Why Does My Cat Like My Boyfriend More Than Me? – 14 Possible Reasons!

Cats are loving creatures and they show it. They will shower you with kisses and purrs and they appreciate the attention they receive. They are sweet and loving and they want to be loved back. But why does my cat like my boyfriend more than me?

Cats have been known to be incredibly loyal creatures. Many people believe that cats only love their owners if they’re cute enough. If you are lucky enough to have a feline companion, you may find yourself wondering how they could possibly love anyone else over you. After all, you are pretty damn cute yourself!

A lot of people think that if a cat likes someone, that person must be mean and cruel. But cats aren’t as simple as that. A lot of them prefer sweet things and those who give out treats are often rewarded with adoration. In fact, it’s almost impossible to keep a cat from wanting to eat something sweet. Your kitty might actually enjoy having dessert first before eating his dinner!

While you may spend some time away from home, your cat doesn’t need to worry about being left alone at night. Cats are independent animals and don’t require human companionship to survive. That means they will be able to stay close to you even when you are not around.

What could be the possible reasons for “Why does my cat like my boyfriend more than me?”

1. He is not a cat!

Cats have a unique way of communicating with humans. Cats communicate with humans using their body language, facial expressions, vocalizations, and even pheromones. Humans tend to think they understand what cats are saying, but we’re often wrong. One thing is certain: if your cat likes someone else more than you, they’re telling you something.

2. You are not his favourite person.

If you are constantly getting left out of conversations and activities, then you might be wondering why your feline friend prefers spending time with your significant other. There are many reasons why cats prefer to hang around their human companions over you. but if you are not the favourite person of your boyfriend then the problem can be a little more serious! Read my “11 ways to make a guy like you” if you are dealing with this situation. 

3. Your relationship isn’t as strong as you think.

Your relationship with your cat may seem perfect, but there are some things about it that you don’t know. If your cat seems to spend less time with you than he/she spends with others, chances are, your relationship isn’t as close as you think.

4. You are just not good enough.

It is possible that your cat is just trying to tell you that you need to work harder at being a better partner. While it’s true that cats enjoy spending time with people who treat them well, they still love spending quality time with their owners.

Why Does My Cat Like My Boyfriend More Than Me
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5. You are not paying attention.

If your cat is always looking for attention from you, he or she may be trying to get your attention. Cats use various methods to try and get our attention, including purring, licking, rubbing, scratching, and even staring.

6. You are boring.

When you talk, your cat may find it hard to pay attention to you. If your cat doesn’t want to listen to you, he or she could be bored. Try talking to your cat in different ways. Talk to him/her while playing, feeding, grooming, or cleaning.

7. You are giving off negative vibes.

If your cat seems to avoid you, he or she might be picking up on your mood. Cats pick up on emotions, so if your cat is avoiding you, he or she is likely feeling bad about themselves.

8. He is Smarter

Cats are naturally drawn to their owners because they have a higher level of intelligence. Cats enjoy interacting with people who know how to read books, play games, and solve puzzles. If you’re not reading, playing video games, or doing crossword puzzles, then you are probably not interested enough to keep your cat interested.

9. He Loves You More

When cats are young, they love being around mom and dad. As they get older, however, they start to develop a preference for certain humans over others. Your boyfriend may just be easier to interact with than you are or your boyfriend is just being extra nice. Click on the link if you want to know why? 

10. He is Got Personality

If you have ever watched a cat do its business, you’ll notice that they don’t do it in a boring way. Their poop is always unique and creative. Cats are known to use different shapes, patterns, colours, scents, and textures to mark their territory. Your boyfriend may seem boring at first, but he’s got personality, and you should definitely take advantage of that.

11. He is Better Looking

Your boyfriend looks good in clothes, while you look good in pyjamas. When you go out, your boyfriend will wear a suit and tie, while you will wear sweatpants and a T-shirt. When you walk down the street, you will attract attention. Your boyfriend won’t.

12. He Has A Bigger House

You live in a small apartment, while your boyfriend lives in a big house. Your home is filled with things that make noise, while his home is quiet. His home is clean, while yours is messy. He gets to eat whenever he wants, while you have to wait until everyone else is finished eating before you can eat something yourself.

