My Boyfriend Won’t Cut Ties With His EX!

My boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex! The answer is pretty simple: he is still emotionally connected with him! He still feels for her ex and he is not able to move on from that! 

If you’re in a relationship where you have had problems communicating with each other due to past experiences, then chances are, you’ve been through some pretty rough waters. You might have even dated someone before who was not good at communication, or maybe your ex wasn’t even aware that he/she was hurting you. Regardless of what happened, you need to know how to move forward and get back to being happy together again.

And if he is hiding this from you because it is obvious you won’t like it and it will be hard for you to see him connected with his ex. 

And seriously if this is the matter just dip out of this relationship because then it will be not between only you too but also her in this relationship and who will suffer in this trio relationship? only you! 

If he still cares about her and needs her ex’s life updates then, you! my darling will suffer a lot because if she turns the card and is ready for a patch then you will be out of this relationship because he desires her not you! 

We feel emotions because our brain sends signals to our bodies telling us how we should react to certain situations. We get angry when someone cuts us off in traffic, sad when someone says they don’t love us, jealous when we find out our friend’s boyfriend cheated on her, and so on…

Toxic relationships often start with a lot of love and care; however, they turn into something else over time. If your partner is toxic, you likely started out loving them and thinking that they were the best thing since sliced bread. However, you soon realize that their actions aren’t always positive towards you.

What can I do if my boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex?

Detect why he won’t cut ties with his ex

You should not forget why he is connecting with her.

Are they operating on a task together? Or perhaps they decided to stay buddies after their breakup as they found out that their feelings had been ordinarily platonic.

Here’s the factor,

When your boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex, it may be that he has this emotional connection with his ex.

It doesn’t necessarily imply romantic or sexual. 

It may be that your boyfriend enjoys being in his ex’s company and they are normal friends, she empowers and makes him feel right.

And it doesn’t suggest he is already dishonest with you.

If you figured out that there aren’t any romantic feelings in any way, there is no longing for you to be jealous of it. by being jealous you are only destroying yourself

Under positive circumstances and if it’s, in reality, platonic, there’s not anything wrong with last buddies with an ex.

But if there is no motive for them to be speaking with each other often, and you may experience that he is hiding something from you – then take it as a warning sign.

In this situation you obviously want to make him fall for you more and you know you can do it, girl, if you are dating him you know how to go to his heart deeper. In case you don’t then worry not, here is the reference article for you which will best guide you! 

My Boyfriend Won’t Cut Ties With His EX!
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Understand his point of view

Your boyfriend could be feeling guilty because he was doing something wrong by cheating on you. But he might not even know that he did anything wrong. He probably didn’t mean to cheat on you; he just got carried away. In this case, you should try talking to him and explain how you feel. Tell him how you feel about his infidelity and ask him whether he feels the same way. If that doesn’t work, you can always tell him that you’re done and leave him alone.

Get back together

If your boyfriend wants to reconcile with you, there is no harm in giving it another shot. Talk to him and tell him that you’re willing to give him another chance. Ask him whether he wants to be with you again and if he says yes, then you should do whatever it takes to prove to him that you’re worth fighting for.

Find a man who loves you

After having been cheated on, you might have lost faith in men. But you shouldn’t lose hope. There are plenty of good guys out there who truly love women and would never cheat on them. You can meet these men online and make a great connection. Once you find one, you can finally be happy again.

Communicate with him

Even if you don’t like the motives why your boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex, take the time to relax.

Before you get indignant and react, don’t forget what your reaction could be.

Try to keep away from telling your boyfriend what you don’t accept as true with him. For if he is not doing something incorrectly, your insecurity could possibly create harm to your relationship.

But then in case you are certain that he is flirting along with his ex, you might just want to kick the guy to the drop.

Nothing can be more devastating than finding out that he is dishonest with you. Still, don’t allow your feelings to rule over you.

Here’s the thing,

Have you ever asked yourself this 

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Why can’t love to be sweet like the way you imagined it to be? Or as a minimum make some sense…

See, whilst you are dealing with a boyfriend who doesn’t want to cut ties with his ex, it is easy to turn out to be annoyed. 

