Why Do Cheating Husbands Stay Married – 17 Shocking Reasons!

Why do cheating husbands stay married? If you have this question my friend you are definitely on the right page we are here to tell you about why cheating husbands stay married.

But why are you asking this question? Does your husband cheat on you? 

Well well it is just they want to stay healthy and eat junk!

Like being with you is obviously going to be in a healthy relationship but for having a little spice in his relationship he is having an affair by side.

Afterall which husband doesn’t want clean underwear under a drawer and two meals a day on the table! 

And after that if he is going to divorce you, who will pay for the expense of divorce? 

He is playing safe by having both meals on one plate. 

He is doing something wrong obviously he knows that but he also knows that this affair is not going to stain so marriage is his backup plan which will give him a state of relief that at least he has you. 

But don’t let him succeed in his plan, let him suffer and take strict action against it.

Let him know what he has done and he is going to pay you for your loss.

How to know if your husband is cheating?

Cheating doesn’t always mean a broken heart, sometimes it’s just about the thrill of the chase. Cheaters often find themselves cheating for different reasons, some are simply looking for adventure while others want to experience the rush of an illicit affair. According to research, many cheaters believe they’ll eventually end up together. And although statistics show that men who cheat have a higher chance of getting caught than women, a lot of women still cheat because they’re bored, lonely or feel neglected. So how does a woman know if her husband is cheating? Here are some telltale signs that he may not be faithful.

1. He doesn’t talk to his wife anymore

If you notice your husband isn’t talking to you anymore, it could indicate that he is having an affair. If he was once your best friend, now he hardly talks to you at all. When he starts being distant, it might be time to start questioning whether he’s cheating on you.

Why Do Cheating Husbands Stay Married
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2. You don’t think she’s pretty enough

A lot of people find their spouses unattractive and don’t realize how attractive their partner really is until they’ve been cheated on. If you ever thought your spouse wasn’t good-looking enough to attract someone else, this could well be a clue that he’s cheating on you, especially if he was never particularly interested in a physical appearance before.

3. She spends more money than usual

Sometimes a woman only notices her husband spending money when she sees him doing something extravagant and expensive. Sometimes guys spend extra money to impress their partners. But if you suddenly notice that your husband is buying things out of his own pocket, it could mean that he’s seeing someone else.

4. He tries to keep secrets

Another sign that your husband is cheating on you is if he keeps secrets from you. Maybe he won’t tell you where he went last night, or who he was hanging out with. If he’s hiding information from you, this could mean that he’s unfaithful.

5. He wants to sleep around

You probably haven’t given much thought to what your husband likes to do in bed, but if you catch him watching porn or trying to get intimate with someone else, it could mean that you aren’t the only person he’s sleeping with.

6. His friends treat him differently

If your husband’s friends start treating him differently, it could mean that they’ve seen him with someone else. If he seems more outgoing and friendly with them, then it could be that he’s flirting with someone else.

Why do cheating husbands stay married? Justification! 

  1. Cheating Husbands Stay Married Because They’re Dumb
  2. Cheating Husbands Are Usually Really Good At Pretending To Love Their Wives
  3. Cheating Husbands Don’t Care About Your Feelings
  4. Cheating Husbands Think That Being Happy Makes Them Stronger
  5. A double cheese life! Who doesn’t want that? 
  6. Cheaters never change
  7. He wants variety
  8. Your husband is connected with your children
  9. Cheaters need time apart…
  10. The grass is always greener on the other side
  11. Your husband doesn’t want to take the expense of divorce
  12. Cheating men are selfish
  13. You are his backup plan
  14. Cheating men are immature
  15. Your husband is Afraid to be alone 
  16. Cheating men are insecure
  17. Your husband is afraid of the society

If you’re wondering if cheating is worth it, then take a look at some of these stats. Statistics show that over 50% of men who cheat eventually get caught. What’s worse is that around 30% of women who find out about their partner’s infidelity end up leaving him/her.

So what makes a man want to cheat? Well, according to our experts here are 6 reasons why men cheat.

