Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend So Much

Why do I miss my boyfriend so much because love is crazy! And if you miss him a lot then it is obvious you are emotionally invested in him and your thoughts and feelings are occupied by that person. 

Scientifically what happens is it all occurs due to hormones. Our hormones play a vital part in it. When we are with our partner there is a kick of hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Which makes our body addicted to these high levels of hormones. This leads to our brain rewiring the connections of the fun moments we had with our partner. It basically starts associating it with our good times with our partner which makes you miss him more!

But missing him too much can also cause you irritation and an unhealthy relationship. Making him take you for granted is the first step toward an unhealthy relationship. If you don’t want this, make yourself busy and surrounded by knowledgeable people. Which will help you to invest your time in proper things. 

Some common signs of why do I miss my boyfriend so much

Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend So Much
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​Keep in mind that everyone is unique and has their own specific responses to conditions. There are a few central emotions which are related to missing someone, especially your lover or your boyfriend. 

  • ​getting furious over things or on him
  • ​Frustration from everything around you.
  • ​Sadness over small non-problematic things
  • ​Anxiety issues 
  • ​Depression 
  • ​Fear
  • ​Loneliness when everyone around you is available for you 

You will possibly find yourself thinking about your boyfriend a lot. I understand that after I pass over my boyfriend, I think about what it would be like if he moved in with me. 

This could be as easy as consuming dinner or a greater mesh, inclusive of a break.

If you miss your boyfriend, you will in all chances be aware of it with the aid of the manner that you are feeling.

What’s wrong?

If you’re missing him, then he must really care about you! He probably misses you too. But there’s no need to worry. You’ll find someone else. So just forget about him and focus on finding love again. If you don’t let go of him now, you might end up losing yourself completely. And if that happens, then you won’t have anyone to lean on. That would be terrible! Don’t lose yourself over him and his feelings.

What should I do?

You know what you should do! You should let go of him and get back out there. Even though he doesn’t want to talk to you right now, he may change his mind later. Maybe he’s waiting for you to give him another chance. Or maybe he already forgot about you. In any case, you shouldn’t wait around for him anymore. You deserve to be happy. So take matters into your own hands and move on with your life.

How long should I wait before I call him again?

Don’t wait longer than two weeks. That way, you’ll make sure that he actually wants to be friends with you again. If he still doesn’t answer after two weeks, then he probably isn’t interested at all.

Is he mad at me?

No, he’s not mad at you. He just feels bad about how things turned out between the both of you. There’s nothing you did wrong, so there’s no reason for him to feel guilty. He’ll eventually realize that you were only trying to help him. So don’t despair. Just keep looking for love elsewhere until you find someone who makes you happier than he does.

What to do when I miss my boyfriend so much

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Make yourself distracted by doing the following things 


Be thankful. Appreciate what you already have. Thank your parents for raising you. Thank God for giving you life and health. Thank your partner for being there for you. Say thank you whenever someone does nice things for you. Being grateful is one of the best ways to keep your mood up. Remember that no matter what happens, you’re still blessed.


Instead of staying cooped up inside all day pining for your man, choose a spot that you need to travel to that is close by. 

Getting lost in nature or in the points of interest and sounds of a big city is a high-quality mode to calm your mind and forestall thinking about how much you miss your boyfriend. 

While going solo might also appear frightening before everything, it sincerely feels quite enjoyable to be out through yourself exploring


Taking the day out of your day to get a little exercise in is an incredible way to occupy your thoughts. 

There are several fitness advantages that come with a workout, whether or not it Is something high-depth or low-intensity. 

Going out for a calming run or hike can simply soothe your aching coronary heart. 

You also can carry a number of your buddies with you to make it even more fun and thrilling. 

Having a group of mates installing the work with you may make it lots extra conceivable and make it much less boring.


Avoid negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are poisonous. They cause stress and depression, and they can ruin your mood. Instead of letting negative thoughts control you, focus on positive ones. Think about how lucky you are to have a loving partner. Think about how great it is to have a supportive family. Think about how good you look today. Think about how beautiful your future will be. Positive thoughts are always right here inside you. You just have to reach inside and grab them.


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Swiping via pics of yourself and your boyfriend on your iPad is not going to help your reason. It will drive you more profoundly into the emotive turmoil you are already in.

If you must, flip through more than one photograph quickly. 

Don’t preserve staring at them, otherwise, you could be misplaced inside the heartbreaking disappointment of no longer having your man by your face. 

