Why Am I So Tired Around My Boyfriend

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend? Or am I tired of my boyfriend? Regular fights and quarrels with him which don’t make sense or frustration or irritation over him are the common signs of why am I so tired around my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I met 2 years ago. We started this relationship and agreed on this because we saw a future in it. As he was a perfect, honest prince charming according to me! But as things went on I saw the real him. He was dishonest and took all his office work frustration over me or I can say any problem he faced in his life he put it on me and blamed me. 

This won’t get better anymore. I started feeling mentally exhausted and that’s the reason why I started feeling so tired around my boyfriend. 

But coming back to you sweetheart is what type of tiredness you feel physically, emotionally or mentally. If the last is the answer then do you feel this tiredness around your friends too? If not, then it’s time to break up with your boyfriend because being in this horrible relationship will leave you with only one thing and that is emotional trauma and exhaustion. 

Anyways let’s discuss what could be the possible reasons why I am so tired around my boyfriend.

Justifications for Why am I so tired around my boyfriend? 

Why Am I So Tired Around My Boyfriend
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Why am I so tired around my boyfriend even though I love him very much? 

Scientifically if we see then it’s the way of saying I love you to your boyfriend by your brain. What happens is when we love someone our body releases the hormone called oxytocin. This hormone makes us feel sleepy. It’s basically a love hormone. We feel calm and composed when we are around our lover. This cuddle hormone is released when we hug, kiss or cuddle. It helps you to get closer to your partner but over time the fondness decreases as the excitement gets over no worries. It’s proven that over time it helps to strengthen your relationship. Due to its calming effect, you may feel sleepy around your boyfriend 

So next time when you feel sleepy or tired around your boyfriend it’s your body saying how much you love him! 

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend even though we are happy together? 

Happiness can be exhausting sometimes. Having too much fun with your boyfriend smiling and giggling all around will also make you tired.

This tends to make you spend more energy than usual. Maybe in your relationship, you both talk a lot, have sex more than a limit or smile a lot or touch in and around all these things can make you tired and even sleepy. 

Being around your boyfriend makes you feel tired in this way then it’s normal to get tired. Intense Happiness is exhausting. 

But being pissed off by why am I so tired around my boyfriend even though we love each other is not normal or not a reason to stay unhappy because it is normal to be tired when you are happy and get some cuddling sleep for relaxation when you are really tired!

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend even though we both have our heavenly comfort zone together?

If you are not bored or overly worn-out, it can be that you are in that brilliant-relaxed heavenly quarter where you are flawlessly happy and cosy with them.

There is nothing FALSE with this, it is proper to recharge the batteries every so often. If it is beginning to get inside the manner of doing fun stuff, however, you need to stop sound asleep a lot.

I recognize that is frequently the case for me. I love meditating and taking time to just breathe and collect my mind once I can.

If I am with my lover, I can without difficulty glide off to sleep at the same time as taking a couple of minutes to do some mindfulness sporting events or consider what I am going to do the next day and many others.

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend and feel bored with him?

I hope it is not this now, but I have to get the most obvious explanation out of the way first. Do you feel bored when you are with him?

Maybe you don’t even feel bored, but in case you are no longer doing activities and things that excite you, your brain is probably switching into sleep mode. 

For this, I can say you should communicate with your boyfriend and go on outing dates and cuddle together because this sleepy relationship needs a romance tonic. Trigger the hero instinct in him and make him excited for this. this will best guide you in this situation.

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend? Are we too busy with our work? 

Sometimes human beings simply develop specific approaches. If you find that you are uninterested in your lover, you need to not forget whether or not the two of you are nevertheless a fantastic suit. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t give up due to a huge fight, you simply stop being interested in each other.

tired around my boyfriend
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If you are in a long-term relationship, you could now and then grow tired of your lover. Don’t worry, because there are lots of methods to get the spark back. So you must be creating a big attempt before you take into account calling it quits and, most of the time, you may be able to remind yourself what you like about them.

Your relationship needs a spark of a flirt like when you started. It is like medicine for your relationship. Starting a day flirting and giving compliments to each other can give you energy and all-day refreshments. 

If he is too busy with his work and doesn’t give you the time you can make him not resist. If you don’t know how to, then learn it because this will also add a little flirtatious spice to your relationship. 

Why am I so tired of my boyfriend when he is not open to me?

