169 text messages to make him obsess over you

Looking for 169 text messages to make him obsess over you? If so you are in the right place we have provided you with 169+ texts to make him obsess over you.

We have categorized these texts into 5 parts from flirty texts to 9 magical texts no man can resist.

Texts to make him obsess over you

Before we start I wanted to tell you everything we are going to tell you here is based on psychological research done on men.

In this modern era, if you’re into a guy, then you should not hesitate in messaging the guy.

This will make him think about you every time you text him. You will make him ponder about you as you show interest in him.

You can make the light of your eye crave for you. But, how are you going to do that? Take this as an opportunity and make the most out of it.

I know you must be wondering and a little skeptical about the things as to how to proceed further? Well, we’re there to help you out. We’ve written over 169 texts to make him crave for you. Simply make your call, send the message to him and just wait for the magic to happen.

We have made your work easier to find the perfect text to send him. Depending on the situation and the mood he is in, we’ve broadly divided the list into different categories:

  • Flirty Texts To Make Him Obsess Over
  • Hilarious Texts To Make Him Obsess Over
  • Pleasant Texts To Make Him Obsess Over You
  • 9 Magic Texts No Man Can Resist
  • The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile For Hours

Starting with…

Flirty text messages to make him obsess over you

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Just be playful with him. Sometimes, being flirty brings up the spice in the mood of the guy, and it deepens the conversation.

If you are stuck on how to be flirty, just check out the following frisky texts.

  • “I think you, me, and burger would make it up for a great evening.”
  • “Your smile arouses my progesterone.”
  • “What If I crush over you?.”
  • “Eiffel Tower or you smile, I would say your smile,”
  • “Just do me a favor and stop looking so sexy in your pics.”
  • “I have never seen a guy as adorable as you.”
  • “My autocorrect keeps changing your name to hot. I think it’s onto something.”
  • “ There’s one disease that I want to get down with, your smile since it’s infectious.”
  • “Are you a menu in a restaurant? I would want to check you out.”
  • “You are like a snack, as my mouth keeps on drooling for you.”
  • “Can you vacate my head, as I am quite busy today?”
  • “I think no man on earth exists who won’t call you sexy.”
  • “I need a man for good company. I think you’re a perfect fit.”
  • “I was searching for something hot on the menu, but they forgot to mention your name.”
  • “I must be faint-hearted as my heart skips a beat when it sees you.”
  • “Let’s get cosy and watch a movie tonight.”
  • “Since I have looked into your eyes, people have started falling for mine.”
  • “It’s too cold outside. I wouldn’t mind sharing the blanket with you.”
  • “My friend is jealous of my most valued possession, want to know who, You.”
  • “Your thought about the women making the first move.”
  • “I made a wish for a perfect man, and then you entered into my life.”
  • “I would love to have your lips for snacks this evening.”
  • “My phone is falling you… it keeps changing your name to bubs.”

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Hilarious Texts to make him Obsess over you

Hilarious Texts to make him obsess over you
Credits: Freepik.com

Boys tend to fall for girls who can make them have belly laughs without getting sentimental. Sometimes you have to be amusing in front of him to show your real self.

Are you struggling in deciding the hilarious texts for him? Well, let’s make your work easier by listing a few of the funny texts that he will like.

  • Send him your picture with a funny face.
  • Just send him a tacky joke.
  • “You are so lucky. Do you know the reason? Cuz you got the best girl.”
  • “My friends asked me about the reason that I lost weight fast; I told them the reason: My husband.”
  • “Are you a highlighter, cuz you are shining?”
  • “Is it fall weather, cuz I am falling for you.”
  • “I am so happy for you as you got the best wifey.”
  • “I love your choices, coz one of them is me.”
  • “You travel with the speed of light, as you travelled to my heart way too faster.”
  • “Don’t blame after it’s ruined. So let me handle it.”
  • “You are the light to the darkness.MOFO.”
  • “Are you a coach as you make me jump?”
  • “I cannot latte you work today? Lets, go for a coffee date.
  • “I am shoe without laces and nerd without braces, if you’re not around.”
  • “My love for you is more than nuggets.”
  • “I would go for a beautiful date with you just to hear those three magical words…Pay the bill ?.”

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Pleasant Text Messages to make him obsess over you

Credits: Unsplash.com
  • “I am always there for you.”
  • “Forever wouldn’t be enough with you.”
  • “I am, was, and will always be proud of you.”
  • “You are unique, explicitly made for me.”
  • “A one in a million would be too little for you; rather, you are one in a billion for me.”
  • “I am looking at the clock every second until I see you again.”
  • “Your texts make me blush.”
  • “I still remember our chilly balcony late-night talks.”
  • “I miss you when you are not around.”
  • “Nobody understands me better than you.”
  • “Every part of you makes my love stronger for you.”
  • “I still have the first flower you gave to me.”
  • “Date nights with you are so dreamy.”
  • “Why didn’t I find you sooner in my life.”
  • “You are my best friend and best critic.”
  • “You make me learn life lessons so smoothly that no one can ever make me do.”
  • “I feel safe and protected around you.”
  • “Thank God for your birth, otherwise how I would’ve got this gem of a person.”
  • “Happiness is when you know you have an admirer, and I think you should be happy as I admire you the most.”
  • “Travel is my passion, and I want to fulfil this passion with you.”
  • “You are the reason who I am today. You are surely my pillar of strength.”
  • “My love for you gets deeper every passing day.”
  • “The best feeling in the world is to see you sleeping next to me peacefully.”
  • “I have got the prince of my dreams as you made me feel like a princess.”
  • “You want to know about my favorite pillow? It’s your chest.”
  • “Thank you for always being there when I needed you the most.”
  • “Your efforts for me are quite appreciated.”
  • “You are the love song that I want to hear every day.”
  • “The odor of your body smells of love.”
  • “I never knew falling in love would be this good. Is it because of love or you?”
  • “My soul sings a melodious song for you.”
  • “Marrying you was the best decision of my life..”