You may experience helplessness or even be tempted to throw inside the towel – or give up on love (but don’t).

Truth is, many of us self-sabotage and trick ourselves for years, getting within the manner of meeting a partner who can honestly fulfil us.

We get stuck in empty encounters and awful relationships – that we in no way really find what we are seeking out – and we feel horrible when our companions continue to get worried with their former flames.

We attempt to “fix” our companions or locate someone who “completes” us. We fall in love with an ideal model of someone in preference to the real man or woman, and we turn out to be destroying this relationship.

Analyse the issue 

Instead of bringing up the problem the moment you seize him speaking to his ex, discover the proper timing. 

And this indicates looking to clear up the problem nicely in place of giving him an ultimatum. When your boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex and he is aware that you are jealous or irritated around it, it would be tough so you can convince him that he is wrong.

That is because he will position up his defences and reject all of your thoughts and ideas.

Try this: Tell your boyfriend that being with him makes you glad and you are grateful for him for being patient with you lately.

These will make him recognize and inspire him to concentrate on what you sense.

From here, permit him to realize whatever it is that is bothering you and also you would like to understand what he thinks about it.

Be sincere. You can say that it hurts you very badly when he connects with his ex as it continuously reminds you that he has been intimate with her.

Hopefully, your boyfriend will acknowledge your ache.

And whilst he actually cares about you and your relationship, he will find a manner to forestall speaking along with his ex and focus on you.

Be patient

If you have been dating someone for a while and they don’t seem to care about how their actions affect you, then chances are they just aren’t ready to give up on their ex yet. If they want to get back together with her, then they will eventually realize what they need to work on.

Don’t take it personally

Just because he doesn’t seem interested in you now, doesn’t mean that he won’t change his mind later on. So try not to take it personally and let him go at his own pace.

Let them know

Let him know that you still love him and that you think that he deserves better than being stuck with someone who treats him poorly. Tell him that you would never ask him to choose between you and her, but if he wants to move on, then he should make sure that he does it for good reasons.

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Let him over her 

You don’t need to talk to him about what happened between you two. You don’t owe him any explanations, and it probably won’t help either of you. If you want to keep your relationship going, you need to focus on your happiness first. So stop thinking about his feelings and start focusing on your own.

I recognise this isn’t something you need to do. But it is high time to now not get greater romantically worried particularly when he can’t get over his beyond. 

Stepping back method, like keeping him off, taking him over places and dates and sleeping together.

When you grow to be emotionally and romantically concerned with someone who is no longer over his previous relationships, it will be extra painful for you while your wishes aren’t met. You will be overlooked and cheated on.

So it is exceptional to stand back. But, you are loose to live in touch.

And in the intervening time, it is fine to the consciousness of yourself.

Do something that gives you peace and that means:

Hang out along with your girlfriends and own family individuals

Pamper yourself at the salon

Hit the fitness centre or do yoga and meditation

By this, you will make him realize the importance of you in his. It is important to make him chase. And if you really want him in your life fully without his ex then you know how to make him chase you. 

Don’t expect much

Letting go isn’t always easy. We often hold onto things out of fear that we’ll end up hurting ourselves if we give them up. But if you really want to get rid of something, you should just let go. There’s no point in trying to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. Sometimes people just aren’t ready to move on, and you shouldn’t rush them. You could wait until they’ve moved on themselves, or at least acknowledge that they’re doing everything they can.

Change your perspective

Maybe you’re holding on to this relationship because you believe that you deserve better than him. Maybe you think that if you were with someone else, he wouldn’t be interested in you anymore. Try to look at the situation objectively, instead of letting emotions cloud your judgment. If you truly love him, you should still treat him well. That means putting his needs before yours. And if he isn’t treating you right, maybe it’s time to consider moving on anyway.

Give him space

If you’re worried about losing him, you should give him some space. Let him know that you’d rather spend time alone than hang around with him while you both struggle with the relationship. He may not realize how hard it is for you to deal with this, so give him some time to figure out what he wants. After all, you don’t want to lose someone who cares about you.

