Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Track of My Period

Why does my boyfriend keep track of my periods? Or why is he interested in my period cycle? 

I am not going to lie, I don’t know what to think about this. We have been dating for about three years now and he is always been super supportive and loving towards me. But recently, he started asking me questions about my cycles and how they are doing.

He asks if I am ovulating if I have any cramps etc. I just thought it was kind of weird that he would want to know about these things but at the same time curious to make sure I am okay. I mean we live together so I guess it makes sense but still, it feels strange to talk about this stuff with him.

He also says that he wants to get tested for STDs before we do anything sexual… As I said, I don’t really know what to think here. Should I trust him? If so, should I tell him that I am on birth control? What if he thinks I am cheating? Or worse yet what if he finds out I am pregnant?! Similarly, there are so many scenarios that must be running through your mind right now and you don’t even know where to start.

Don’t worry we are here to help you through this article!

This is what he wants to know. When you are having sex, your body releases hormones (like estrogen) that signal your brain that you are ready to have sex again. 

If you don’t get pregnant, then it means you aren’t ovulating. So basically, your menstrual cycle tells him whether you want to have sex or not!

On another note If you haven’t had sex in a while, he might wonder if you are trying to get pregnant. If you do try to conceive, you may notice changes to your flow, including lighter/heavier bleeding, spotting, and cramping. So he wants to know if you are trying to conceive or not!

Some boyfriends also keep track of their girlfriend’s period cycle to know when next she is going to be extra sensitive. 

As we all know women go through a lot of mood swings and cravings during their period cycle. And all it comes out of their boyfriend. So to be on the safer side, boyfriends prepare themselves for the time when they have to tackle you with all the love they have in this universe. 

Most men are also afraid of unwanted pregnancies from their girlfriends and if you are a busy girl then it is obvious he is going to track your period for sure! 

Apart from all this, there could be more possible reasons also why he is tracking your periods 

But do you feel weird about it? Let’s talk here and see if you should feel weird about it or not. 

My boyfriend keeps track of my periods! Is it weird? 

1. Yes

It’s pretty normal for your partner to know about your menstrual cycle, especially if they’re interested in having children with you. If he wants to keep track of how often you get pregnant, then he should probably just ask instead of being creepy. He can ask you whether you want him to do anything, like keeping track of your period, or not.

2. No

If he really wants to know, he could always ask you to take a pregnancy test. You might say no, but he’ll still feel like an idiot for asking.

3. Maybe

Sometimes people don’t even realize what they’re doing until it’s already happened. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives, although it may not happen right away.

4. I guess

You can tell him that you’ve been taking tests, and have told him when you think you’re ovulating, but he doesn’t seem to care. He says it’s fine, but he’s kind of ignoring it. So, maybe he’s just trying to make sure that you’re actually fertile.

5. No way

You can tell your boyfriend that you’d rather not talk about it anymore, and let him keep his mind off of it. But, if he really cares, then he should understand that you don’t want to share information with him.

6. It’s none of your business

People tend to assume that they know everything about each other, but sometimes, we don’t know what someone else is going through. It is okay if he asks you questions about your cycle, but you shouldn’t answer them if you don’t want to.

7. Yes,

Of course, it would be weird if he asked you to take a pregnancy kit, but you could ask him if he thinks it is a good idea if you’re concerned about getting pregnant. Or, if you are worried about getting pregnant, you could tell him that you have taken tests before and you haven’t gotten pregnant yet.

What could be the possible reasons for ‘why does my boyfriend keep track of my periods?’

1. He is worried about your health

He knows that you have been taking birth control pills for quite some time now, and he wants to make sure that you are not getting pregnant again soon. He keeps track of your menstrual cycle to make sure you don’t get pregnant before he gets around to asking you out. When you decide to start dating him, he’ll want to know if you’ve gotten pregnant yet and if you need his help with an abortion.

2. He likes knowing what is going on with you

If he asks about your periods, he doesn’t really care how much information you give him. If you tell him everything, he may even become jealous. If you leave things out, he may guess the truth anyway. Either way, he will know everything about your cycles, including any changes that may indicate pregnancy.

3. You are afraid of telling him the truth

You might think that you are being paranoid, but trust me, girls who lie about their period just end up regretting it later. Even if you are not pregnant, you could still be sick or injured. Maybe you had your period one day and then didn’t feel well the next, and you got an infection.

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Your boyfriend would rather have you tell him the truth than risk having to take care of you while you’re sick. There are other reasons, like maybe he gets angry when you talk about your feelings so you don’t want to share the real truth with him. But you can handle this surely for this you can read my “ my boyfriend gets angry when I talk about my feelings” 

4. He thinks he is protecting you

Maybe you told him that you were ovulating, and he thought he was doing you a favour by keeping track of your cycle. Maybe he thinks he is helping you stay safe by making sure you aren’t carrying a baby. But guys tend to treat women differently than they treat each other. They think you will be nice back if they are nice to you. That isn’t always true, though. Sometimes, you should stand up for yourself.