Cheating Husband
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a. Cheating Husbands Stay Married Because They’re Dumb

Cheaters have been around since the beginning of time. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, someone always seems to find a way to cheat. There’s no doubt about it – men cheat. Women cheat. And some women cheat on their husbands and some men cheat on their wives.

But not everyone cheats. In fact, only about 15 percent of married couples actually get divorced each year. So how does the rest of us avoid ending up at the altar? Well, for starters, we don’t let ourselves become the type of person who would ever cheat. We know that if we want to keep our marriage intact, we need to make sure that we’re never going to stray. But sometimes, even after doing everything right, something happens.

There are many reasons why a man might cheat, ranging from being bored to having low self-esteem. And maybe because of his bored behavior he might want to share you with another man.. Sometimes they just feel like they have nothing to lose. But you should never assume that a cheating husband isn’t smart enough to realize where he’s headed. You’d think that a guy with his head screwed on straight wouldn’t fall for a woman who told him she loved him and then proceeded to act completely different once he was out of her sight.

The truth is that a lot of them aren’t stupid. After all, they’ve got brains enough to figure out how to manipulate their partner and make them believe that they love them while still sleeping with someone else. So instead of getting mad at yourself for being duped, try to learn from this mistake and take steps to prevent it from happening again. If you’re lucky, maybe you won’t end up the victim of a cheating husband, but you could certainly help someone else avoid it.

b. Cheating Husbands Are Usually Really Good At Pretending To Love Their Wives

If a man thinks that his wife doesn’t care about him anymore, he can easily convince himself that she loves him. He may pretend to spend hours talking to her on the phone, go shopping together, cook dinner, etc., without realizing that she’s really just using these things to further her own agenda.

And as long as he keeps pretending that he cares, he’ll probably continue to do whatever he wants without question. A cheating husband will often use any means necessary to keep his wife happy, including lying, manipulating, and manipulating others.

So how do you tell whether or not he’s cheating? While you may not be able to prove anything definitively, there are certain red flags that indicate that he’s not telling the whole truth. For example, if he spends more than 20 minutes per day on social networking sites, he is definitely seeing somebody else. Also, if he makes excuses for leaving his wife to hang out with friends or family members, he’s probably spending time with someone else.

c. Cheating Husbands Don’t Care About Your Feelings

As much as he might claim to love you, a cheating husband doesn’t give a damn about your feelings. When you say you’re upset, he tells you that he knows that you’re upset and that he doesn’t care. If he truly cared about you, he would have listened to your concerns, tried to understand, and given you space. Instead, he uses your emotions as an excuse to justify his actions.

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He may say things like: I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Or You are overreacting. Or We both need to move forward. These statements sound nice, but they’re complete lies. There’s a big difference between hurting someone intentionally and unintentionally. If he says that he didn’t intend to hurt you, ask yourself why he would lie about it. You can bet that he did it on purpose.

d. Cheating Husbands Think That Being Happy Makes Them Stronger

A cheating husband believes that happiness comes from success. Sure, there are plenty of people who are happy about achieving great things, but that doesn’t mean that they’re strong. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Happiness can be achieved through hard work and dedication, but there are times when you need to rely on others to help you along the way.

e. A double cheese life! Who doesn’t want that? 

The cheese inside and outside his home! 

If a person gets everything served on his plate he will not value that same goes with your husband he doesn’t know your value and he is using you to maintain his house plus he wants to have fun with both the womens with you and the attractive women he is having affair with. 

Some husbands who have an affair act like the ideal husband for their life. 

They remain married because they feel like they can have control over both the women inside their domestic life and outside their domestic life! 

Having fun with both the women or living a double cheese life can trouble them and women like you can easily catch a man like this. 

What you can do is here you can opt for divorce in this situation and if you don’t want your marriage to come to an end then you can simply provoke him for divorce so that he can come clean and stay clean and value you and this marriage. 

f. Cheaters never change

The cheater will always cheat. Once he starts doing something wrong, he won’t stop until he gets caught. Even if you leave him, he’ll find someone else who will take advantage of you and treat you worse. Don’t let yourself be treated like that.

g. He wants variety

For many men, the idea of being faithful to just one woman is boring. So they try to spice things up by sleeping with different women. Of course, this doesn’t work long-term since he’ll always be attracted to someone else, and she’ll always wonder why he’s cheating.

h. Your husband is connected with your children

Some men are more connected or attached with their children rather than their wife. 

