My Husband Misinterprets Everything I Say

My husband misinterprets everything I say. Is it my fault? Or does he have a hearing problem or an attention deficit? 

Well, the answer to this question is do your friends also misinterpret everything you say? If not then it is his problem and if yes it is your problem you are lacking communication skills.

He thinks I’m always complaining about something.

Like if he’s late to pick me up from work, he’ll just assume that I’m mad at him. If I ask where we’re going out to eat, he’ll think I’m being critical. And then if I don’t tell him, he’ll get upset and start asking questions like what am I hiding?

Sometimes the tone also matters in communication through which we interpret things. 

The way you are talking to him rudely, aggressively or sadly. Maybe you don’t have the intention to express that certain tone but depending on your day it comes out. 

Or perhaps he is in an irritating mood or his day is not going well enough or his mind is busy giving attention to something else. 

Whatever the cause is the only solution to that is communication and that must be clear communication when you both are calm enough to listen to each other.

Otherwise, the communication you are doing will only lead to an argument and quarrel between you two. 

And at some point, this causes so much frustration among couples that they stop talking to each other and the love romance gets over leading to divorce in the end!

What to do when my husband misinterprets everything I say? 

  1. He doesn’t understand my sarcasm
  2. Be clear about your communicate 
  3. Active listening 
  4. He doesn’t know how much time I spend on the phone
  5. He doesn’t remember things that happened last week
  6. Don’t expect him to be a mind reader 
  7. He doesn’t notice when I’m upset
  8. He says the opposite of what I want him to
  9. Don’t be a mind reader 
  10. Don’t blame him for your problems 
  11. He thinks I’m overreacting
  12. He thinks I’m irrational
  13. Clear him that you are not asking for his help
  14. You are not always right
  15. He thinks he knows it all
  16. He thinks he’s right
  17. He doesn’t respect you
  18. Mind your tone
  19. Try to understand his point of view 
  20. Clear what you expect from each other
  21. Stop talking about it!
  22. Try not to take things personally.
  23. Talk to someone else.
  24. Consider therapy.
  25. Consider therapy.

He doesn’t understand my sarcasm

You probably think that sarcasm is just a way to express yourself without having to take responsibility for what you’re saying. But here’s the thing about sarcasm: You have to choose whether or not to use it. If you don’t mean it, then it’s just making fun of someone else. And if you do mean it, then it means something different than what you’re saying. So if he thinks that what you’re saying is sarcastic, then it means you don’t actually believe what you’re saying.

Be clear about your communicate 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are not clear about your conversation. 

He is unable to understand what you want to say and being continually understandable makes a person irritating. 

Words in conversation are like cues if a person is not getting the full sentence he will start filling the gaps with his own. 

So to be clear about your conversation, focus on what you are going to say, don’t change the topics in between. 

To make somebody want to listen to you should be a good communicator first. 

Don’t give confusing hand signs to your husband in between. Don’t blame him for your problems, use ‘i’ in your sentences. 

My Husband Misinterprets Everything I Say
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Active listening 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because there are lots of distractions in the environment you are talking to your partner. 

So first of all remove those distractions from your surroundings and focus on what your partner is trying to say. 

In marriage, people take their relationship for granted like we are married now the romance is over like before the communication is over! But why?? 

Is that love gone? No right! 

So why do marriages lack active listening nowadays?

Is work bothering you in marriage? 

If the one or the other partner is busy with their work or perhaps their mind is somewhere else then also they lack the quality of active listening and make the person misinterprets everything.

It is not like that even marriage requires greater communication than just being a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

The responsibilities and work are greater in married life than the relationship between a girlfriend and boyfriend.

So to practice active listening, make yourself free from work for your partner and make yourself relax so you listen and understand what your partner is saying. 

He doesn’t know how much time I spend on the phone

If you’ve ever been married, then you know that people often misunderstand the amount of time they spend together. They think that the amount of time spent together is equal to the number of hours that they spend at work, on the phone, or doing chores around the house. But the truth is that the two of you really only spend half of your time together. The rest of the time, you’re either in separate places (like your home office) or you’re talking via text messages or email.

