Why Does My Boyfriend Play with My Nipple

I have been dating this guy for about 2 years now. We’re both 19 and we get along well together. I am not sure if he loves me, but I think he likes me. He’s always paying attention to how I look, what I wear, etc.

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The nerves that help you feel pleasure when you touch them are located in the same place as the nerve endings in your vagina. So if he was playing with your nipples while you were having sex, it may have felt good to him, but it can be and cannot be pleasurable for you. So why does my boyfriend play with my nipple?

Here is what you should know about Why Does My Boyfriend Play with My Nipple:

Nipple Play is a term that refers to any type of stimulation of nipples or breasts. These may include direct contact, indirect contact (e.g., touching), or even non-contact methods (e.g., vibrations). Nipple Play can take many forms, including oral stimulation, manual stimulation, and penetration.

Nipple Play is a type of sexual activity where two people stimulate each other’s nipples for pleasure. There are many variations of nipple play including breast massage, nipple sucking, and even nipple twisting.

1. Breast Massage

Breast massage involves using fingers, hands, lips, and tongue to gently rub, pinch, and pull on the breasts. This type of nipple play can be done while standing up or lying down, and may involve both partners at once. If one partner wants to take control over the other’s body, they can use their hand to grab hold of the nipple and twist it.

2. Nipple Sucking

Nipple sucking is a fun way to give yourself or your partner a nice treat! You simply insert your mouth between the nipples and suck them until they get hard again. You can do this for as long as you want.

3. Nipple Twisting

This is similar to nipple sucking except instead of inserting your mouth, you use your teeth to twist around the nipple. This is a great way to tease and tickle your partner.

4. Nipple Play Positions

There are many different positions that you can try out during nipple play. One of the easiest ways to start off is to lie face-down on the bed and have your partner sit on top of you. Then, he/she can either reach under your shirt and start massaging your chest or just keep his/her legs still and let you go crazy. Another position is to stand up and have him/her lean forward and place his/her hands on your thighs. Then, he/ she can begin rubbing your back or sides with his/ her hands.

Why Does My Boyfriend Play with My Nipple
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5. Nipple Play Toys

If you are looking for something extra special to help spice things up, consider getting some nipple toys. These devices are designed specifically for nipple play and are often shaped like little animals or fruits.

6. Nipple Play Accessories

You don’t need any fancy accessories to enjoy nipple play. All you really need is a pillow or blanket to lay on and plenty of lube. Also, if you would like to add a bit more excitement, consider wearing a blindfold or having your partner wear a mask.

Why does your boyfriend play with your nipples?

1. He is just being curious…

If you are wondering why your boyfriend wants to play with your nipples, then he probably isn’t interested in sex. If he were, he would ask you out on a date and take you out to dinner. He wouldn’t try to touch your breasts at any point during the night. So if you want him to stop playing with your breasts, tell him how much it makes you uncomfortable.

2….Or maybe he is horny

It could be that he is really horny and doesn’t know what else to do with his hands. Or, perhaps he was born with some kind of disorder where he can’t control his urges. You might have to get over it. And if you don’t, he will keep doing it until he gets caught.

3. Maybe it is a fetish?

Some people like to experiment sexually, and others like to explore their sexuality. But it is not normal behaviour unless it’s between two consenting adults.

4. Maybe he is drunk

Drinking alcohol affects men differently than women. When a man drinks, his genitals may become aroused, causing him to rub himself. His penis becomes erect and he becomes hornier. Women, however, don’t have that same reaction. Instead, they may feel relaxed and comfortable around their partner.

5. You are making him uncomfortable

If you don’t want him touching your nipples, then maybe he shouldn’t be doing it either.

You should tell him that it makes you feel uncomfortable, and ask him not to do it again. Otherwise, it will only get worse.

6. He is trying to calm you down

He might have been watching you while you were sleeping, and noticed that you had small boobs. That is normal – men often find their partners’ breasts attractive. And since you are already feeling stressed, he might think playing with them would help.

