Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Call me – 10 Reasons!

Wondering about why doesn’t my boyfriend call me? Don’t worry, this article can give you an answer. 

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Calling each other and sometimes if busy texting each other are two important mediums in any relationship to stay in touch. Communication can make any relationship very strong and firm. But if you always feel tense about why your boyfriend is not calling you, then maybe you’re lacking that opportunity to communicate or lacking that opportunity to know his whereabouts, therefore, you’re most likely to face trust issues as well. 

In this article I’m going to tell you first some reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t call you? 

And what should you do if this happens to you more often!

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There are 10 reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t call you.

He is busy

The first reason why your boyfriend is not calling you is because he is busy. Though it is not an excuse to be made. As he is in a relationship with you, it is his responsibility to call you at least two times a day to ask you about how you’re doing and also to inform you about his whereabouts. 

Why Doesn't My Boyfriend Call me
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But if he is not doing so that means he is staying quite busy nowadays. Don’t overthink about this matter. If your relationship is going good without any mutual issue then this irregular calling will leave no impact on your relationship. 

Excessive work pressure and the time management is the reason probably because of which your boyfriend is unable to call you. Try to know about his schedule and let him complete his work and then work on the relationship. 

He is avoiding you

Your boyfriend is avoiding you and that can be a reason why he is not calling you. This is a serious you. Have you done something? And because of that your partner is avoiding you!

If your boyfriend is avoiding you, then he will neither call you nor will pick up your call. Maybe he has not liked some of your behaviour or attitude. Probably he felt neglected by some of your actions. If you have done that intentionally, then apologize and if not then speak to him physically and then solve the matter. 

Avoiding each other for a long time can create trouble in the relationship. Don’t let that happen.

He doesn’t like talking over phone

Though people don’t think this to be a reason but yes this can be a reason why your boyfriend doesn’t call you. 

There are so many people who don’t like talking over the phone and so they have a tendency to avoid phone calls. It is not like that he or she is avoiding you but if it is their preferences that they don’t like to call and to be called. 

If your boyfriend is this kind of person, then you should know this of course and should not get bothered by his not calling. If everything is going pretty good in your relationship and he replies back through text messages, then let him do that. 

You’re in touch with him and that is pretty enough to maintain a relationship. 

He thinks calling is not the way to deal with relationship

There are also so many men who think calling or doing phone calls are not the proper way of dealing with relationships. They will meet you physically, want to catch up with you, will go to dinner with you but will never make phone calls because they don’t consider it a way of dealing with a relationship.

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Your boyfriend may belong to this category. You will often hear him saying that phone calls don’t show love and care. I often hear these kinds of lines. Initially this will seem disgusting and irritating because you want a special little call from your man but your boyfriend will stand firm in his position and will never do that. 

You don’t call him

Your boyfriend doesn’t call you because you don’t call him. It can happen that you always want him to call you but you don’t make any efforts or take any initiative.

You don’t realise this as we never realise our faults. Maybe you always expect him to call you but you never call him and because of this reason probably he stops calling you. He wants to see if you call him or not. 

If this is the case with you, then amend this. Don’t expect your boyfriend to call you every time. Instead you call him and then see whether he calls you or not. 

He is not happy with the relationship

If your boyfriend is not calling you for a long time, that can also mean that he is not happy with the relationship with you. He is not feeling comfortable with you, rather you are not making him feel comfortable with the relationship. 

If he is not happy being in the relationship, then he will not call you or will take no initiative regarding the relationship. 

Try to find what your relationship is lacking. And then talk to your partner.

He is angry with you

Maybe you have done something wrong anywhere or with him or in the relationship and that has made him super angry and because of that he stopped calling you. 

This is not a very serious issue as long as you’re able to control his anger. But when you see that you’re no more in position of controlling his emotions then it’ll be a matter of concern. 

Keep in mind what your boyfriend likes and what he does not. Don’t do such things that make your man angry. 

He is not calling you because he is upset with you. 

He doesn’t want to talk to you

If your boyfriend does not want to talk to you, he will not call you. 

Rewind your memory and see if you have done anything so wrong that has made him so upset with you that he does not even want to talk to you. 