9 Magic Texts No Man Can Resist

Read the 9 Magic Texts No Man Can Resist

The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile For Hours

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and pick these messages, the guy will be yours and will be obsessed with you. You can also follow the below article to make a man completely yours.

When you want to express your love to the loved in the fastest and the sweetest possible ways, then here’s your g-to list. Don’t miss any chance of impressing even in your hectic schedule.

  • “Rise and Shine, Love.”
  • “You taught me the true meaning of love.”
  • “Life is a cakewalk with you.”
  • “Your absence eats me.”
  • “How much I love you.”
  • “I am lucky. I got you.”
  • “My life is perfect with you.”
  • “I got you; I don’t need anything else.”
  • “You are the life to my soul.”
  • “You complete me.”
  • “I can’t survive without you.”
  • “What good deed I did, that I got you.”
  • “Do I deserve to get you?”
  • “You are my everything.”
  • “You are the apple of my eye.”
  • “You own my heart.”
  • “Your presence can always be felt in my heart.”
  • “I take a vow to be there with you forever.”
  • “You have touched my spirit.”
  • “Hey honey, I love you to the moon and back.”
  • “Hey bubs, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever known.”
  • “You’re one of a kind.”
  • “God created you in its best form.”
  • “You are an angel to me.”
  • “Every second with you is special.”
  • “You own my heart.”
  • “All my four chambers of hearts are yours.”
  • “I am the most fortunate to get you.”
  • “All of me loves all of you.”
  • “You are the anchor of my life.”
  • “Your presence gives me solace.”
  • “I can’t do without hearing your voice.”
  • “I want to see you every morning with you.”
  • “I never knew what I was missing onto until I found you.”
  • “The best day of my life was when I got to know you.”
  • “You are the straw to my berry.”
  • “You’re the one I want to marry.”
  • “You’re the man of my dreams.”
  • “I can count on you.”
  • “I know I’ll always have your back.”
  • “Hey baby, what shall I cook for you today.”
  • “I am living a fairy tale with you.”
  • “I am so happy around you; it’s just unreal.”
  • “I feel the butterflies in my stomach when you are around.”
  • “Have a fabulous day, honey.”
  • “You make me feel me.”
  • “You are the best thing ever happened to me.”
  • “A single pic of yours makes my day.”
  • “You are my stress buster.”
  • “You are a melody to my ears.”
  • “Every day, I ask God for you.”
  • “You are the unicorn of my life.”
  • “What Ginnie was to Aladin, you are to me.”
  • “Life is an adventure with you,”
  • “Want you beside me every morning.”
  • “My love for you is eternal.”
  • “My feelings for you are surreal.”•
  • “You are the source, where my happiness comes from.”
  • “I can’t wait to start a family with you.”
  • “I wish our children look like you.”
  • “Our children would be lucky to have a father like you.”
  • “I want you right now.”
  • “You snored last night, but you looked cute.”
  • “I love to see you sleeping with your mouth open.”
  • “I belong to you.”
  • “You are the soul to my existence.”
  • “I want you beside me every single day of my life.”
  • “Nothing means more than you to me.”
  • “You are my strength and weakness too.”
  • “I love you a lot.”
  • “I wish our fairy tale never ends.”
  • “I love how we can talk for hours without getting tired.”
  • “Your smile shines brighter than the sun.”
  • “Survival without you is impossible.”
  • “There’s no replacement for you.”
  • “I love making memories with you.”
  • “Every moment with you is cherishable.”
  • “You’re all I wished for.”
  • “I wished for everything, and God gave you.”
  • “The thought of you is all I need to make my day.”
  • “Our love is eternal.”
  • “No force can break us, honey.”
  • “I am awestruck by your charm.”
  • “Your style leaves me mesmerized.”
  • “Your eyes are so deep, I fall for them every time I look at them.
  • “I can’t describe my love for you.”
  • “You’ve kind of become my obsession.”
  • “You owned my dream last night.”
  • “I didn’t know what love was until I met you.”
  • “You’re the closest anybody has ever known me.”
  • “I brag about you with my friends.”
  • “You make me feel like the most desirable woman on this planet.”
  • “You are the perfect example, how a man should be.”

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Now you know 169 texts that you can send your man to make him obsess over you and if you want more click the button below to become a text Goddess.

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