He doesn’t remember things that happened last week

It’s normal for us to forget some small details about our daily lives. But sometimes we forget big things too! Maybe you didn’t get along well with your coworker, or maybe you accidentally left your keys inside the car. When you try to remember these types of things, you might find them hard to recall. But your spouse should remember those things, because you both share the same memory. This can be because he might be drunk all the time.

Don’t expect him to be a mind reader 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are expecting him to be a mind reader. 

Even soulmates don’t read each other’s minds. It is possible to interpret or guess what your partner is going to do next in a certain situation and that is also only possible if it is their habit. 

Partners know each other’s habits because they are living together and have known their partner for a certain period. 

But still, that doesn’t mean you are mad at him and he should always know the reason behind it. 

As you know proper communication can only help people to know each other and if you put this over him to understand and mean on his own what you are thinking then it will definitely create misunderstandings between you too. 

So if you don’t want your husband to misinterpret your communication with him, don’t make him a mind reader with your own expectations. 

Expectations and misunderstandings always make couples fight and quarrel with each other

He doesn’t notice when I’m upset

When you’re angry, upset, or frustrated, you might not show it right away. Instead, you may act like nothing is wrong. Or you might even pretend that everything is fine. But guess what? Your spouse knows that you’re upset. Even if you act like nothing is wrong, he’ll still sense that something is bothering you.

He says the opposite of what I want him to

If you tell your partner to go out with friends tonight, then he might say no. But when you ask him why he said no, he’ll tell you that he wants to stay home and watch TV. Why does he say that instead of going out? Because he doesn’t want to disappoint you. That’s why you need to communicate your wishes clearly.

Don’t be a mind reader 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are becoming a mind reader and creating your own misunderstandings. 

This happens when you start assuming your own things on the behalf of your husband.

Don’t let that happen! 

You both are living under one roof! You both are married! 

So why are you assuming things instead of talking to him if something is giving you concern? 

Confront what you are facing because like him you also can’t read his mind. 

When you have too many expectations and presumptions about what your husband is going to mention or do, you are possibly going to feel upset when that doesn’t happen.

And it is the most obvious reason for misinterpretation. 

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And irrespective of how predictable your husband can appear whilst you have been together for a long-term marriage, he nevertheless has thoughts of his own and probably a few non-notable things left in him.

further, he is going through the day looking at the world from his own belief, not yours. 

You don’t know each concept that goes via his head, and you would talk more efficiently if fewer matters had been understood without them certainly being discussed.

That is why we communicate!

Don’t blame him for your problems 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are blaming him for your problems. 

And perhaps you are making your feelings state like it is all because of him and he is responsible for what you are facing. 

Or perhaps you don’t intend to but your body language or pointing a finger at him makes him feel like you are blaming him. 

He thinks I’m overreacting

Your husband isn’t always perfect. Sometimes he makes mistakes, and he can’t control his emotions. In fact, he might make mistakes while he’s mad. But he shouldn’t assume that you’re oversensitive or overly emotional. If you feel stressed out, then you’re allowed to talk about it. You don’t have to keep everything bottled up inside.

He thinks I’m irrational

When you argue with your husband, he’s likely to think that you’re being unreasonable. But that’s not true. What he sees as irrational is actually rational behavior. If you’re arguing with your husband, you probably disagree about something. And when you disagree about something, you normally express your views in words rather than actions. So he might think that you’re irrational when you talk about something. But he’s actually reacting rationally to your words.

Clear him that you are not asking for his help

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because when you communicate with him about your problems or your issues he feels like you are asking for his help! 

This can be money related also! 

If you are going through a financial crisis maybe he feels like you are indirectly asking him for his help! 

Or maybe if you are getting tired of your work or busy with some other things you are indirectly asking him to do it for you! 

So just clear it when you tell him about your problems or issues that you are not asking for his help directly or indirectly you are just telling him what you are feeling.

You are not always right

Angry women
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Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because when you both are fighting you pretend or say like you are always right! 

This makes him misunderstand the situation before discussing it. 

Like he will be sure enough to not to tell you whatever the case is because he feels you will again make things in your court! 

So he will judge you before you do anything for him or yourself! 

And making the situation less inconvenient he will obviously hide from you! 

