Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me

Why does my boyfriend hate me? Are we getting done? Had I done something wrong? Or is it because of some other woman?……and so on! 

So many questions arose when my boyfriend hate me. My boyfriend and I were having a serious relationship but things went wrong because of some small quarrels in our relationship. 

Those small things created a big issue in our relationship. And solving it and making him fall for me again was a big task and so for you if your boyfriend hates you.

Worry not,  there could be other reasons too. maybe, you are taking it as wrong or maybe he is dealing with his own crisis or maybe because of some other issue of his own which he is taking out on you and you felt like why my boyfriend hates me? 

Above all this, you deserve to be loved, cared for, respected and cherished. 

That is the whole point of having a relationship but hold on aren’t these all things that should apply to your boyfriend? 

What if he is dealing with an issue and you are not supporting him? Or are you only quarrelling with him? Things can be different for both of you however, communication is the best key in this situation.  

If you are loving him then love his flaws too maybe he is not as patient and kind as you! But he loves you right? And that is enough in a relationship to love somebody. Give him your support. 

But if he insults you every day then leave. This relationship is not worth it! After all, he must be kind enough to respect you and say sorry after what he has done to you. 

What could be the possible signs of hating me?

  • In your relationship, if you are facing a lot of insecurity towards him indirectly or directly then it is clear he is at the stage of getting irritated by you. 
  • When your boyfriend starts getting irritated over nothing. He feels annoyed by you and even your presence.
  • In relationship with him. If you are upset or worried about him or feeling insecure. It is the duty of your boyfriend to put in some effort to make you feel comfortable or special and if he is not putting any effort then it is obvious he hates and wants to get over this relationship. 
  • Being together is the essence of a relationship if not now then in future maybe but at least we include our partner in future plans. If your boyfriend is trying to exclude you by not mentioning you in his future plans. He definitely doesn’t want to continue this relationship anymore.
  • Another very crucial sign of your boyfriend starting hating you is he is not supporting you anymore.

What could be the possible reasons why does my boyfriend hate me?

Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me
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You’re not pretty enough

This is the most obvious answer since you’re not physically attractive. The world is full of beautiful women, and if he doesn’t find you attractive, then there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want him to fall in love with you, then you need to work out those extra pounds.

He thinks you’re boring

He probably never wanted to get involved with someone who’s always talking about herself. There’s no point in trying to impress him if you don’t know how to make conversation. Try to talk about topics that interest both of you; maybe sports or music.

He just wants sex

You’re a nice person, but he doesn’t think you’re sexy at all. Maybe you should start wearing some sexy lingerie or try a different hairstyle.

He’s cheating on you

If he treats you badly, then you have to confront him. Tell him what his problem is, and ask him to stop being unfaithful.

He thinks you lose control

Maybe he’s afraid that you’ll lose control over time and hurt yourself or others. In any case, he doesn’t trust you. Don’t take it personally – you’re allowed to feel jealous, but you shouldn’t let it control your emotions.

He’s tired of being around you

Your relationship has been going downhill for quite some time now. It may be hard to admit, but it’s time to end things before they turn ugly.

He feels trapped

He might be feeling suffocated by your demands, and he needs space. Your behaviour is making him uncomfortable, and he’s beginning to resent you.

Maybe you messed up with somethings

Sometimes, your boyfriend might hate you because maybe you have done something wrong. Let me provide you with more than one scenario. So, about a month ago, you fudged your boyfriend.

You went out with a few buddies, were really drunk, and ended up kissing some other man. 

The hassle is that it wasn’t some random dude that you met at the club, but your ex-boyfriend or your male best friend! The excessive faculty weigh down you by no means were given over.

Even though your boyfriend became virtually devastated, he determined the power to forgive you, and also you have managed to put the incident behind you. 

But lately, he has begun thinking about it again, it’s started attending to him, and he is questioning if he made a mistake by looking out to live with you. 

Yes, I realize that when he chose to forgive you, he promised never to deliver it up again but what about the brain? It works with the continuous thought process. Maybe not that you have done something else by which he is stuck. 

But don’t worry apologise to him for what you have done.

However, feelings are unpredictable, and if he buried his emotions about the situation without dealing with them, there are going to be a few emotional triggers, and that is what he is experiencing now. 