13. He is Not An Idiot

While you may think that your boyfriend is an idiot, he’s actually pretty smart. He knows what he likes, what he doesn’t like, and how to get it. He knows what he’s worth, and he knows how to treat someone right.

14. He Doesn’t Mind Doing Homework

Your boyfriend loves going out and having fun, while you prefer staying inside and watching TV. He Is always up for a game of catch, while you’d rather watch Netflix and chill. He WIll never forget to pick up milk on his way home, while you might forget to put gas in your car.

Here is what you should know while being a cat lover

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1. Cats Have More Sense Of Smell Than Humans

Cats have a much greater sense of smell than humans. Their noses are about 100 times more sensitive than ours. That’s why they can detect even small amounts of scent.

2. Cats Are Social Animals

Cats spend a lot of time playing and interacting with each other. They play together, groom themselves, and snuggle up close together. They also use their senses of hearing, sight, and taste to interact with each other.

3. Cats Are Carnivores

Cats eat meat. In fact, they prefer meat over any other type of food. They love the flavour of meat and its texture.

4. Cats Like To Be Cuddled

A cat’s favourite thing is being cuddled. If you are lucky enough to have a cat who likes you, he’ll probably purr if you rub his belly. He may also let out soft little mews to show how pleased he is.

5. Cats Love Toys

When cats play with toys, they enjoy tugging at them and batting them around. They also enjoy running after the toy and chasing it down.

6. Cats Are Loyal

If you treat your cat well and give him lots of attention, he’ll be loyal to you. A happy cat means a happy owner!

7. Cats Get Along Well With Other Pets

Cats get along well with dogs and other animals. They don’t usually fight with other pets unless they become jealous or territorial.

How can you make your cat love you more?

1. Give him food. When cats become hungry they tend to eat everything in sight, including your clothes, shoes, furniture, and anything else that’s not nailed down. If he eats something out of habit, don’t get upset. Just put it back where you found it.

2. Play games with him. Cats enjoy playing fetch. You can throw his favourite toy across the room or toss a ball around outside.

3. Be patient. Don’t expect instant results. Your cat may take time to warm up to you, especially if he was raised by someone else.

4. Make sure he feels safe. Cats need to know they have somewhere to run and hide. Even though they are small, they can easily jump onto high shelves, windowsills, counters, and even beds. Keep things low enough so he can climb without falling off.

like him
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5. Clean up messes. A clean house means a happy cat. Throw away any litter box scraps immediately after use. Also, pick up toys and other items that he might knock over.

6. Get rid of fleas. Flea infestations can cause itching and scratching, which may lead to hair loss and sores. Try using a topical insecticide.

7. Provide plenty of attention. Cats crave human contact. Give them affection and playtime daily.

8. Feed him well. Like people, cats require different amounts of nutrition depending on their age, size, breed, lifestyle, and activity level. Talk to your vet about what type of diet is best for your cat.

9. Watch out for allergies. Allergies are a common problem among cats. If your cat sneezes repeatedly, wheezes have a runny nose or suffer from watery eyes, consult your veterinarian.

10. Offer treats occasionally. Cats love to snack on fresh meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables. You can also give them special foods and supplements designed specifically for feline digestion.

11. Take care of yourself. Stressful situations, like moving, travel, illness, and change in routine, can cause problems in relationships between humans and pets. So keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy.

12. Have fun! Enjoy spending time with your cat. He will reward you with his unconditional love.

Wrapping it up

A cat loves independence. Cats thrive off of being able to do things their own way. If you give them a choice between playing with you or doing something else, they’ll choose the latter. You may find yourself having to remind them to play with you once in a while, but that’s okay – you are not going anywhere! So when your boyfriend arrives at your home she loves to cuddle with him first rather than you.

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Cats love trying new things. They don’t mind getting dirty and they always seem to have fun while doing it. They aren’t scared of anything and they will take risks just to experience new things. So maybe he finds your boyfriend who is being more fun.

Cats are patient animals. They understand how long things take and they won’t get impatient. They enjoy spending time with people and they will wait patiently until you are ready to play again.

But in the end, a cat is a loyal pet. Don’t worry she will come back to you when he is gone and will always love you more!

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