In this case, what you can do is to make him clear that he can also be right! 

He thinks he knows it all

Be careful about who you share your opinion with. No one really knows it all and no one should ever try to claim otherwise. Your husband may be trying to impress you, but he will only end up making himself look stupid. Instead of letting him get away with his arrogance, let him know that you have something to teach him. Let him know that you know more than he does. He’ll probably appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with him.

He thinks he’s right

He might seem to always have the final word, but he doesn’t. There’s never anything wrong with asking for clarification. Ask questions until you understand what he means. Once you’ve gotten an understanding, ask again. Just because he says something first doesn’t mean he’s right. His answer may change once you explain yourself.

He doesn’t respect you

If he doesn’t respect you, why should you expect anything else? Respect is earned, not given out freely. Show him that you value him by treating him with respect. If you can’t treat him with respect, then at least show him that you care by being nice to him. A little kindness goes a long way.

Mind your tone

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because while communicating you are making your tone rude. 

This is because when you are frustrated or confused or your mind is somewhere else you start communicating in a rude tone. 

And you forget that the person you are sharing with is listening to you and is not the cause of your problem. 

Here comes the skill of a good communicator whenever you are sharing with someone your problems or issues or any other incident you do not need to change your tone. 

Otherwise, It makes the person feel like he is your frustration absorber or just a listener in your life! Or you are blaming him for whatever you are going through. 

Try to understand his point of view 

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are narcissistic and do not see his point of you in the matters and controlling the communication as you want to be. 

Whatever the change in the relationship is, it is always based on your comfort and favour! 

Maybe because of that he is troubled to go with the change and misinterprets you! 

He will always worry about you taking authority in this relationship and that he is just a pet to you in the form of a human being as a boyfriend. 

The only solution to this case is to stop always seeing yourself or putting yourself first in the relationship.

And do not control him let him have his privacy! 

Clear what you expect from each other

Why does my husband misinterprets everything I say? Perhaps it is because you are not making it clear what you want from each other! What are your expectations from this marriage? 

Giving each other mixed statements or signs is a big factor which leads to misunderstanding. 

Stop talking about it!

If you find yourself continually getting into discussions about how much time you spend on social media, start cutting back! You know what they say… silence speaks louder than words. If your partner isn’t paying attention to you anymore, chances are he’s not listening to anything you have to say either. So just stop talking about it.

Try not to take things personally.

It sounds simple enough, right? But sometimes we get caught up in our own thoughts and feelings and forget that others might have their own set of concerns, worries, and issues that they’re dealing with. Don’t take his comments as an indictment of your life; try to look at them as opportunities to learn something new about him. Chances are if he’s acting out, it means he wants to talk to you about something. And while it may not seem like much, you could be providing some insight into his behaviour by sharing what you’ve learned.

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Talk to someone else.

Having a good friend who understands may help you deal with your situation better. Talking to a family member or trusted co-worker can also provide you with support and perspective. Remember that you don’t need to explain your entire relationship to anyone else; maybe you just want to vent a bit, or simply share your struggles and frustrations.

Consider therapy.

Sometimes, a change of scenery can help clear the fog of confusion. If your relationship feels rocky, consider seeking professional counselling. Counselling can be helpful even if you think you already know the problem. Therapy can give you the space and time to work through your problems without feeling judged or evaluated.

Stay positive.

If you feel like your relationship is falling apart, try focusing on the positives instead of dwelling on what’s wrong. Maybe your partner is trying to communicate something new or exciting to you. Or perhaps he’s just being extra attentive lately. Whatever the case, make sure you acknowledge these moments. Even if they aren’t always consistent, they can still be appreciated.

Wrapping it up

I believe that people who are married often find themselves in situations where they need to communicate with each other in ways that don’t require the use of certain terms (like husband/wife). 

You may have had conversations with your significant other where you said something that you later regretted, or where he misinterpreted what you meant. In those kinds of situations, how would you react? Would you apologize? Try to clear things up. Or would you just let it go and move on?

follow these tips to understand each other better and communicate well enough as a couple 

Or you can simply Talk to a relationship counsellor if this won’t work for you, and get more tips on how to improve your communication and avoid misunderstandings.

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