7. He is testing his boundaries

This is something that men sometimes do to test their limits. So don’t take it personally – it means he likes you and wants to explore different things together.

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8. He is getting excited

Men are aroused by breast stimulation more than anything else.

So if you want to turn him on, just keep rubbing yourself until you start to feel wet and hot. Then let him know exactly what you are looking for!

9. He is a pervert

A man touching a woman’s breasts isn’t just a sexual thing. We have nipples for a reason—they are sensitive, they are meant to be touched, and even if he doesn’t mean anything by it, his harsh actions could cause discomfort.

10. You have big boobs

While men may find them attractive, they don’t always know what to do with them, especially if they don’t get enough attention. If your guy wants to touch them, it means he likes what he sees.

11. You are not wearing any clothes

You might think he is trying to make sure you are comfortable, but no matter how much you want him to stop, he shouldn’t be doing it in public.

12. He is nervous

He is probably nervous about something else, but instead of making you feel uncomfortable, it makes him feel more relaxed.

13. He wants to help

If he is helping you out by massaging your breasts, then he is showing his care and concern for you.

14. He wants to keep things exciting

When you are feeling down, sometimes the best way to lift your spirits is by being sexually aroused. If you have been having a rough day, massage him to relax him and give him a little release.

15. He wants to make sure they are real

Some men are afraid of fake breasts. Others don’t care whether they’re real or not. But some guys just aren’t sure. So they might check to see if they’re real before going any further. When he finds out they are, he might have a hard time believing that they belong to someone else.

16. He is looking for something to hold onto

Maybe your guy isn’t getting enough stimulation down south. That’s why he keeps grabbing at your boobs. He might be looking for something to hold on to. A breast fetish is a sexual interest in women’s breasts. Many people enjoy having their partner squeeze their breasts and fondle them. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as both partners are comfortable with it.

17. He wants to know you are real

Maybe your boyfriend thinks that your breasts are fake. He might wonder if you’ve had surgery or implants. To him, they look strange and unnatural. But if you tell him you didn’t have anything done, he might think that means you’re lying. So he might try to prove you’re real by pulling on your nipple.

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18. He is testing your limits

When your boyfriend starts playing with your breasts, it might mean he is ready to take things further. He might want to see how much pain you can handle before you scream. He might even try to push you over the edge. But if you refuse, he might give up and go back to being friends.

19. He is just plain nosy

Most guys are nosy about stuff. They like to know what goes on behind closed doors. Your boyfriend probably wants to know more about your personal life. He might ask questions about your past relationships, your family, and your hobbies. And he might want to know how often you masturbate.

Wrapping it up

Nipple Play is something I’ve always been curious about. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen porn before, but it was never really a thing where I felt like I could ask questions about it. But then again, I didn’t know what to expect.

So, I decided to do some research and find out if nipple play is actually okay, or if it’s just weird. And I think we’re going to find out that nipple play is totally fine!

First off, let me tell you that nipple play isn’t exactly something that happens in real life. In fact, it almost seems like it would be a pretty awkward experience. However, if you want to try it out, here are a few tips that might help you get started.

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First of all, make sure that you have a partner who is comfortable with it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it with them, then you shouldn’t do it at all. Also, make sure that they are fully clothed. You don’t want to accidentally touch their nipples or anything else while they’re naked. Another tip is to make sure that they’re relaxed.

It doesn’t matter how much you might want to do it, if they aren’t ready, then you should probably wait until they are. Finally, don’t forget to use lube! Nipples are super sensitive, and without them, things can get pretty uncomfortable.

So, now that you have all those tips down, you can start experimenting! Just remember that nipple play is definitely different from oral sex. Oral sex involves licking, sucking, and even biting around the nipples. Nipple play is basically just touching them and rubbing them together. That’s it!

So, does nipple play turn anyone on? Well, it turns me on. And that is all that matters.

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