My Boyfriend Keeps Giving Me BV: 8 Must-Know Reasons

Ever wondered why my boyfriend keeps giving me BV? Do you have to be constantly worried during your sexual intercourse?

BV might be the prior thing you need to be thinking about during sex, however, in case you are liable to ordinary BV sex might trigger your bacterial vaginosis signs and symptoms and can be harmful to both of you. 

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This case is more common when the relationship is between an older man and a younger woman because there is a probability that your older lover has been attracted to many partners before and if you are confused about why you are attracted to an older man?

Although, BV is transferable. As many girls will realize, having sex can trigger a bout of bacterial vaginosis or BV, and habitual BV can certainly spoil the mood for you. BV is one of the maximum common vaginal situations. It’s estimated to affect one in 3 people, yet not many people have heard of it – in reality, signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are frequently burdened with a yeast infection or thrush symptoms but still, it’s a thing to worry about. Having too many partners for sexual intercourse can increase the chances of spreading it

In some cases, people worry that they or their partner have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Although it can be due to an imbalance of bacteria inside the vagina as a result of having sex, BV isn’t an STI as these are infections that can be exceeded from person to individual by using sexual contact.

Having BV can now and again increase your hazard of getting an STI, so it’s worth treating if you suppose you’ve got signs and symptoms of a bacterial infection.

No girl wants an infected vagina as it’s the most pleasurable part of the women’s body

My Boyfriend Keeps Giving Me BV
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What is BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)?

BV or bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial overgrowth in the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis tends to affect women of childbearing age.

Activities consisting of unprotected sexual intercourse or frequent douching can boost a person’s menace. How will you realize you’ve got bacterial vaginosis?

Only your doctor or nurse can inform you if you have BV. but the common signs can include With BV your discharge can be white or grey however may additionally have a rotten fishy odour.

Symptoms of BV:

Signs of bacterial vaginosis are often harassed with a yeast infection or thrush signs and symptoms. Signs can include a discharge which could smell fishy and unsightly – regularly human beings forget about this or think it’s only an aspect impact of getting intercourse, but in fact, it’s your frame telling you that matters are out of balance in there. By these symptoms, you cannot particularly identify whether you are infected with BV or not but may influence you to go and see a doctor. 

What can I do to protect myself from My boyfriend keeps giving me BV?

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Then there are a few things you can do to help lessen the probability of developing BV after intercourse.

The most secure part to do if you’re having intercourse with exclusive companions for your pleasure is to use a condom to protect your vagina from getting infected by BV semen. As nicely as shielding you from STIs it will help prevent semen from coming into the vagina.

BV is induced using anything that upsets the vaginal pH, which is barely acidic – semen is alkaline, so it upsets the balance and can cause the production of yeast or BV. If you’re in a long-term relationship with your only soulmate or partner.

So it’s obvious you have full trust in your sexual activity with him this will lead to unprotected sex or sex over pills therefore, this unprotected sexual activity might increase the chances of BV.

Even, don’t tempt you to use vaginal cosmetics. however, it will make the matter worse for you,  if you are infected by BV!

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So, what can you do? – Here’s where Balance Activ can assist. This BV treatment comes as either a gel or a gel pessary.

It uses lactic acid to restore your normal vaginal pH and rebalance your herbal vaginal vegetation, to alleviate symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. 

Balance Activ also incorporates glycogen, presenting vitamins to inspire lactobacilli to top off – these are the protective bacteria that help to maintain healthy stability inside the vagina. If you’re vulnerable to a fishy odour after sex, then hold some Balance Activ accessible within the bathroom cupboard and follow the packet instructions and remember always pee after having sex. 

If you went to see a doctor Typically, your gynaecologist will prescribe you take antibiotics to kill the dangerous microorganism causing BV in your vagina. These capsules may additionally come in tablets, gel capsules, or cream. Some of them are mentioned below which are safe to use and maintain your PH balance for getting rid of the BV. 

1. Metronidazole

This is one of the best treatments for BV, which could both be taken as an oral pill or carried out on your vagina as a topical gel. 

You ought to comply with your gynec’s prescription for taking the tablet or using it as a gel in your vagina. The doses are especially better in treating habitual BV. During the period of treatment calm down your tempo and try to avoid having sex.

2. Clindamycin

This is an antibiotic medication that is available in pill, cream, or ovule suppository prescribed by a doctor for treating BV. Obviously, the pill form may be taken orally. 

At some time, the cream and ovule suppository may be inserted into your vagina at bedtime. 

Remember that clindamycin cream and ovule suppositories contain oil which can destroy latex condoms and diaphragms. So don’t go for sex and try to avoid having sexual intercourse during a period of treatment.

The impact should last up to seventy-two hours after putting the ovule suppository and five days for the cream. So if you are having sex it’s better to avoid using a latex condom during this time.

3. Tinidazole

It is also an antibiotic drug taken as an oral pill which is prescribed by the doctor for releasing the infection of BV.

This will be prescribed if you increase adverse side consequences to metronidazole and clindamycin.

