33 Spicy? Texts To Make Him Want You More

At times when you can’t see your partner, some spicy texts to make him want you more are absolutely necessary.

Texts are the savior of relationships these days. Flirting with him over texts can become really addictive for your partner, and it can keep you both connected.

We have made your work easier and gathered 33 texts to make him want you more . texts to make him want you more will surely do your job and will make him miss you at the moment. These are the perfect text messages for this purpose.

Texts To Make Him Want You More
?Simple Phrases That Will Make Him Stick To You Forever!

Here are 33 Texts to Make Him Want You More

  1. I am extremely lucky to have you in my life. I can’t wait for you to make my evening better.
  2. My entire day has passed thinking about you. I hope you have been wondering about me too.
  3. What are the types of kisses that drive you crazy?
  4. Your voice totally turns me on.
  5. Last night I had a lot of fun with you. I can only dream of living every day like that with you.
  6. What are you up to tonight?I have some kinky plans for us.
  7. What’s your favourite thing to do in Bes?
  8. You’re one of a kind in this entire galaxy.
  9. I don’t have to pretend around you. You make me feel safe.
  10. I could go sleepless at night talking to you.
  11. I miss hearing you laugh. Can you give me a call?
  12. You are always there for me. ThankGod! Because I am nothing without you.
  13. Can somebody pinch me please? Because you are like a dream come true.
  14. I am obsessed with your thoughts. Please come over.
  15. I am the best cuddler. Would you like to try cuddling with me?
  16. What’s your favourite sex position?
  17. Can we watch a sexy movie like 50 Shades of Grey tonight?
  18. Would you like to see what I am wearing right now?
  19. Are you as adorable at work as you are with me?
  20. Do you want to stay with me forever?
  21. I totally love and respect you.
  22. My day becomes merry when I am with you.
  23. You’re making me a better person.
  24. Would you work on my body instead of at the office?
  25. I am waiting for you to be free. I can’t wait to talk to you.
  26. You are so dreamy. Are you really like that?
  27. You understand me in a way nobody does.
  28. Can a kiss burn all the calories you had at dinner last night? Want to burn your calories?
  29. You deal with me so effortlessly.
  30. You have captured all four valves of my heart.
  31. When you’re around, you’ll forget everything.
  32. You constantly take my breath away.
  33. I really miss you today. When are we meeting again?

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How do you make him want to text you more?

We have collected a few ways to make your guy want to text you more. If you stick to these tips, then he will definitely want to text you more.

How do I keep him hooked?

There are a few tips for you that will help you to make a guy hooked on you:

  1. Always be in a positive, comfortable, and happy state of mind.
  2. Send the text to him that will make him feel good.
  3. Drop the neediness in your texts.
  4. Ask something specific and explicit that he can reply to.
  5. Be a little playful while texting him.
  6. You shouldn’t always be available for him.
  7. Give him his space and see the magic happen.
  8. Try becoming friends with his friends.
  9. Ask him to text once he is free.

How to Make him Obsessed?

  1. Stay interesting and interested.
  2. Always love yourself first.
  3. Make him infatuated with you.
  4. Always crack funny jokes in between monotonous conversations.
  5. Do household chores together, like cooking and eating together.
  6. You can take the lead sometimes.
  7. Be spontaneously active.
  8. Try to be a little seductive.

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Final Verdict

Texts To Make Him Want You More
?Simple Phrases That Will Make Him Stick To You Forever!

And before sending these messages to your guy, here are some more tips on how to keep the tone of your texts to make him want you more

  1. Less Is More: Never write too much in the texts. Always try to keep your texts sexy and precise.
  2. Be Patient: Make the first move only while texting and then just watch back and relax. Don’t be impatient and keep on texting him even when he is not responding.
  3. Give Compliments To Him While Texting Him: Guys connect well when they get complimented by their girlfriend. Always compliment them while texting.
  4. Be Confident: Try to make the first move in texting the guy because guys tend to fall for girls who are confident.

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