how did you go to your female friend’s birthday party? Is she being more important to you even more than me? 
  6. Why are you creating distance between our relationships? Is there anyone else who you are interested in or dating?
  7. If you say “I am all yours” then where am I in your life. I am the person who is waiting for you the whole day but you do not even text me! 
  8. If you love me then you must have called me rather than partying with your friends without even telling me. Is this the respect and time you are giving to our relationship by the way? 
  9. You are busy all day with your work and come home late at night and finally, when you arrive you are tired and sleepy we barely even talk! Is this the way we are going to take our relationship ahead?
  10.  When you are barely with me you seem a lot distracted. I feel very annoyed and I have nothing to talk about anymore. 
  11. I really love you but the connection is lost I guess. There is no energy left in our relationship and if we get detached from you it will be only because of you. You were the one who didn’t invest your time in this relationship
  12. I need your attention at least 1 hour a day and that too actively. If you don’t have time for me because of your work, eliminate other things from your life. 
  13.  You just talked about the romantic stuff and things that we are going to have but I guess all were lies because you have no time for me!
  14. You just only talk about worldly things but where is your time for me? 
  15. You told me once nothing can make us apart. I guess it was a lie because time and distance did! 
  16. Telling each other about everything is not controlling. It is the respect we are giving to each other but your priority is your friends.
  17. I always used to say to my friends that my boyfriend is the best, he has every quality in it but what I’m gonna say now? That he is so busy he doesn’t even have time to look at me!
  18. Where did those dreams go of never getting apart from each other?
  19. I’m not controlling you it is just I love you I care for you and I don’t want any space between us.
  20. If you are setting yourself apart from me just remember that you are taking my heart away from me.
  21. I never thought that my boyfriend will distance himself from me because of his friends 
  22. I loved the way we were closed to each other but I hate the way you distance yourself from me
  23. The only thing I asked for is your love but that too was expensive for you to give me. 
  24. What I’m gonna say to you? You left me with no time! 
  25. Everything needs investment and that too implies love. I need you to invest your time in this relationship. 
  26. Whom should I call now? Time? To ask for my time in my boyfriend’s life? 
  27. Nothing feels worse than the only person I care for has no time for me. 
  28. If you forget about something let me remind me you owe me your time in this relationship.
  29. I miss you and miss the time we were having when you had time for me.
  30. Today will die tomorrow and so will we. Time never stays for anyone, keep that in mind and eventually, I will lose the value of you and you will lose me from your life. 
  31. Time heals but it is apart too. You never valued my time and I will never value you in my life. 
  32. Your NO TIME FOR ME has eventually taken my love away from you.
  33. I heard things change according to time but your love and affection for me changed over time.
  34. NEVER ENDING LOVE has changed to NO TIME FOR LOVE.
  35. The more I will seek your attention the more you will have no time for me.
  36. The most expensive thing in love is the time which we gave our partner but I guess you found a new hand for my precious expensive thing.
  37. I miss those times we had at gas stations having romantic fun and those sparkling eyes filled with excitement when we felt that we are together forever even though time ravages will not be able to separate us. Since those moments are gone and so your time for me has gone too.
  38. A real lover will manage time for his love but in our relationship, I’m not even capable of your TIMEPASS!
  39. You said to me once, give me your time, I’ll be the best boyfriend for you but where is that best boyfriend now?
  40. Money and time are quite similar, both need effort and so does your time for me.
  41.  I asked for your love, not money. You are always busy making money but is it worth it if it leaves you with no time for me.
  42.  The more you will be busy the more we will get apart. 
  43. I know things never change in true love but what if you will become a complete stranger to me.
  44. Now or never the choice is yours to make whether you will give me your or not otherwise I will forget the time we spend.
  45. Things change. What if true love changes?
  46.  I never thought we would be at this stage where you would have no time for me.
  47. My sweet love boyfriend has become no time for my girlfriend boyfriend.
  48. Isn’t it crazy that when we met you had the whole day for me and now you don’t have even a second for me?
  49. Your no time for me shows how much you are putting your efforts into this relationship.
  50. A trip to Bali? without me? With only friends or only girlfriends do you have time for? 
  51. I love my boyfriend but lately, he has been busy somewhere or with someone. Should I just end it?
  52. Telling each other where you are with whom you are is not controlling, it is respected in our relationship.
  53. No matter how long we are apart but talking to each other is a must maybe once a week!
  54. If you say I love you and you are sorry you should mean it does not work for the sake to handle it for a while. Prove me you are not lying. 
  55. Am I worth your time? 
  56. No text! No calls! Why will I always understand why I will always compromise? 
  57. Nobody is too busy to make time for his love! 
  58. If you are enough for me you will at least call and ask are you okay my love?
  59. Not just me? Is there anyone else in this relationship too You are managing time for? 
  60. Do you even love me as much as I do? Because I can see that you have no time for me
No time
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If you want to put your efforts into making him come back to you or make him obsessed with you? Don’t worry you can learn it, you don’t need his time just text him. He will read it if the text sounds fun and he will reply too. After that do some naughty stuff to lighten his excitement once again in your relationship. If you are long-distance you can simply talk to him over text too and that text should be very convincing if you know what I mean by it! it will help you to make him want you right now in his bed in his place near him skin to skin. 

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