10 Reasons Why do I get mad when my boyfriend drinks

If you are someone who wants to know why I get mad when my boyfriend drinks, this article may help you to find the answer.

I’ve been in a relationship for the past year, we’ve known each other for one and a half years earlier we get into the relationship. From that experience, I can understand what girls go through if their boyfriend drinks.

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Though I never faced such problems but I’ve seen so many people facing this issue and they’re very close to me. Through this article, I want to make people aware of how they can manage to solve the problem. 

Keep reading this article and I’ll guide you through to find your answer…

Now let’s see what are the 10 reasons of why do get mad when your boyfriend drinks.

Here are the 10 reasons why do I get mad when my boyfriend drinks

These are the 10 reasons I came across in my reasearch that can help you to know why do you get mad when your boyfriend drinks

  1. He smells
  2. He cannot think in a proper way
  3. He speaks ill
  4. He becomes abusive
  5. He throws things
  6. He beats me 
  7. He becomes sexually violent
  8. He becomes addicted
  9. He steals money
  10. He becomes stubborn by nature

He smells: 

Alcohol has a certain chemical composition which causes foul smell in breath after alcohol gets absorbed in lungs. It also cloughs the pores of body which makes the body stink. A good bath after consuming alcohol helps to get rid of the odour to some extent. 

If your boyfriend smells that means he does not take a proper bath after consuming it that makes him breath and smell foul. But it is not about taking bath everytime, but the level of alcohol oxidation in the body increases day by day if your boyfriend consumes it daily. 

So if you want him to stop from smelling foul, either you have to stop him from drinking or you have to make him bath everytime and make him stay clean.

He cannot think in a proper way:

There is a theory called “Alcohol Myopia” , which says that consuming alcohol reduces our capability to think in a proper way, and thus makes our thought process narrow. This can be the reason why do you get mad when your boyfriend drinks. 

Why do I get mad when my boyfriend drinks
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He is more likely to get into a heated argument with you without knowing the proper story because he lacks the power of thinking in a proper way and understanding what the matter really is. 

The excessive consumption of alcohol is making him behave this way. He is lacking the power of thinking rationally. Sometimes drunk people just speak nonsense. It is just the result of his excessive alcohol consumption.

He speaks ill:

Speaking ill is one of the most common causes why are you getting mad when your boyfriend drinks. He is speaking to you with an abusive language. May be he is using slangs, and if you are getting mad on him because of this you are not wrong. 

It is the result of his extreme alcohol consumption. His brain is under the influence of alcohol and this makes the nerves of the brain numb. He does not even have the sense of what he is talking. 

Alcohol does have an impact on human brain because of its such chemical composition. The chemical composition of alcohol can take the control of the brain; and if consumed daily the person is more likely to have ill changes in his behaviour and languages.

He becomes abusive:

After consuming alcohol on a higher level some people’s behaviours just change drastically. May be it is the reason why do you get mad at your boyfriend. 

He was a completely different person in the morning but at night when he comes home he becomes a whole new person and this is because he is drunk. He speaks to you in an abusive way, his behaviour becomes abusive. 

Some people become “happy drunk” and some become rageful. It is totally depending on how much your boyfriend is consuming. People behave differently when they come under the influence of alcohol.

He throws things: 

Is your boyfriend is throwing things when he comes back home after drinking? This can be the reason why do you get mad when your boyfriend drinks. Some people tend to quarrel and throw things because they loose control over their behaviour. 

May be your boyfriend is one among them. It is really unbearable when a drunk person do all such behaviours. Unknowingly your man is hurting you both physically and mentally by doing all these and that is driving you upset and at the same time mad. 

He beats me: 

Beating is one of the common problems that people face when their boyfriends drink too much. Some people become so violent and agressive physically that they start hitting another person out of aggression. 

This is something totally intolerable. If you are someone facing the same issue, you are not wrong if you go mad when your boyfriend drinks. 

Physical violence is not something tolerable. Drinking and then start beating sometimes leave a traumatic effect on the females and that may lead to psychological problems as well. 

As your boyfriend is not within self when he is drunk, it is you who has to suffer. 

He becomes sexually violent: 

Some men tend to get extremely violent sexually after they get drunk. They even try to get intimate with their partners forcefully. 

They beat their partners if they don’t want to get intimate with their drunk partners. All his behaviour becomes abusive. And it is definitely logical for you to get mad if this is the thing happening with you also. 

He becomes addicted:

Addiction is one of the major issues that can be faced by both the people who is drinking and the person who is with him. I have seen that some girls say that it is because of some of his friends that he has got addicted to alcohol. 

Initially he used to drink at the weekend only but now it has been going on a regular basis. Addiction is something which is very difficult to get over from. People don’t even realise when they have got addicted to it. 