In this case they see their marriage as formality for making children and then their wives will take care of watching or babysitting them. 

But since they are attached to their children because they are their offspring. 

When it involves marriages and divorces, kids are a sport-changer. 

Marriage between two partners is all about meeting each other’s necessities and pursuits. 

The couple no longer needs to worry about anything except their bond with each other in the marriage and so in divorce as in divorce the only bond will break. But whilst children come into the scene, the equation flips completely. 

Because now the couple has a person they love greater than themselves and their partner, and obviously from any other thing they love their kids. 

Although children are often the enormous attention for their mother that is why cheating husbands stay married because being dishonest better halves stay married – the fathers are simply as responsible for the care for their children. 

So regardless of how a cheating husband feels about her wife, if he believes his children can not cope with a divorce on time, he may additionally choose to stay married.

angry girlfriend
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i. Cheaters need time apart…

He might seem great at first, but eventually, he’ll start acting differently. Your relationship will slowly go downhill, and you’ll feel trapped and unhappy. That’s because he knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he keeps doing it anyway. Just remember: he’s only cheating you out of his own self-respect.

j. The grass is always greener on the other side

You might think he’s perfect now, but he probably isn’t. A man who cheats on you once will do it again. And if you try to talk to him, he’ll just brush you off. So instead of getting back together, you should break things off completely. He’ll thank you later.

k. Your husband doesn’t want to take the expense of divorce. 

This could possibly be a reason why your husband doesn’t want a divorce from you because he doesn’t want to take the expense of divorce.

And if you have kids then the expense he will give you will be doubled until and unless you choose to remarry with some other guy but then also he will have to pay you for the maintenance of their children. 

And it makes complete sense to the cheating husband, and is this reality with children? It is inexpensive to hold you as a wife. They are doing this for their personal egocentric motives. 

They do not need to go through a pricey divorce nor do they need to lose a comfortable way of life with you. 

In addition, they understand they may cheat once more and I guess which he probably will do and it would be better if they had you to fall again on.

Most importantly? 

Even though they betrayed you, they could not take it or die if they saw you with everyone else who may want to truly make you glad and worthy of marriage. 

As I stated: egoism. 

If that is the selection you have selected, I’d stick with it. You deserve a person who can be faithful to you. 

People act as though a loyal associate is a sort of impossible to gain. It isn’t. I applaud you for your courage and devotion to your happiness and proper being.

l. Cheating men are selfish

They don’t care about the problems in your life. All they care about is themselves. They think their happiness is more important than yours. If you aren’t happy with your life, then you shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to fix it. There are plenty of good men out there who want to help you improve your situation.

m. You are his backup plan 

Why do cheating husbands stay married? Because they see their wife as their backup plan and obviously he can’t hold on to the woman who is just for fun. 

In the end, you are taking care of his home without any pay and he can’t take chances on the other woman who is just meant to be spoiled with money instead of you for his fun. 

Some husbands cheat on their wives by dating online or looking at other females or talking to them. In this case, you can fix him all you need to read my why my husband is looking at other women online. 

n. Cheating men are immature

When a man cheats on you, he’s showing you that he’s incapable of making decisions on his own. He doesn’t respect you enough to make sure he treats you right. In fact, he doesn’t even respect himself enough, to be honest about what he wants.

o. Your husband is Afraid to be alone 

Why do cheating husbands stay married? Because they fear being alone. 

Perhaps you are not managing time for your husband 

Or perhaps you are giving all your time to your children. 

In this state, most husbands feel alone or lonely in marriage. 

And if your husband is a soul which constantly needs attention then his habits are making him have an affair to get attention. 

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And this is wrong in a marriage where both couples should know how to manage time for each other. 

If the time is gone the bond is gone and when the bond is gone the marriage will be gone that is it will come to an end. 

As it is all connected to your love connection which he will start giving to someone else. But he can’t assure himself that he can hold on to that woman because at least he has a family behind him to which he can hold on. 

