Why Is My Boyfriend Mean To Me

Why is my boyfriend mean to me? My boyfriend is mean to me because I allow him to! He has mental issues which he takes out on me by being mean to me and I have accepted that I have low self-esteem and the notion that I don’t deserve better. He knows what I am feeling about myself and he is still mean to me. But what must I think? 

If my boyfriend is mean to me I must feel that I deserve better and I am not the one who can be tamed by him in whichever way he wants. The same applies to every relationship in which the boyfriend is with her girlfriend. The truth is you deserve better! You deserve a healthy relationship! Rather than being intoxicated in this unhealthy relationship

Whatever the issue is with your boyfriend, support him with his problem but don’t allow him to be mean to you. You are not his pet or he does not own you. Make him understand that. I know relationships have some compromises and adjustments but there is respect for every adjustment and compromise. He doesn’t have any right to be mean to you. If he is cheating on you and that is why being means to you then communicate with him to end this relationship. 

What could be the possible reasons why my boyfriend is mean to me? 

Why Is My Boyfriend Mean To Me
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He’s Not Really Your Boyfriend!

He may have been acting nice to you, but he’s still not really your boyfriend. If he’s being mean to you, then he probably doesn’t want to be your boyfriend anymore.

You’re Overthinking Everything

You’re overanalyzing everything about him, especially if he’s being mean to your face. Try taking a step back and look at your relationship objectively. Is he treating you well? Is he meeting your expectations?

You’re Being Too Attached To Him

If you’ve been dating someone for a long time and they treat you bad, you’ll start feeling attached to them. However, if you’re trying to get away from him, don’t feel guilty about it.

You Have A Lot On Your Plate

Sometimes people become mean to others because they’re just stressed out. When you’re going through something major, it might cause you to lash out at your significant other.

He’s Just Upset About Something Else

It’s possible that he’s mad at you about something else. Maybe he didn’t get a promotion, or maybe he lost his job. In any case, try talking to him about it instead of avoiding him.

He Has Issues

You know how people say that we attract what we think and believe? Well, sometimes that applies here. Your man may have issues that he’s having trouble dealing with. If you notice that he seems to always act mean around you, it’s best to find out what causes it before things turn ugly.

He’s Jealous

Jealousy is a strong emotion, and it can make us do some pretty messed-up things. If he’s jealous of you spending time with other guys, it’s okay to tell him. But if he’s jealous of you hanging out with your family, friends, or even your exes, then he’s got some serious trust issues.

Nobody taught him the meaning of the word ‘manners’ 

Some guys don’t know or don’t have a manner of how to behave with the women they love. First of all, there is nothing like rocket science which should be learned or understood. It is something which comes from within when we love somebody it is obvious we have respect for that person like you must be having for your mother.

And I feel so sorry for you girl that you have to teach this to your boyfriend how he should behave with the woman he loves! Maybe his mother didn’t teach him or his dad behaved the same way he is behaving with you presently or maybe he has the ego that only he will be having power in this relationship. Correct him where is wrong.

Maybe he is more interested in something else 

When a boy is addicted to something or has more interest than any other thing in it. He gives it a priority. A man like this doesn’t have control over their life. Their addiction controls them. He should be addicted to you, not anything else. 

The only solution is to watch what he has been addicted to lately. Time by time make sure that he will lower his addiction level. If he is not able to then it can create a big issue in your relationship. Quarrelling and fights will get usual in your relationship. 

Your boyfriend has no idea what you are feeling

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If your boyfriend has no idea what you are feeling or that he has been mean to you then there is a lack of communication in your relationship. Consider talking to him more often and both of you should share your feelings. Go on a night walk talking to each other. Dance together to be in a good mood. If you will not tell then he will be unaware of what you are going through. Tell him what you feel!

Your boyfriend is playing mind games 

It can be possible that if your boyfriend is being mean to you because he wants you to be addicted to him the more he pushes you away or leaves the more you will get the urge to be close with him. And all of your feelings and he will leave you confused. 

I watch him notice what kind of mind games he is playing with you. This kind of relationship has only one solution: stop dealing with his mind games by ending this relationship. I know it can be hard but once the toxicity will leave your body you will be a free bird with a healthy mind and healthy body! 

He does not love you anymore

This can happen if he had been cheating on you for a long period of time and now that he’s caught, he doesn’t want to get back together with you. If you feel that he loves you still, then it may be because he wants to keep things going until he gets bored, or until you break up with him. Either way, he wants to make sure that you’re miserable while he has fun.

He’s already having fun without you.

He feels guilty about his past actions

If your boyfriend cheated on you before and he feels bad about what happened, he might have decided to stay away from you to avoid making you upset. While he probably knows that he did wrong, he may not realize that he’s hurting you right now. In the same vein, he may think that if he were to apologize, you would forgive him and they could move on with their lives. However, he might be aware of how much he hurt you and is afraid of losing you again.

Either way, he wants to distance himself from you in order to protect himself from getting hurt again.

He’s jealous

Men tend to be jealous when women date other men who are attracted to them. If he notices that you’ve started dating someone else, he might assume that you don’t care enough about him to want to spend time with him anymore. If he thinks that you’re moving on from him, he’ll try to do the same thing.

He feels rejected

Your relationship isn’t over just because you broke up. You both agreed to end it. Your breakup was mutual, so no matter how badly he wanted to continue seeing you, he couldn’t. If he thought that you didn’t really want him around, he wouldn’t bother trying to contact you.

Don’t let a guy treat you like this!

Your boyfriend is not serious about you

Is your boyfriend serious about this relationship? Or are you the only one who is putting effort into this relationship? Do the things in your relationship even matter to him? Does action show you he is in love with you? Does he even care about you or what you feel, why are you upset? Anything? If not then ask where is the love in this relationship. If there is no love then there is no sense of him being mean to you! You are not his tamed pet. 