4. Secnidazole

This is an antibiotic for unmarried-dose remedies. 

It is a whole lot greater high-priced as compared to different remedies. This is a great option in case you want a one-time treatment on your BV. 

This type of antibiotic is in the shape of granules that you may sprinkle while you’re ingesting steady meals like unsweetened applesauce, pudding, or yoghurt. 

You can eat up the meals with the medicine within a half-hour, be cautious now not to chunk on the granules.

How can I fix my vaginal pH balance?

Bacterial Vaginosis ph
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In addition to the antibiotics which are given above, your medical doctor might also provide you with the following recommendation to effectively restore the natural pH stability of your vagina.

1. Add more probiotics to your diet

Probiotics assist regulate your gut health to preserve your vagina’s pH balanced and combat infection. Probiotics are made from true microorganisms that enable you to keep your frame healthy and running well. This top microorganism enables you in many methods, including preventing terrible microorganisms when you have an excessive amount of it and helping you feel better.

Lactobacilli, or the “top” micro organism, alters your vagina’s flowers, keeping it certainly acidic and away from unwanted pathogens like yeast or dangerous bacteria.

Eating a well-balanced diet excessive in fibre will assist you to hold and restore your vagina’s ordinary pH stability. 

A female is eating yoghurt as part of her regular weight loss plan, to help fight her BV.

Taking probiotic supplements and ingesting fermented ingredients may additionally help boom the number of lactobacilli in your vagina:

Probiotic fermented ingredients consist of the subsequent: 

  • Yoghurt
  • Pickles
  • Kimchi 
  • Sauerkraut
  • Fermented tea like kombucha 
  • Kefir 
  • Buttermilk
  • Sourdough bread
  • Miso soup
  • kombucha
  • tempeh 
  • some cheeses

2. Take garlic tablets

Garlic is filled with antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Studies have proven that taking garlic supplements or pills can help with vaginal yeast contamination and BV. 

Remember that ingesting garlic as part of your weight loss plan is normally secure however, ought to not be used at once in or around your vagina. 

Before taking garlic dietary supplements, check first along with your medical doctor as these can also cause digestive facet effects and could engage with a few specific medications. 

3. Use boric acid suppositories

These pills include a lively element referred to as boric acid.

It has probiotics and nutrition C & E antioxidants to successfully repair your vaginal pH balance and treat recurring vaginal infections.

4. Learn to de-stress

You in all likelihood recognize that pressure can have an effect on your usual fitness, which also can affect the acid-base balance of your vagina. 

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Managing stress may be very beneficial in restoring and retaining a healthy vagina. 

You can manipulate your pressure by way of doing the following:

Exercise. Doing a simple physical activity like yoga and tai chi could be very helpful. In yoga, you can go for the goddess pose. It will benefit your uterus too through blood circulation and passing out the dirt from the vagina. 

Deep respiration exercising for five mins helps you to de-stress and lower your anxiety. Even for lowering your anxiety you can sing out loud and do gargles loudly.

Do what you love, like your pursuits or other laughing activities with your boyfriend

Listen to track or play an instrument

Get enough sleep or go for a romantic walk with your boyfriend. 

Limit your alcohol consumption and don’t do pills

Stop smoking

Eat a balanced weight loss program

5. Quit smoking

Research has shown that people who smoke are more prone to growing BV because they have a lesser variety or populace of lactobacilli, the “right” bacteria in their vaginas. 

You can talk to a healthcare professional, approximately get assistance or begin a plan that would help you stop smoking.

6. Avoid douching and the use of different fragranced vaginal products

Never attempt to clean your vagina with a douching answer or perfumed vaginal washes or deodorants while you start to scent something uncommon to your vagina.

Simply due to the fact the vagina cleans itself, it’s herbal to have an awesome scent for your vagina. 

Fragranced vaginal washes, tampons, or sanitary pads can disrupt your vagina’s ordinary pH stability and invite infections.

Cleansing your vagina with heat water and perfume-unfastened soap or washes is sufficient.

7. Wear a breathable cotton underwear

Wearing breathable cotton underclothes is simply one element in maintaining your vagina wholesome and balanced. 

You also have to change it frequently to prevent moisture and inflammation. 

Always use a hypoallergenic detergent in washing your underwear, and consider not carrying one at night time to prevent moisture construction.

8. Use a defensive barrier while having sex

Always use a condom while conducting penetrative sex together with your man to avoid contact with his semen which can steadily increase your vagina’s pH level.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
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Using dental dams and finger cots is also advised to save bacteria from stepping into your vagina.


My boyfriend keeps giving me BV, which is bacterial vaginosis that is treatable and transferable if you are not having protected sex whether it is with your constant or different partners.

It disbalances your vagina’s PH balance so that you have to take certain medicines, add probiotics to your food, start exercising, and de-stress yourself.

Taking care of your vagina is a must as it is the most pleasurable part of the woman’s body. 

Women can drive any man crazy through her charms; she just needs a guide to drive him crazy and increase pleasure for her.

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