Why do I cry when I think about my boyfriend

Crying is a natural and organic way of expressing and releasing emotions. Crying makes people feel relieved. Crying is not a negative emotion every time. But why do I cry when I think about my boyfriend? Is it natural or unnatural?

In this article, I’ll guide you through to understand why do you cry when you think about your boyfriend…

Let’s understand first why people cry in relationships. 

Causes of relational cry

As I have said crying is a natural and organic way, yet crying in a relationship is not easy. Crying, being in a relationship, has a lot of emotions.

  • You’re not being loved enough 

Being in love or feeling love is one of the most beautiful feelings of a relationship. It’s true that girls are soft and tender by heart. You want to feel love every time. If you are not getting enough love and care from him, that can make you feel a little bit deprived.

It especially happens when you see others getting the special attention from their special ones. 

Some girls really get emotionally invested in a relationship and in that case she’ll expect the same thing from her boyfriend. You also want to get surrounded by your boyfriend. You always want him by your side. 

This may now seem like a kind of childish love. But not actually it is. Some people deal with their relationship very maturely. I’m not saying that if you’re behaving childlike in your relationship that means you are not mature. It is like sometimes you are craving for special attention. This makes you feel a little more valuable to your boyfriend. 

  • Aren’t you thinking about your Ex? 

Ask yourself if you’re thinking about your ex or not. Maybe you haven’t completely got over your ex yet and so you’re comparing him with your present boyfriend. 

Comparing your present relationship with your past relationship definitely means showing disrespect towards your present boyfriend. Each and every relationship is different. Every relationship is special in its own way. You need to understand this first. 

If you think that you were getting these things from your ex boyfriend and now you’re not feeling enough love and care that’s simply because you cannot give your present boyfriend that place in your heart. This is wrong. This wrong thought process of yours is leading you to have an emotional outbreak and most probably you’re crying when you are thinking about your past boyfriend. 

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  • You miss your happy days of relationship 

In the beginning of your relationship, you two really enjoyed being with each other but with time your bonding got loosened. Maybe you’re feeling like your relationship is not like your past happy days. 

Your boyfriend’s behaviour towards you may have been changed. Probably it’s not your man’s fault. Sometimes he can be under work pressure, he can have other stress also. That can be the reason why you can’t feel the connection with him. 

  • You love him so much

You’re so much in love with your boyfriend that you cry. Crying is a natural expression of showing love. You’re getting extremely emotional when you think about the love you have for him or the love your boyfriend has for you. 

It’s kind of a soul to soul connection you feel. You are grateful for having him in your life. Everything makes you extremely emotional so that your tears naturally come out. 

You love him so much that the thought of getting away from him makes your heart shattered. You cry because you cannot imagine anything, not even a single part of your life without your love.

  • You’re anxious about your relationship

You’re feeling like something is not right in your relationship. You are having a constant fear of break up. 

You’re noticing some changes in your boyfriend’s behaviour, your boyfriend’s suspicious behaviour makes you feel anxious about the relationship. 

  •  Your relationship is making you sad

You’re crying when you are thinking about your boyfriend simply because you’re not happy in your relationship. Your boyfriend is not the same person you fell in love with anymore. You’re feeling suffocated. Maybe you want to get out of the relationship. 

Sadness is actually a chain of constant negative thoughts. If you are constantly feeling the negative vibrations in your relationship then you may not stay okay every time to handle your emotions. Staying in an unhealthy relationship definitely affects people. 

  • You’re feeling insecure

If you’re feeling insecure with your boyfriend then the thought of your boyfriend may bring tears in your eyes. 

Relationship is for making you happy, respected and secure, but if you are noticing anything that makes you feel insecure with your boyfriend then most probably that is the reason why you cry when you think about your boyfriend.

These are some reasons why you cry when you think about your boyfriend.

Let’s now discuss Is it normal to cry because you love someone so much?

Is it normal to cry because you love someone so much?

This question is very close to my heart and often asked by people. 

Let’s talk briefly about this topic. 

Tears have meanings. You can cry when you feel so much love. You can also cry when you feel neglected or dejected. So it is like tears are confusing sometimes. 

But it’s absolutely normal to cry when you love someone. Actually I feel like there are very few people who can have tears while talking about love and if you are the one who is having tears thinking about your love, you’re lucky. At least I feel like this. 

Why do I cry when I think about my boyfriend
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Crying is like giving a natural vent to your emotions. Love is a very delicate feeling. Love is something that can make you feel at the top of the world. If you find the right partner, you’ll definitely have tears of joy and trust me that is the most beautiful feeling when you’re crying for your boyfriend just to show how grateful you are to have him in your life. 