So it is good to communicate with him and sort things out or you must do something to make him feel special.

Another likelihood is probably that you have got your dream job, and your behaviour has been modified. 

Suddenly, you are staying out until all hours of the night because of your job. You have got new male colleagues who name you whilst you are together with your boyfriend. 

Or it could be that your boyfriend feels overlooked due to the fact you are placing all your strength into your new process, and also you don’t have time for him anymore. In this case, you have to understand and manage your time for your boyfriend because he is also working and taking time for you. 

After all, you don’t take power in this relationship in a rude manner.

In each situation, it would help in case your boyfriend simply assists you to recognize how he is feeling instead of appearing as though he hates you. 

But the problem is that some guys are not excellent at dealing with or expressing their feelings. 

Men don’t let you know how they feel, they show you. In an equal way, he expresses his love by means of buying you flowers, fixing your car, or mowing the garden, he expresses his anger closer to you by shutting you out. 

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He considers you as an obstacle or a distraction. 

It is essential to understand human nature in different situations. 

When you first started dating, he had no idea what he wanted to do along with his life. 

He became operating in a useless-cease process, he had little or no ambition and also you had been okay with that because you both struggled in useless-stop jobs and had very little ambition.

But after dating for more than one year, he determined his passion,  and now, he wants to work in the direction of achieving his dreams. So after work, rather than vegging out in front of the TV collectively, he is upstairs building his goals.

You find it difficult to regulate his change in person and each half of an hour, you are in his face. 

When he is around you, he can’t get an awful lot done, so rather than coming home after work, he goes to the library. 

In the library, he is capable of cognizance without you distracting him, and he notices that he makes a lot of extra development whilst you are no longer around him interrupting.

So now, he sees you as a drawback to accomplishing his desires and he doesn’t know how to address the state of matters. 

He is Into Another Woman

Your boyfriend is probably tormented by the grass is greener syndrome. 

According to clinical psychologists, the grass is greener syndrome whilst someone will become unsatisfied with what they have got because, on the surface, matters look better with a person else.

At the centre, the grass is greener syndrome is actually about being uncertain of yourself. 

He goes on to a kingdom where social media doesn’t assist. We are living in an era where each person’s lives are on complete display. 

So if you want your man back and make him obsess over you and only you so that he doesn’t look at any other women here is the reference article 

So if all his friends are posting snapshots of their perfect-looking home-cooked dinners each night in their minimalist-searching apartments, he is going to start feeling resentment in the direction of you if you are not giving him what he wishes, however, he thinks he is observing a person else. 

At the instant, your boyfriend has just been friends with this other female, however, it’s obvious they prefer each other. 

When people like each other, they display a better version of themselves.

So whilst he visits this different woman, her home is remarkably tidy, smells like freshly baked bread, and there is constantly a cooked meal. 

But whilst he sees you, the simplest food he is smelling is McDonald’s fries, and also you are a bit on the untidy side. 

Angry boyfriend
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So he gets irritated whilst he is with you because he can’t prevent thinking about how comfy he is whilst he is at this different lady’s house.

But what he doesn’t recognise about her is that she is a total control freak, and in the event that they have been in a relationship, he would lose his freedom. 

It is no longer unusual for a person to leave his girlfriend for someone else most straightforward to find that the grass isn’t greener on the opposite facet in spite of everything. 

He doesn’t trust you

He may not trust you, and he might have even told you before. If he told you about his mistrust of you, then chances are high that he’s not going to share any information with you. You’re going to need to find out if he trusts you, otherwise, it’ll be impossible to get him to open up.

He doesn’t understand what you want

If he doesn’t know what you want, then how do you expect him to give it to you? You should try to tell him what you want. Maybe he just isn’t getting it; however, you shouldn’t force yourself to explain to him again and again.

He doesn’t care for you anymore

You’ve been together for quite some time now. You’ve done everything together, including sharing your feelings and emotions. You’ve shared everything with each other. However, after a while, you realized that he’s still cold toward you. If he’s no longer interested in you, then you should stop trying to make things work between you two.

He thinks that you’re crazy

This is something that happens to many men. You should ask him why he thinks you’re crazy. If he tells you that you’re insane, then you should talk to him calmly and convince him that he’s wrong. After all, he’s never seen you act crazy.

