Why Is My Boyfriend Being Extra Nice

Are you someone who is dealing with your boyfriend being extra nice suddenly or sometimes? And you want to know the reasons and how to deal with it when your boyfriend behaves in such a way. Don’t worry you can get a satisfactory answer through this article. Keep on reading till the end and I hope this can help you to solve this problem. 

There are so many girls who come and say that their boyfriends who were in a bad mood the day earlier started behaving so nicely all of a sudden and they really did expect them to do so all of a sudden especially after creating a mess the day before. These girls really strive to know the reasons behind this sudden change of behavior of their boyfriends. And that is totally justified. Your boyfriend hurted you the prior day and now all of a sudden his behaviour changed. This is a bit disturbing and of course a matter of curiosity.

Let’s have a look at those 15 possible reasons why your boyfriend is being extra nice.

15 possible reasons why your boyfriend is being extra nice.

There is always a motive behind each and every behaviour. If someone loves or likes you, he’ll behave nicely with you and if someone doesn’t like you, you’ll get to know that by his behaviour also. So if your boyfriend is also being nice to you all of a sudden, then he has his own reasons.

  • He is hiding something
  • He wants to get intimate
  • He wants money
  • He wants you to do something for him
  • His parents are coming to stay 
  • He is feeling jealous and insecure
  • He understands your worth and value
  • He realises you deserve far more better than him
  • He fears that you may leave him
  • He has inclination towards another woman
  • He is being overprotective
  • He has a people-pleasing attitude
  • He is being suspicious
  • He is feeling lonely inside
  • He realises that he loves you

He Is Hiding Something

If a person starts behaving nicely with you all of a sudden that means that he is definitely hiding something. Your boyfriend is also doing the same kind of activity. Probably he used to be a secret keeper before getting into the relationship, and now when he is in the relationship he is also doing the same. He has done something unusual or probably wrong in his workplace or with anyone in the family or any outsider but he doesn’t want you to know about that. He has a fear that you may get to know about his mishaps and because of this he is trying his best to be nice with you so that you do not suspect anything about him.

He wants to get intimate

This is a common tendency of boys, when they want to get intimate with their partners, they start behaving nicely all of a sudden. 

Maybe your boyfriend is also doing the same. He knows pretty well that he cannot be with you in bed if he acts rudely and so to satisfy the desires he starts being nice to you so that he can have your mind.

Don’t mistake this as his love for you. He simply wants to get satisfied by you and so behaves nicely to get into the bed with you. 

He wants money

Though this reason does not come up very prominently, I’ve seen some men behave extremely nicely with their partners because they want money from them. 

Now you’re going to ask how a man can ask for money from his girlfriend? But yes this thing happens in the outside world. Probably your man is running out of money or he has done something which has screwed him from his workplace. He cannot say that to you, instead he is being nice because he wants some money. 

He wants you to do something for him

If your boyfriend starts behaving nicely with you, most probably he wants you to do something for him. Maybe he has invited some of his friends into the house and he wants you to cook for them or entertain them and because of this he is being nice to you. 

Probably he has been invited to a couple’s party and obviously he cannot go there alone. But he has quarrelled with you the earlier day, how would he ask you to go with him? If he is not nice to you? He has a personal interest. 

His parents are coming to stay

If your boyfriend starts behaving so nice with you after so long, probably because his parents are coming to stay there. Your boyfriend either wants you to entertain them but only if his parents know that their son is living with his partner. 

If they do not know about you, then it is most likely your boyfriend will ask you to leave the house for some days and that is why he acts nicely with you. 

He is feeling jealous and insecure

This can also be a reason for your boyfriend’s sudden change of behaviour because somehow he is feeling insecure and jealous about you. 

He understands deep inside there are also men who want you, want to be with you and also they are worthy of you. This thought is making him feel jealous and insecure about you and so he tries his best to keep you in his life. 

He understands your worth and value

No matter how much he fights and argues with you, he knows and understands your value. He knows that you are the only one who can keep him well. Your boyfriend realises your love and care for him. 

He fights with you and sometimes does not even give you enough respect and he is now realising that you’re getting away from him because of this reason. That is why he is being extra nice to you to make you understand also that he wants you. 

He realises you deserve far better than him

Your boyfriend knows very well that you’re worthy of more love and respect than he gives you. He knows that you have all those qualities which make you worthy of deserving better than him. He feels himself to be inferior and therefore he has fear in his mind that you can leave him some day. 

Maybe because of this reason your boyfriend is being extra nice with you.