That is the main reason why cheating husbands stay married. 

They know if they leave their family they will get alone because who knows if the woman he is having an affair with is going to be his part of the family or not. 

So he is scared to lose both and stay alone. 

p. Cheating men are insecure

A man who cheats on his wife will keep looking for ways to replace her. He feels threatened by anything that reminds him of her. When you look for comfort elsewhere, he’ll hate you for taking away his excuses. He might say he loves you, but deep down inside he thinks you’re better off without him.

q. Your husband is afraid of the society 

When a husband is narcissistic he cares about himself only no matter what he does wrong behind his gentleman image. 

Similarly, your husband is being narcissistic and only caring about himself in this marriage. 

He will respect you and pretend to care for you in front of others and flip his personality by being the dominator behind the walls of your home. 

Such narcissistic husbands who care for their image and are afraid to lose their image in society should be shown their real truth in front of others to let others know how kind he is! 

You have already been kind to respect him and his discussion but everything ends when your own husband is being dishonest with you. 

So it is better to take action for what he is doing with you. 

How to move on from your cheating husband? 

Accept reality first when it comes to moving on. 

Cheating husbands stay married just to use you for your comfort. 

And as now you are aware of what your husband is doing you can’t give him a chance because it already ruined your relationship. 

And if you dare to change for the God damn family you can fight for yourself and this marriage. 

If this marriage is causing you the sickness of your mental health then what I best just is seeking a therapist. 

Certainly, he will also suggest that you get divorced because nothing in this world is more important than your physical and mental health. 

Toiling in this relationship where there is no love from your husband and no support from your husband is hard to survive. 

And if you are worried about your children you can make them happy single moms took the best care of their children too. 

And obviously, you will be paid for the divorce, the welfare of your children and your lifestyle. 

So why not to move on? 

If the concern is about the support apart from your husband there are your other friends and family members who will support you best. 

So whatever the decision you make doesn’t wrap it around his little finger. 

Fight for your decision and make it stand in front of your cheating husband. 

Not every man deserves a great wife like you. 

And I know being cheated on by your husband creates distrust in your heart to date another man. But there are good men too who will help you to take care of your past wounds and will love you for who you are being present. 

Hope is a magic ingredient you should remember that always. 

Wrapping it up

Husband affair
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The wife perhaps is satisfied that he stays but it is very dangerous for them all in the long run. You should not live married simply to live cosy and have a terrific unhappy life with your cheating husband. 

I have seen many marriages that had an affair and that they both stayed together or they divorced. 

My sister divorced her husband after two decades after he turned dishonest and additionally addicted to drugs. 

They have four kids altogether. 

I realize some of my different households divorced and did not show off like they do on social media. They did it privately.

Do you observe that preserving a secure life-style is higher than mendacity? 

Women nevertheless need the man to live for the whole thing they imagined for them. 

Even if they cheated, it doesn’t count. 

He will live with the guilt and nonetheless within the recovery of his head may need something in a different way.

That is simply how marriages are in the middle class financial stage. 

You will like him endlessly and beautify your husband on social media because in the end he is satisfying you financially, giving you all you want doesn’t matter. 

He told you many lies in your entire marriage but you will still love to stay with him even if you know. 

You nonetheless love him no matter what. She will even show him off on social media afterwards and announce how much in love she is with him.

I understand many are like this and yes it is a completely bizarre marriage but the girls are very insecure in the event that they can not insure their life without them.

Women don’t know their worth however stay married anyway. 

Let’s say if the man ultimately speaks out and comes clean , he is going to have to determine if it is really worth speaking to someone about it without his wife’s gift.

I actually have known married couples who were not even a very good match but lived married for a very long term.

It is unhappy however it is the way it is far. 

I think people shouldn’t count on so much on human beings marrying however they do besides. 

Too many are easily deceived with the aid of a delighted picture simply to hear one cheated or they are divorcing 5 or 10 years later. 

I hate liars and women or men placed up with it anyway. I am sincere in my relationship however a few aren’t. Women are very blinded by love. 

Men are responsible to be sincere and let relationships pass in the game that they continue to lie.

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