He doesn’t know what to say

It’s hard to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language. You should try to learn at least a few words of his language. Even if he knows only a bit of English, you can get him to admit that he enjoys talking to you.

He’s afraid of commitment

He probably feels that being committed to you would mean losing control over his own life. To him, it seems like you’re taking away his freedom. Therefore, he wants nothing to do with commitment.

He loves himself more than you

There’s a chance that he sees you as a threat. After all, he likes himself a lot more than you do. If he’s already got his heart set on someone else, then you’re going to have trouble convincing him to change his mind.

He might have a Substance Abuse Concern

hate me
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Like an intellectual infection, substance abuse won’t be trouble at the beginning of your dating. 

You didn’t even recognise he had a hassle, it was every day as a way to go out on the weekends and have a few drinks.

But recently, he has commenced having intense temper swings, you have noticed money going missing out of your financial institution account. 

Cash is being withdrawn from your credit score playing cards, and the payments are not getting paid.

These are all telltale signs and symptoms that your boyfriend may have substance abuse trouble. 

He has temper swings while he is yearning for capsules and alcohol, and money is going missing so he will pay for his liberation.

Good news? Bad news for him!

Breaking the news for your boyfriend which you are watching for a toddler has to be a second full of joy and happiness. 

But when being pregnant wasn’t planned, and your boyfriend feels he isn’t ready to raise a baby, such a statement could have another impact.

He might have pretended to be glad when you first surprised him because he didn’t want to disillusion you. 

But now that he has had time to process the descriptions, the idea of becoming a father is in reality giving him a sour taste in his mouth.

Once the infant is born, his existence will change, and now he sees you as someone who is inexact to rob him of his freedom. 

Too friendly with other GUY FRIENDS?

Yep! Your guy is jealous of your friendships with different men. 

Even though you had been friends with these guys before you started your relationship with your boyfriend, you have formally introduced them.

You have reassured him you are simply friends, and his photographs are all over your social media profiles, he is nevertheless jealous! Why? 

Due to the fact he may additionally cope with low shallowness. 

Especially in case, your man friends are alpha males with precise careers, and the frosting on the cake, they are not awful looking either! 

Your boyfriend isn’t going to confess that he is jealous because so one can make him appear stupid.

Instead, he is going to lash out by way of giving you the silent treatment, or he will get irritated with you for no reason. 

To find out whether or not jealousy is the cause of his behaviour, take note of while he begins appearing hateful towards you. 

I can assure you it will be any time he is aware that you have socialized with one of your alpha male friends. 

He Might Be Suffering From stress or any mental load 

Mental ailments which include character problems, narcissistic character ailment, submit-demanding pressure ailment, tension, despair, and bipolar disorder can all motivate a person for your companion’s behaviour toward you.

Things may have been flawlessly ordinary while you first were given together because the situation turned into either dormant, or something triggered it. 

Or something demanding happened to him like an automobile accident or a demise within the family, and the disorder has evolved through the years.

However, if your boyfriend is a narcissist, this change in his behaviour isn’t uncommon. 

According to psychologists, there are 3 ranges of narcissistic abuse. 

The love bombing level involves him being the best man, romantic and concerned. 

At one point in your dating, your idea turned into the perfect man, a dream came true, and life couldn’t get any higher.

But this level aims to get you hooked on him. 

Once he knows you are addicted to his love, he starts getting nasty. 

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This is known as the devaluing stage. He will call you each name under the sun, mislead you, scouse borrows from you, and make your experience extraordinarily insecure, all while getting you to agree that it is your fault.

The very last stage is the discarding degree. By this point, he has worn you down so badly that you have got nothing left to give. You are not any use to him, so he will walk out of the connection. 

Wrapping It up

Why does my boyfriend hate me? can have more possible reasons but if we see in-depth you are dating him and you are or were close to him and he loved you or loves you at some point. 

So you know about him better or maybe you need a chance to grow to know him better. If there are external reasons like he is cheating on you or something like that then things are different. 

Talk to him about that and move on from this relationship. If not this, then try to convince him and give him surety that we can work together to put this relationship to work.

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