Take this equal method with the rest of your presence, it is not healthy to constantly think about your guy, you need to exit and stay in your life. 

If you locate yourself having a pipe dream an excessive amount about your boyfriend, find something else to occupy your mind.


Keep busy. Stay busy doing something productive. Clean your house, wash dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum, or anything else that keeps you distracted. You can use these chores to keep your mind occupied. You may find that you start to feel happier when you’re doing something physical. If you’re having trouble finding things to do, ask your dad, mom, siblings, or neighbours for help


The simplest manner to forestall yourself from spiralling down into the disappointment of missing your boyfriend continuously is to maintain yourself busy. Here are a few thoughts:

Clean and reorganise: 

If you have been eliminating a few huge cleaning or reorganizing ventures, now is the time to do it. Your closet may be a total mess proper now, but you would be amazed at how which could change after a weekend of work. 

The same component goes for some other challenges which you had been eliminating, now that you have some by yourself time you are ready to invest a little extra time into accomplishing the one’s responsibilities.


A day committed to purchasing can be a striking idea. 

Go to some save you have constantly thought about but in no way had the time to visit and see what they have got. 

You can also go shopping for an unusual present for your man so you can wander about him while he returns.


If you have been casting off doing something for work, get it carried out. 

This is particularly authentic for whatever entails a massive presentation or a big assembly. 

Do some prep work so you can come into work feeling assured and equipped to head. 

If you are a student, pull out the books and get a few homework finished.

Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself and take care of yourself. Take time for yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well. You deserve to relax and enjoy life. Take walks, listen to music, read books, watch movies, play sports, and spend time with friends. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t let anyone stop you.

Read a book: 

The splendid thing regarding reading an e-book is that you may definitely jingle out the outdoor global and wander away within the pages. 

Snuggle up with an awesome ebook and see how the plot unfolds. 

We all have that one e-book on our shelf that we have desired to read but have never determined the time for, so get commenced on it!


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Sometimes, all a crying coronary heart needs is an outlet. 

If you are feeling low and depressed due to the fact you are missing your boyfriend a bit an excessive amount, speak to your best buddy. 

Better yet, if you are near your sister or a person else in your own family, speak to them.

Talking won’t change the reality that you are far away from your boyfriend, however, simply speaking to a person who can recognize your feelings will immediately make you help feel lighter. 

The reassuring phrases of your great buddy will place you comfortable and help you go on about your regular habits.

Talking to a person you like and accept as true is a massive strain-reliever, as they permit you to work via the acute emotions you feel. 

Additionally, if your family member or buddy is older than you, they may have some sage information to impart to you regarding your scenario.


Hang out along with your girlfriends; that will take your thoughts off how awful you are missing him. Call up some of your besties and hold out together.

Go out for a coffee, buy groceries, visit the movies, or just have a sleepover along with your buddies. 

The laughs, the grins, and the gossip will help forestall the tension about being far from your man.

Plan out a day experience and locate somewhere scenic to visit with your girlfriends. Having an active day filled with adventure is the best method to take your thoughts off how a whole lot you leave out your man.

 As a bonus, you can leave your smartphone at home so you may not be distracted: you could simply immerse yourself in something it is miles you and your girlfriends are doing.

Apart from all these things we you are home and really want to pass the time you can read about the relationship memes for your entertainment 

Change your environment

Change your environment. If he’s around, change how you act around him. Don’t call him if he doesn’t answer his phone. Don’t text him if he isn’t texting back. Go out with friends instead of staying at home alone. Do something different than what you normally would do. Try going out to eat, go shopping, or meet up with family members. You need to get away from home sometimes if you want to feel less miserable.

Get some sleep

Get some rest. Sleep deprivation makes people crazy and you’re not making yourself any better by staying up late trying to make things work. When you’re tired, your brain takes longer to think about problems. When your brain thinks about problems, it gets overwhelmed and starts to analyze them. Analyzing problems makes them worse. That’s why you should try to get some sleep. If you stay up late thinking about your relationship, you’ll just end up stressing about it even more.



Send your emotions out on your boyfriend in candy textual content, and permit him to realise how lots you are lacking him. 

Write something lovable and give up your delicate line with a cute emoji.

If you cannot think of anything to write, just ship an emoji by itself. He will respond reply back in kind. 

Even brief and wordless conversations like those could be a soothing balm to your aching heart. 

The important issue around current technology is that you can maintain in touch with him despite the fact that he is midway internationally. 

While you do not want to obsessively text him, keeping in contact with him is a better way to live linked even at the same time as he is away. 