5. He likes tracking your cycle

Men love numbers. You already know if you have seen a guy count money or check something off a list. Guys are fascinated with time, especially when it comes to sex. If he is counting down the days until your next period, he may be thinking about it almost every minute of the day.

6. You can’t afford to tell him the truth

Your boyfriend probably wouldn’t mind paying for an abortion, but you don’t want to ask him for money. You need to find a job right away, and you can’t afford to quit your current job. So instead, you keep quiet and hope that you won’t have to pay for an abortion after all.

7. He is a stalker!

Your guy isn’t just trying to get his own way; he is trying to make sure you are safe. Stalking is about controlling someone else’s behaviour. Your boyfriend is probably keeping tabs on your menstrual cycle to determine whether or not you will conceive, and if you do, how many times you might have kids. When you don’t want him to know something, you may lie about it.

But if you tell him everything, he might try to control you. You can say no to him, and leave him at any time. If you have been seeing each other long enough, you should both be comfortable with being honest with each other.

8. He cares.

If he is constantly asking about your period, he is likely concerned about your well-being. A man who loves you would never intentionally hurt you, but sometimes men feel powerless over their emotions and try to take care of things themselves. Don’t let him handle your problems. Tell him what is going on. You don’t need to give him details, but he deserves to know what is happening.

9. He wants to protect you.

When he asks questions about your periods, he could be worried that you are pregnant. Men tend to worry about pregnancy even though they know women aren’t actually capable of getting pregnant until ovulation. Men think they can detect pregnancy before you do, but they can’t. So ask him if he is worried about anything. If he tells you he is worried about you getting pregnant, then he really means it. In fact, guys find out sooner than you do.

10. It helps him bond with you.

A lot of couples engage in regular sexual activity without having intercourse. According to Planned Parenthood, 43 percent of people who had sex in the last year did so without using condoms.

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Oral sex is great, but ejaculating inside a woman’s vagina doesn’t guarantee that she won’t become pregnant. Having sex regularly will help prevent unwanted pregnancies. And if you use birth control, he won’t have to worry about getting you pregnant. It will also help you to make him crave for you emotionally 

11. He is insecure.

Some men don’t believe in birth control or don’t trust it. Even if you are using hormonal birth control, he might still think you are fertile. If he feels insecure about your relationship, he might be jealous of your past lovers. Being jealous of a previous partner is normal, but it shouldn’t affect the way he treats you now.

12. He is afraid you won’t love him anymore.

Men can be really sensitive. Maybe he fears that you will leave him if he doesn’t seem interested in your periods. If you were to break up with him, he’d be devastated. That is why he wants to know what is going on and probably mean to you from this.

And if you haven’t done something wrong there can be other reasons as to why he is being mean to you. You can also read my “ why is my boyfriend mean to me”. It is only natural for him to be curious and concerned. After all, if you weren’t attracted to him, you wouldn’t be dating him.

13. He is trying to stop an outbreak.

You can say no to him. You don’t owe him anything. If you are feeling uncomfortable discussing your periods, it is perfectly okay to refuse his advances. If you plan to continue seeing him, talk to him about it after you menstruate again, and tell him you are taking precautions.

14. He thinks I am cheating on him

He could think that you’re cheating on him if you tell him you are going to start your periods early or you stop ovulating before you actually plan to conceive.

15. He wants to know when I will get pregnant

If you say you are pregnant, he wants to know when you are due. A lot of women have irregular cycles, so they won’t always get their period at the same time each month. That makes it hard for them to calculate when they should expect to get pregnant.

16. He thinks we need to use protection

If you are together and not using protection, he probably thinks you are being irresponsible. You can tell him the truth though: just because you’re on birth control doesn’t mean you’re not protected against pregnancy.

17. He wonders if I am sick

If you are feeling nauseous, dizzy, or tired, he might worry you are coming down with something. Keep in mind that sometimes people feel these symptoms even without being sick.

18. He wants to help me out

You might feel guilty telling him what’s happening with your body, but he’ll probably understand. Just make sure to let him know what’s going on.

Wrapping it up

The answer is yes and no. 

Yes, it does mean something but no, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. When you’re menstruating, you bleed out of your uterus each month. So when he sees blood in the toilet, that is proof that you’re ovulating. 

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But, if you don’t want him to know, there is nothing wrong with doing some things to hide it from him. You could even use tampons instead of pads. And remember, just because you aren’t showing yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant soon.

It’s normal to worry about these things when you’re first getting started. There was a time when my mom did everything for me. 

She didn’t let me go to school until I was 12 years old. She didn’t let my dad take me places and she kept me home alone. As long as we were safe, she trusted me to do what I wanted. 

But now that I’m older and more independent, I realize that I had a great childhood. I learned a lot about myself and the world around me. Because of that, I am able to trust people with my secrets now. Even though I’m still young, I think that I’ve been able to handle situations without needing someone else to help me.

And if he wants to know then No! He is not crazy at all. In fact, he is a pretty smart guy! If you are wondering if he is being intrusive then I would say no. He wants to know how often you have sex with him because he wants to make sure you’re ready to have his babies (I am sorry!). That is not creepy at all!

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