But there is another side of the coin also…

If you’re feeling insecure, neglected in your relationship and therefore the thought of your boyfriend brings tears to your eyes, then this thing needs special attention. 

Unhealthy relationship definitely creates tremendous mental pressure. You cannot get the happiness of life no matter where you go, whatever you try; the issues of your relationship will haunt you everywhere. 

If you’re insecure in your relationship, trust me nothing is worse than that. Relationship issues have such a negative vibration that they’ll hamper your life in every possible way.

In this case if you cry when you think about your boyfriend, you need to talk to him.

Another question I hear from people is Why do I want to cry when I miss my boyfriend? 

Let’s answer this also…

Why do I want to cry when I miss my boyfriend?

Missing someone and crying is the most natural thing. There’s nothing to get worried about. 

You’re crying because you’re missing the love of your life. But is it because you’re feeling his physical absence? Or is it because you’re feeling that the bonding that you two used to share is missing somewhere? 

Your boyfriend has gone somewhere because of his job or anything like this but you’re missing him so badly and crying, that’s okay though because you love him so much that you’re unable to bear his temporary physical absence. But if you’re feeling that the spark of your relationship is going down day by day then this is a serious problem; because physical absence will get away when he’ll come back but if you are starting to have mental distance, that may lead to a serious issue.

Again a question arises…

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Do you cry when you’re in love?

My simple answer to this question is YES, you do cry when you are in love. At least I did. Not because I was being ignored or anything like this but because love is something that brings tears in your eyes and that are the tears of happiness. I felt that. I cried because I felt gratitude towards the Universe for bringing him into my life. 

So, crying when you are in love is a normal or very normal thing but again I’ve to say only if you are happy. Tears of sadness are not at all acceptable.

Now it can also be the reason, you’re crying because you’re in one sided love. Is it? If it is so, then you must make up your mind.

One sided love is something that is so uncertain. You may have a future together or may not have also. 

Next is…

What does it mean to cry when you think of someone?

It simply means you’re missing the person. You love your boyfriend so much that you’re crying for him. Loving someone so deeply will definitely bring tears in your eyes.

But if you are crying because you miss the old happy days of your relationship, then you need to talk to your boyfriend and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Let me now answer some Frequently Asked Questions…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Why do I cry when I think about my boyfriend? 

Why do I cry when I’m not with my boyfriend

You cry when you are not with your boyfriend because you miss him, you miss his touch of love, you miss his affection, you miss everything about him. You love your man so much that staying away from him makes you cry. 

Why am I so emotional about my boyfriend

That’s a nice feeling. You’re feeling emotional about your boyfriend because you love him so much. You have a fear of losing him. You get emotional because your heart is so full of love. 

Why do I cry when I think about my crush

Thinking about your crush and crying? Ask yourself if you have fallen in love with that man? If yes, then the answer is clear. You’re crying because you’re experiencing the most beautiful feeling in the world. 

Does a man feel bad when he makes you cry

Yes yes, of course. A man does feel bad when he makes you cry. But, yes there’s a but also. He will feel bad after making you cry only if he has feelings for you or he loves you as much as you love him.

Why do you cry when you think of someone

The simple answer to this question is you miss the person. Crying is as normal as anything. You’re missing your man and that’s why you’re crying. 

Why do I cry when I hug, my boyfriend

Let me tell you one thing, this is the sweetest feeling in the world. You’re hugging your love and that touch naturally brings tears of joy in your eyes. You are experiencing the love, the protection, the affection, the relief from that hug and everything is making you so full that your tears aren’t in your control anymore. Let them flow in this case.


I’ve met so many people, especially girls, who cry a lot. Now you need to understand crying can make people either closer to you, or make people away from you. 

Crying naturally invokes a sympathetic emotion. If you’re crying in front of your partner or friend, they may feel sympathy for you, but they can also see your emotions.

But excessive crying can take people away from you. Over crying is sometimes seen as an emotional manipulation.

Men’s heart get touched with his lover’s tears and this is true but don’t take that advantage everytime. It’ll make your relationship weak if it happens repeatedly.

Understand the reason why you cry when you think about your boyfriend. Is it because you’re so much in love or is it because you’re not feeling enough love? 

If this is the thing that you’re still feeling alone after getting into a relationship, you’re unable to feel the love that should be around you then you must work a lot on your relationship. Both you and your boyfriend need to grow, and need to become mature enough to handle the relationship. 

Love is a wonderful feeling. Enjoy it, feel it and experience it. If you have found someone who can love you truly, then what else do you need? 

Crying for love is one of the most heavenly experience.

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