If you observe that your partner appears to preserve their very own emotions pretty close to the vest, or is constantly telling you that the entirety is excellent or not tons is new, this is probably a red flag that they don’t feel they can share with you. Actively withholding the reality in their mind and emotions may be a sign they simply don’t need to disillusion you.

Individuals in draining relationships may also find themselves strolling on eggshells, keeping off certain topics of communique, and always seeking to guard the other personality from the emotional weight.

Ideally, relationships consist of herbal medicine like give and take of sharing emotional strength and vulnerability. When one partner can hardly ever rely on the alternative emotionally, this inequity creates a drain within the dating.

Not most effective is creating a safe space for mutual communique essential, it is also paramount that companions recognize and communicate about their character thresholds for emotional engagement. Knowing what is “an excessive amount of” can restore or construct stability and agree with.

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend? Am I emotionally drained? 

A couple is in all likelihood to revel in the emotional drain while one member of the couple repeatedly asks for matters, or imposes demands on the alternative associate. Maybe that shows up in too many texts throughout the day, or constantly soliciting for favours that cause greater strain on their timetable.

Often the ‘nagging’ conduct originates from tension, which means that the perpetual demands on the opposite are a way for the ‘nagger’ to control their tension,

Same with consistent criticisms. Unfortunately, this behaviour regularly yields resentment or a habit of “tuning out” via the opposite partner. And if someone anticipates ongoing dissatisfaction and puts downs, that individual will prevent trying.

One of the various crucial factors of a relationship is gratifying and captivating the alternative. But that has to move both methods and be based on open, loving conversation.

Why am I so tired around my boyfriend? Am I too concerned about him?

While being involved with your nice boyfriend is an indicator of an awesome relationship, if that issue appears to tip over into consistent worry, that is a signal you might be feeling undue emotional stress. Do you constantly give him texts asking where you are? Do you regularly say you feel concerned about his emotional state or stress level?

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Preoccupying concerns and minds about the alternative individual’s whereabouts, emotional state, and overall proper being can be hard and bad for both partners. This cognizance undermines the proper mutual reciprocation of healthful relationships.

But if you are going through a hard time specifically and sense like you, in reality, need that extra assistance and support, accomplishing out to a therapist or counsellor is constantly an excellent first step. Learning how to help yourself is also a genuinely vital part of being in a relationship.

Why am I tired around my boyfriend? He always talks about himself!! 

The factor about the actual partnership, my girl, is that it needs to be the same exchange. While from time to time it is inevitable that your issues or feelings are going to dominate a communique, you don’t want to make that a constant sample.

At the end of a tough day, it is necessary to bitch and ‘get out of the stresses of the day. In truth, most people document the bad aspects of their days to their companions as a good way to work them through, unburden themselves or permit off steam.

But if he is always the only one doing this, you may experience a receptacle to your bad feelings. That can lead to drain and resentment. Make positive you are asking your partner to share about what is occurring with you and them, and both practice listening and engaging so you both experience simply as supported.


Stress isn’t just something that happens to us while we’re sitting at our desks at work. Stress can also happen to us at home, at school, or even when we’re out doing fun activities. When we feel stressed, we tend to become irritable, moody, or have trouble sleeping. However, feeling stressed doesn’t mean that we need to take drastic measures to get rid of it – sometimes it’s okay to do nothing about it. But if we aren’t careful, it could lead to serious problems for us.

Lack of sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep, it tends to make us feel tired throughout the day. We might feel sluggish and unmotivated, especially when it comes to things like schoolwork and chores. Also, poor sleep habits can cause weight gain due to increased appetite. In addition, lack of sleep can weaken our immune system, making us more susceptible to sicknesses.

Too much drinking

Drinking alcohol actually causes dehydration, which makes us feel sleepy and lethargic. Alcohol also affects how our body metabolizes food, leading to overeating instead of burning fat. If we drink too much alcohol, we may experience headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Alcohol will also affect how we think, making decision-making difficult.

Too much drinking
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Poor diet

Our bodies require certain vitamins and minerals to function properly. These elements help regulate our hormones, keep our muscles strong and flexible, and promote good brain functioning. If we eat foods without these nutrients, we may experience fatigue, muscle pain, constipation, stomach pains, or headaches. A balanced diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, whole grains, dairy products, and legumes.