He fears that you may leave him

As your boyfriend has been feeling jealous and insecure about you so he is also in a constant fear that you may leave him someday. He knows that he cannot keep you in the right way that you should be in. He knows that you always adjust with him and that too after all the fights, arguments and betrayal. So he realises that he need to change his behaviour and that is why he is behaving extra nicely with you. 

He has inclination towards another woman

Is your boyfriend attracted to any other woman? And just to suppress his attraction or inclination he is being extra nice to you. This can happen. 

Some men start behaving rudely when they get attracted to other women but some start behaving extra nicely to keep the matter a secret. Maybe your boyfriend belongs to the next category who likes to keep this attraction a secret and so he is behaving nicely with you so that you do not get aware of the fact. 

He is being overprotective

An overprotective boyfriend often becomes extra nice with his partner. Your boyfriend can be one of that kind. He always wants to protect you, guide you and always be nice to you. Sometimes an overprotective boyfriend can be dominating also. This is one of the reasons why your boyfriend is being extra nice to you.

He has a people-pleasing attitude

A man with a people- pleasing attitude always behaves extra nicely with everyone. Your boyfriend is probably one of them. He always wants to be the perfect version of himself. He wants you to always appreciate him for his behaviour. He always wants to maintain the relationship in a perfect manner. Though it seems artificial sometimes but it is his nature. 

He is being suspicious

A man who is of suspicious nature always behaves nicely with his partner and probably your boyfriend also suspects you and so by behaving extra nicely with you he wants to know each and every detail about you. 

He is feeling lonely inside

If your boyfriend is being extra nice to you, maybe he is feeling lonely inside and he wants you to understand that and help him in this case. Therefore he is being extra nice to you so that you can understand the reason for the sudden change in his behaviour. He is feeling alone and so he needs you to stand by him. 

He realises that he loves you

If you observe sudden changes in your boyfriend’s behaviour, if he is being extra nice with you, it can also be the reason that he now understands that he loves you and also he feels guilty that he has not been good with you. Therefore he tries to change himself.

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Now let’s talk about what to do when he suddenly starts being nice to you…

How to deal with your boyfriend when he is being extra nice? 

If you understand well that your boyfriend is being extra nice to you just because he wants something or he has something to do with you, and after getting his work done he’ll be the same again, then get into the trap. Ignore his extra nice behaviour. You can also say NO on his face. 

If you understand that he is feeling guilty for his past behaviour and therefore he is behaving with you in a changed way then you can think of giving him a second chance but be completely sure first. 

Don’t entertain your boyfriend’s selfish behaviour, if you understand his true self, make him understand that he is not gonna have the same kind of behaviour he used to get. Make him realise your void in his life. Don’t jump on fulfilling his each and every demand just because he is being extra nice to you. Give him some time to change his behaviour, and that will happen only if you start saying NO. 

But on the other hand, if you feel that yes your boyfriend is feeling truly guilty or he is trying to say something else. He is feeling alone inside because he understands that his rude behaviour is making you away from him and he cannot stay without you. Then you can talk to him about the matter but don’t entertain any kind of notorious or selfish behaviour. 

According to https://www.bustle.com/ These are some ways to deal with this issue. You can get help from here also. 


To figure out any kind of problem, you have to dig into the route of the cause and to do that you need to be patient, calm and obviously you have to be a good observer. 

Try to understand the reason for his sudden behavior, then talk to him patiently and if that does not help then maintain a distance for some days. Maintaining a distance doesn’t mean that you have to break up with him or you have to ignore him or you have to leave the house, just make him realise your value and worth. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself also. Do that. 

Deal everything with love and patience and see how the situation comes to your favour. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Why is my boyfriend being extra nice?

My boyfriend is being extra affectionate

If you don’t find anything unnatural with his extra affectionate behaviour then you have nothing to worry about but if you find any probability that your boyfriend is messed up and so he is trying to hide his fault by being extra affectionate then you must talk to him. 

My boyfriend is super sweet

That’s a very good thing. You’re most probably enjoying a sweet and sour relationship. If he is a super sweet person and you’re having a good relationship then nothing to worry about. Enjoy the love and sweetness he has for you. 

Why is my boyfriend so nice

It is a good thing that your boyfriend is so nice. But if you feel anything suspicious about him then try to find out the reason for your suspicion and if you get to know something then talk to him about that. Pretension doesn’t last long, be rest assured about this. If he is hiding something, he will not be able to sustain that secrecy for so long. 

My boyfriend acts different in public

Maybe your boyfriend wants to keep the perfect image in public. He has a double face and that’s not a good thing at all. If he is being extremely nice in public and then after getting into the home he is a completely changed person then girl, you’ve to deal with this with intelligence. 

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