Do your best

Ignore him
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If your boyfriend received a permit pass of his connection along with his ex-girlfriend regardless of how accurate your approach is, attempt to discover a way that you could each work with.

Your boyfriend probably insists that it is in basic terms platonic and which you have accepted as true.

In that case, you want to triumph over your fears and concerns – and accept that this ex will continue to be a friend.

But you need to make sure that your boyfriend is being obvious to you.

Even when you have accepted truth with problems or no longer, propose if he will be satisfied to show you their conversations or at least balance with you what they are saying. 

And if he brings you along to meet her in decency, that is better.

Give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt even though he is taking the hazard.

The element is, that there is continually this chance that he would possibly have these feelings for his ex and cheat on you.

But then, in case you communicate absolutely, the probabilities of cheating and something going wrong are an awful lot lower than in case you had been to hide matters from each other.

Take this as a venture in your dating.

For while you enhance your perceptions of every difference and trust, the more a hit your relationship will be for years yet to come.

move on from this relationship 

It is difficult to stop feeling for a person you are dating and depart the man or woman you adore most. 

And I know that leaving him is the ultimate issue you would ever need to do.

Hopefully, leaving him is the way to make him replicate his behaviour.

But don’t allow him to pass when your simplest aim is to get what you need from him. 

Doing that is extraordinarily manipulative and immature.

Only depart him whilst he is cheating and doesn’t care about you at all. 

It is no longer clean, but it would be excellent for both of you.

If there is not anything to fear about him connecting with his ex, then you don’t have to fix something.

But if your boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex because he nonetheless has robust emotions for this lady, ask yourself if that is the kind of dating that you want.

Remember that leaving a date that doesn’t make you experience glad, at ease, and valued will open the door to locating the right guy you need to be with.

Look for ways to fix things

Find out whether he thinks she was right about something or if she hurt him in some way. Try to fix whatever problems you find before you decide to end the relationship.

Make a plan

Set specific dates and times where you both agree to meet. Having clear boundaries will help you focus on your goals rather than getting caught up in the drama of your relationship.

Be realistic

Don’t expect your guy to stop loving his ex instantly after you break things off with him. He may tell you otherwise, but don’t put pressure on him until he actually says he wants to end things.

Be honest about yourself

If you want someone to change their mind, you have to be honest about how you feel. If he doesn’t care enough about her to get over her, then what’s wrong with him? You don’t need to sugarcoat anything or let him think you’re just being nice, even though you might be. Just tell him exactly how you feel and try not to make excuses for him.

Focus on yourself

It’s okay to ask yourself whether you have a good relationship with someone else. If you’re happy, you should enjoy your time with him without worrying about what he thinks of you. In fact, it would be best if you didn’t discuss anything personal with him at all. By keeping your head focused on yourself, you’ll make sure that you have nothing to hide.

Take control

Sometimes relationships take shape out of convenience, and you can’t blame anyone for that. However, if you’re getting involved with someone because you think you’re supposed to, it’s probably not worth it. Remember, you’re the only person responsible for your choices. So if you decide that you want to stay together, you need to put your foot down and set boundaries. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to lead your own life.

Take control
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Wrapping it up 

You can’t expect to change someone else’s mind by telling them how much they hurt you. What you need to do is make sure that you don’t take their actions personally. Do not take any action towards your guy unless he actually does something to you first. Instead, focus on your own feelings until you are ready to talk again. Your boyfriend may not even realize how bad he treated you, so keep your cool and wait to speak until he apologizes.

If my boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex I will simply notice his reaction when he talks about a thing either he is being defensive or taking it as normal which depends on his reaction which will convey to me what is the matter between them. 

His too many explanations will clearly state that he has feelings for him. 

If he has not, he will care about me and distance from his ex. 

Loving each other in a relationship is all about care and a comfort zone you provide to your partner. If he doesn’t understand that,  then you understand, he is not the one for you!

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