Not exercising regularly

Exercise helps to lower blood pressure, increase energy levels, boost our mood, and improve cognitive abilities. Many people find that they naturally begin to crave exercise after they’ve been working out for a few weeks. Exercise also gives us time to clear our minds and relax. Being physically active can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

Overuse of electronics

Technology has certainly changed the way many people live their lives. Our phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs are all great tools, but they can also lead to unhealthy lifestyles. We rely on our devices to keep us connected to friends, family, and coworkers, and use them for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, this means that we often spend less time interacting with those who matter most. If we want to avoid being drained by technology, we should limit our device usage to only what is truly necessary.

Staying up late

As humans, we evolved to wake up early and go to bed early. However, staying up late can disrupt our circadian rhythm (our internal clock), which controls our sleep/wake cycles. As a result, we may not fall asleep easily, and we can start to feel groggy and fatigued. Sleeping too little can also lead to weight gain and low self-esteem.

How can I stop feeling tired around my boyfriend? 

How can I stop feeling tired around my boyfriend? 
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There are certain ways that you can stop feeling tired around your boyfriend 

1. Sleep Hygiene

If you have trouble sleeping, it may be due to poor sleep hygiene. You should make sure to get plenty of rest before bedtime, avoid caffeine after 2 pm, drink lots of water, keep regular hours, etc. If any of these things are not working for you, try adjusting how much time you spend in social situations, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sun exposure. Also, consider trying some natural remedies like valerian root extract or melatonin.

2. Nervine Support

There are many different types of antidepressants, anxiolytics, and anti-anxiety medications. However, they do have side effects including drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches, irritability, constipation, muscle tension, weight gain, and heart problems. Try using a low dose of CBD to help manage anxiety without these harmful side effects. There are also non-prescription alternatives like Valium, Tofranil, Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Zoloft, Elavil, and Miltown.

3. Exercise

Exercise helps relieve stress. In fact, exercise releases endorphins (the body’s own natural pain killers) that cause us to feel happier and less anxious. So if you want to stop feeling exhausted, go out for a walk!

4. Get Adequate Sunlight

Sunlight is known to regulate our circadian rhythm, which regulates our moods, emotions, and physical activity. When we don’t get enough sunlight, we tend to feel more tired, sad, and lethargic, while getting more sunlight makes us feel happy, energetic, and optimistic. To ensure you’re getting enough sunlight, try going outside at least 10 minutes early in the morning or late afternoon.

5. Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress reduction techniques include meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, journaling, progressive relaxation, and mindfulness exercises. These methods work by helping us relax physically and mentally so we can focus on our daily tasks.

6. Make Time for Yourself

Make sure to set aside time each day for yourself. Whether it’s spending time alone reading a book, writing, listening to music, meditating, or doing something else peaceful, make sure to take care of yourself.

7. Create Space

Create space for yourself where you can just sit down and relax. Do whatever you need to do to clear your mind, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, playing video games, watching movies, or reading a book. Just make sure that you create a place where you can disconnect from everything else and leave your worries behind.

If you are finding that you are constantly feeling tired around your boyfriend, there are a few things you can do to try to forestall this from occurring:

First, it is probably helpful to take a step back and assess your average strength stages.

Are you getting sufficient sleep at night? Eating regular meals at some phase in the day? Exercising regularly? If no longer, those may be contributing to why you sense so worn out all the time.

Try to pay attention to taking care of yourself and notice if that makes a difference in the way you sense around your lover.

Another issue you can do is to try to create a few boundaries together with your partner.

If you feel like you are usually having to perform for them or entertain them, attempt to take some time for yourself earlier than seeing them so you can relax and recharge.

And if you are having too much sex with home even per day then it may also cause you tiredness in your body. 

And if you think being happy around them is causing your fatigue, try to not place so much pressure on yourself to continually be in an amazing mood or maybe in this relationship.

But don’t worry, bad days are part of life. Face it and it will go away soon, girl! 

Wrapping it up

Happy Couple
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If you find that you are always feeling worn-out or tired around your boyfriend, it might be worth thinking about if there is something else taking place in your relationship that is causing this.

If you are constantly combating or experiencing things like you are walking on eggshells, this can take a lot out of you both mentally and physically.

Alternatively, if matters had been feeling a chunk of these days and even you are no longer sure why it might be worth talking to your confederate about it.

They might be capable of shedding some light on the scenario and assisting you to figure out why you have been feeling so exhausted.

Sharing is being concerned!

But if he is not concerned about you, quarrels and fights have now been a regular part of your relationship, then, maybe you should end this. 

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