And if your boyfriend is one among them then seriously you are facing a serious problem. I’ve seen so many people who don’t even think twice to steal money from their girls just to get the alcohol. If you’re one of them, then this article is for you definitely.

He steals money:

Like I’ve said before, if your man has been addicted to alcohol, he may tend to steal money because alcohol has come to his top priority list, and he can go to any extent just to fulfill his satisfaction that he gets from drinking alcohol. 

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Addiction may lead him do so many bad things. Stealing is one of them. 

He becomes stubborn by nature: 

After the excessive consumption of alcohol, our brain tend to behave in a different way. As alcohol leaves a heavy impact on human brain. 

If your man is consuming alcohol daily then you may experience certain changes in his behaviour even when he is not even drunk. That is how brain reacts. He becomes really stubborn sometime. 

He may not listen to you firstly because he has got addicted to alcohol and you’re coming in his way of addiction and this is increasing his anger upon you. 

Excessive aggressive behaviour leads to stubborn nature. If this is the thing happening with you also, you’re not wrong if you get mad when your boyfriend drinks. 

Now let’s see what drinking does to a relationship..

What drinking does to a relationship?

Drinking is one of the most common causes because of what the dynamic of relationship gets damaged. 

Some girls have preferences, they don’t like drinking and all these things and in this case the drinking issue may rise a big problem. It’ll lead to a major adjustment problem. 

On the other side, if the boy gets aggressive and violent after drinking and tends to behave always abusively with his girl, the girl may not tolerate everytime and it’ll cause a serious hamper to the relationship. 

Some boys steal money from their partners and that is simply something that cannot be accepted. Two peoples stay in a relationship with mutual love and respect and if alcohol causes the damage then seriously girls are facing problems when their boyfriends drink. 

Beating the partner and all these stuffs sometime cause breakup as well ; and this really needs a special attention. 

If alcohol is leaving your boyfriend sick both mentally and physically then it can be a cause why you’re getting bothered with your boyfriend’s drinking. You’re getting worried about his behaviour and health and it is definitely a matter that needs to be solved. 

Let’s try to understand can you be in a relationship with someone who drinks.

Can you be relationship with someone who drinks

Now it is a serious question that needs to be answered. Some girls stay quite okay with this issue. 

May be because their level of tolerance has not been crossed yet but if you are one of them who is getting fade up day by day then the answer is for you. 

Talking to your partner may help to get over this problem to some extent. Talk about this matter to your boyfriend. 

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Tell him why do you get mad when he drinks. I’ll not say that you cannot be in a relationship with someone who drinks but definitely it is difficult to be with someone who drinks and behaves abusively everytime. 

The dynamic of this situation differs person to person. Some people just become “happy drunk” they don’t create a problem as such like behaving unnaturally and all. 

But still it is problem that needs to be solved. If you are able to change your partner’s behaviour then it will not be a big deal to stay in a relationship with him. But if not then you both need to consult a professional. 

Let me now answer some of the most common questions asked by people…

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)- Why I get mad when my boyfriend drinks?

My boyfriend’s drinking is ruining our relationship? 

It is often found that drinking is the cause of a bad relationship. If he is behaving ill with you after getting drunk then yes definitely your boyfriend’s drinking is ruining your relationship. 

I’m sick of my boyfriend’s drinking.

Yes, if your boyfriend’s behaviour is getting worse day by day then at some point time it’ll get very difficult to tolerate such behaviours. After all at the end of the day, you too are a human being. Tell him, try to make him understand why it’s unbearable for you to tolerate such behaviours. 

Am I overreacting to my boyfriend’s drinking

No, if your boyfriend is crossing his limits. If he is being abusive both verbally and physically, then you’re not at all overreacting to your boyfriend’s drinking.

when one spouse drinks and the other doesn’t

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It is a major problem. If your spouse is drinking and you’re someone who does not then it is quite obvious for you that you cannot tolerate such behaviour. 

My boyfriend has a drinking problem should I leave him

Now, it’s a matter of perspective. There is no such written manual that you should leave your boyfriend if he drinks but yes if his behaviour is getting worse and unbearable day by day then it’s matter that you might need a second thought.

My boyfriend turns into a different person when he drinks

It can happen. Alcohol has such a chemical composition that it can make the nerves of the brain numb and therefore makes the person behave all differently. He does not stay in his senses when he is under the influence of alcohol.


Drinking is definitely a problem in the way of having a good relationship. It not only damages a relationship but also makes the person fragile mentally and physically. 

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Boys need to understand this fact that if your girl is getting at you for drinking then yes you need to check your behaviour. 

Relationship is much more a precious thing than having alcohol. Value the relationship, respect your partner and live a happy life. 

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