If the situation is really in this condition then it is time to move on from this relationship. You can’t force a person to love you and be serious about you if he doesn’t want to! 

Your boyfriend is bored of you!

If he is still in love with you can use little tricks to make him want you more and get this boredom out of his brain. Otherwise, if he is bored with this relationship or you then he is not worth your time. Move on! When your boyfriend is bored with you it is obvious he will start getting mean and his efforts will be less. He will get irritated from the presence of you around and will start picking fights with you by blaming you for every problem he has in his life. 

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Anyways just ask yourself do you wanna stay in a relationship where your boyfriend is not interested in you and just wants to walk away! 

Your boyfriend feels you are clingy 

When you are always around him, it makes him feel like you are interrupting his private space, but maybe you are not but if he is and he makes you feel clingy, then it is time to learn how to move on from this relationship. If he is not respecting you, your time and your love he is not worth it. You deserve better. What I suggest is that When a guy makes you feel bad about yourself, how can he have good expectations from this relationship? And if he has 

Now he is not serious with you it is obvious that he is using you to fulfil his only bedroom desires.

You misunderstood your boyfriend

Some guys don’t know how to express love. Maybe your boyfriend is one of them and you misunderstood him as a mean boyfriend. Every boy is different. Hence, every relationship has a different love language to express their love.

You just have to understand your boyfriend’s love language. If he is giving you a plain compliment that doesn’t mean he is being mean to you. He likes you and he loves you. Try to understand his love language. Every relationship doesn’t have dozens of blissfully compliments every day. Relationships can have silent love language too for expressing their love. 

Your boyfriend is one of them too. Love him as much as you can! 

You misinterpreted  you are helpless without your boyfriend 

If you certainly feel that you are helpless without your boyfriend then maybe because your boyfriend behaves mean to you. He knows how you feel without him and therefore he wants to put you down. 

What I really suggest is that you are wrong. If you are in a relationship with someone you both should be independent enough so that no one can put you down, even your boyfriend.

Especially in relationships where there should be mutual consent and respect, there should not be any ups and downs related to a particular partner. If you are really feeling this then start being independent of today, make your own choices and if your boyfriend doesn’t allow it to you. Then he is not the king in a relationship who treats his queen like a tamed wife. 

You and your boyfriend have different needs 

In a relationship, if both the partner’s expectations and needs don’t match each other. Then it is obvious the opposite partner will seem to mean to you. 

This is very common in today’s generations’ relationships where there is a lack of communication and lacks the same adjustments, communication and respect. 

If you both are expecting something different then talk to each other and set your priorities and wants from each other.

Your boyfriend is going through bad days 

Have you ever considered asking him what is going on in his life? Is there anything serious with his work? Maybe his life problems are the cause of his being mean to you! 

Does your boyfriend behave meanly to you every time? If not then consider asking him what is causing him issues? 

Sad Boyfriend

Whatever may be the issue, support him with your love. Loving each other is supporting each other in bad times. 

It is also possible that he doesn’t feel right telling you what is stressing him. There must be a reason behind it but still, you need to support him and love him as much as you can! 

Your boyfriend is generally a bad person 

It is actual. Sometimes, the man you are dating may be an actually awful guy who treats you like dust and expects you to treat him like a king.

If you are emotionally laid low with a boyfriend who treats you disrespectfully, leave him. He is now not just suggesting, he is scum. He may not be a narcissist, he is simply awful and might not depend on a diagnosis of a personality sickness obtained for him.

If you discover your boyfriend, suggest, and also you are trying to make the relationship work with the aid of changing yourself for him, prevent that. Instead, talk to him regarding that.

Sometimes, all you want is a conversation to kind things out. If he is simply serious about you, he will push the panic switch and try to turn himself into the nicest boyfriend simply so he can keep you glad. If no longer, it is time to stroll away.

Your boyfriend is cheating on you

You might also love your boyfriend, but he can be in love with you and infatuated by means with a person else. He is so focused on the opposite individual that he doesn’t have a brain tract for the two of you.

If that is the case, and if you are nearly sure that is what is going on, you need to just stroll away with dignity. He won’t be fascinated, however, there is someone out there who is and who received it treats you so poorly.

There is no sense in being in a relationship where your boyfriend is into some other woman and in addition to that, he is being mean to you and finding a way to break up with you. So it is better to end the relationship by yourself by having a conversation with your cheater’s boyfriend. 

Wrapping it up 

It’s not usually your fault, understand that. Sometimes, you will be the best girlfriend in the whole world. And you will be caught with a boyfriend who has distinctive odds from a relationship, or he might also simply be a bad boyfriend like the mean boyfriend you are currently having!

Have a heart-to-heart communication with him 

about the way you suffer in this relationship because of his mean attitude, and if he doesn’t care or if he doesn’t want to relieve you, it suggests that he is no longer serious about the connection. He doesn’t look at you as his better half. Instead, he only looks at you as an accessory to satisfy his own needs. Do you actually need a man like that? 

Break up with your boyfriend if he doesn’t change his behaviour. It will harm for some weeks, however, that pain is a drop in the ocean as compared to the years and years of suffering you will have to put up with, simply to try to please him and preserve his happiness while you go through like a martyr.

Don’t go altering yourself just to suit a person else’s picture of a superb girlfriend. The change urge should be from within when your heart says build yourself then build yourself! 
Dealing with a mean boyfriend is undoubtedly simple. All you want to do is communicate. And if that doesn’t work, you want to stroll! Leave him! Make him crave for you emotionally.

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