Textual content is an extraordinary way to try this due to the fact he can respond to it at a valuable time, even though it is whilst you are asleep! 

There is not anything like waking as much as lovely textual content out of your boyfriend!


Missing him too much? Put your anxiety to relaxation by giving him a short call. 

Be sincere and inform him that you are known just because you were missing him.

Guys are typically now not the masters of two-minute tender talks, but taking note of his voice even for a short time will in reality convey a smile to your face. 

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You can also attempt face-timing him to make it a touch more realistic or use Skype or something comparable. 

Hearing his voice is awesome, however seeing his face is even better. Keep in mind this could be intricate depending on what part of the arena your man is in, you honestly don’t want to wake him up with a call within the nighttime. 

Plan out a time when the two of you can communicate and opt for it.


Emotional highs and lows are recognised to bring out the great in terms of creativity. When you leave your boyfriend terribly, channel your emotional ups And downs with the aid of doing something creative.

The fine way to move about this is to be aware of interests like playing the guitar, portraying, writing, dancing, or sketching. 

Your intense temper will bring out the excellence in you. Give a laugh twist to this exercise by means of recording a video of your innovative outburst and sending it to your boyfriend if you want.

Figure out a great strategy that receives your creative fluids flowing: maybe light a candle or, or go out within the outside. 

Have a few forms of purpose in thoughts for what you are going to create and spot what occurs. You would be amazed by how a whole lot of time flies when you are running on a creative assignment.

Apart from these things you can express your love in million ways that will did in this situation 


If you’re missing your accomplice in an extended-distance relationship, one of the best approaches to channelling your feelings without creating a fuss about it is to write letters by means of hand. 

This also works in case your guy is going to be away for a number of weeks and you already know the address he is staying at.

Writing a love letter by hand is one of the maximum emotionally pacifying matters you may ever revel in. 

Pull out all of your feelings from the private corner of your coronary heart and write touching messages to your lengthy-distance associate.

Tell your boyfriend to answer via writing a letter too. 

These romantic letters may be a candy souvenir and studying them will deliver a grin to your face.

Thank him for being there

When you think about how lucky you are to have this person in your life, remind yourself of that. Remind yourself of all the great times you’ve had together and all the good memories you have. Being grateful for these things will help you appreciate him even more.

Focus on something else

If you’re having trouble focusing on anything else besides the fact that he’s not around, try taking a walk outside or doing some chores. Take time out of your day to focus only on your relationship with him. You’ll soon feel like the distance between you two is less than you thought.

Think about what you want

Now that you know you miss him, you should also know what you want. If you’re not sure, then ask someone who knows you well. Ask them if they think you’d be happier without him or if they think you should stay together.

Give him space

You don’t need to rush into anything right now. Just take it slow and give him his own space. He might not realize how much he means to you until you give him some time to himself. Doing so will allow both of you to figure out what you want and where you stand.

Think about what you can offer him

Maybe you can find ways to show him how much you care. Maybe you can surprise him in a way that reminds him just how special he is to you. Or maybe you could start talking to him about your feelings and tell him what you want. Whatever it is, make sure you let go of any negative thoughts and focus on what you can do instead.

Tell him you love him

The last thing you should ever do is keep quiet about your feelings. Even though you may be nervous or unsure, telling him how you feel will help you express your true emotions. When you talk about how much he means to your heart, you’ll be able to tell him exactly how you feel.

Is It Bad to Always Miss Your Boyfriend?

It is now not terrible in any respect to miss your boyfriend!  You ought to display the manner you are feeling so that you don’t get too disappointed. If it is making you irritated or sad often, you may need to make some modifications.

Missing your boyfriend shows that you care and that you feel him as someone. 

This is important in a relationship and lets you realize that you really need to be with him. If you are able to control these emotions correctly, don’t worry about them being horrific! The real trouble arises if you are feeling too emotional. 

Monitor yourself to make sure that you aren’t feeling too sad regularly. If you note that missing your boyfriend is making you feel awful, you must re-evaluate the situation.

Wrapping it up

One mistake that women make in dating is attempting tough to fight the sensation of attachment. Don’t see yourself as being clingy or needy if you pass over your boyfriend. 

On the other hand, it is desirable that you date, and be satisfied with the reality that the home dog love between you two remains thriving.

Missing your guy is a completely natural issue, and there is no reason why you need to be embarrassed about it. Be thankful for the fact that you get to have such a superb guy in your existence. Many people in the world are attempting to find what you have, so it is something to cherish.

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