If yes, then be aware don’t do such things that are damaging the relationship. 

He has lost interest in you

If your boyfriend has lost his interest in you or he is inclined to any other women then he’ll not call you or may not want to stay in contact with you.

Your boyfriend is unable to confess the situation in front of you and so he starts to avoid you by stopping phone calls

This shows his lack of interest in you. 

Your relationship is in danger

If your boyfriend is not calling you for weeks or over a week and you know that he is not busy with anything, then have a talk with him because this is a sign that your relationship is not working well.

Communication is one of the most important factors in any relationship and if your relationship lacks that then obviously that will give rise to a lot of problems. 

Now let’s talk about what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t call you…

What to do when your boyfriend doesn’t call you?

Don't call me
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First stop overthinking about the matter that your boyfriend is not calling you. Understand the situation first and then react accordingly.

If your boyfriend is busy and that is why he is unable to call you, or if he has gone for an office trip then he may not get a proper time to call you. You have no need to get bothered about that.

But if he is angry or offended or upset with any of your behaviour and so he has stopped making phone calls then you better apologize for your deed. 

Don’t expect every time that your boyfriend will call you. If your boyfriend is not calling you, you can call him too. Don’t act like if he has not called you, you will neither call him. It is also possible that he is watching if you call him or not. So better you also take initiatives instead waiting for your boyfriend to do so every moment. 

But if it happens like your boyfriend is not calling you for weeks and also not receiving your phone calls, then it is a matter of concern. Understand the reason why he is doing so. Try to reach him by any means. Visit him and ask what is important. If you have done something wrong, then be sorry for that. Don’t let any misinterpretation ruin your relationship.

But if he is ignoring you because of any third person, because of his inclination towards any other women, then you’ll have to think twice about this relationship. Don’t lower your dignity for anything. Have self respect and if you are ignored repeatedly then come from that place.

Why does my boyfriend only text and not call?

See whether he is doing texts or calls, he is in your touch. There is no lack of communication. 

Some people don’t like to talk over phones. It is absolutely okay. Your boyfriend too doesn’t like that. It is his preference. Respect that. Listen to what he wants to say about this aspect. Don’t jump into any conclusions by yourself. Don’t grow suspicious.

Your boyfriend probably is a kind of person who likes to keep things simple and straight. Therefore, he texts and keeps things just on point. In texts there is no scope of argument until you’re having a constant conversation. So your boyfriend is someone who doesn’t like to talk much. Or you may have an argumentative nature and probably because of that he just sends a simple message instead of calling.


You shouldn’t think about why your boyfriend doesn’t call you every time. The more you will think, the more you will get suspicious. Let the relationship grow within itself. If your boyfriend has asked for his equilibrium, then give him so.

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You must understand one thing, everyone has the right to spend some quality time with themselves. This is not ignoring. This is also a kind of self-counselling or what we call introspection. Everyone needs to do that to raise himself as a better human being.Maybe your boyfriend needs to think about his career, work or family. Give him that time. Don’t think negatively everytime. Let it flow with time and have faith that your relationship will grow stronger and stronger. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Why doesn’t my boyfriend call me? 

Should I call my boyfriend if he doesn’t call me?

Of course you should. There is no place for ego in any relationship. So you can call him anytime, but before calling you should know where he is at that time. If he is in any meeting or in any important conference, then he may not pick up your call and that will leave you suspicious. So to avoid any kind of conflict, know beforehand where he can be at that time.

But if he is not calling you for days, then without any hesitation, you should call him.

My boyfriend can go days without talking to me.

This is not a very good sign. This is an indication of miscommunication. Miscommunication can lead to mental separation. Take initiatives to resolve the issue. If he is not talking to you, you go first to talk to him.

Should your boyfriend call every day?

No, not necessarily. If your boyfriend is busy with his work or he has gone for any business trip then it’s okay not to call you every day, but if nothing like that happens then at least one call at the end of the day can make your day better, as well as his. 

Do guys prefer to text or call?

See this question doesn’t have any perfect answer. It totally varies from man to man. Some people like texting more, they don’t like talking over the phone for hours. It is his preference and some guys like talking over the phone. Both are okay and normal.

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