Why Is My Boyfriend Obsessed with My Boobies?

Why is my boyfriend obsessed with my boobies? He’s been asking me to let him suck on my tits since I first got here. But he doesn’t want to do anything else… only suck on them. When we are out at dinner, he will ask if I am going to go home with him after dinner. And when I say ‘no’ he gets upset. We’ve had sex several times already and I don’t think he’s ever gotten hard. Why does he keep doing this?

I have a couple of pictures of myself naked on my phone. He goes through my phone all day long looking for those pictures. Then he tells me how beautiful they look. But when I show him my boobs, he says they aren’t as nice as mine. 

When we go out, my boyfriend makes sure to put his hand under my shirt so he can squeeze my boobs whenever he gets the chance. I love when he squeezes them and massages them. He really enjoys getting a good look at my nipples. He wants to lick them and suck on them. I know he wouldn’t be able to resist touching them himself. I’m not sure whether he just wants to check them out or maybe he wants to play with them.

He kisses my boobs whenever he touches them.

He takes great pleasure in kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. He knows exactly where to place his tongue and lips. He licks me everywhere, especially my clit. It feels amazing when he does that. He pushes his tongue deep inside me and runs it along the bottom of my pussy. I can hardly stand it. He strokes my clitoris with his thumb, then rubs my ass cheeks together. He puts his hands between my legs and grabs my thighs. He lifts my skirt up and sticks his finger in my pussy. He tastes me and fucks me faster and harder.

There is no denying that men love boobs. Every man wants to have at least one breast, and many want to have a whole rack of them! But what do we really know about how they work? Turns out there is a lot we don’t know…

So let’s take a look at some of the things we think we know about boobs and see if they actually hold water!

Here is what you should know about why is my boyfriend obsessed with my boobies?

1. Boobs Are Made Of Fat

We have heard this one before, but it’s true. Your body makes fat cells to store excess calories and protect your internal organs. However, your breasts aren’t just filled with fat; they are packed full of milk-producing glands that produce hormones and enzymes, and even fill out your chest! So, while you may not need to worry about gaining weight thanks to those luscious mounds, it’s likely that you’ll gain weight faster than you lose it.

2. Breasts Grow In Size As You Age

Yep, you read that right. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who had their first period between ages 11 and 15 experienced a significant increase in bust size, while girls born after age 15 saw a decrease in breast size over time. Why? Researchers believe the drop in estrogen levels during puberty causes the nipples and surrounding area to shrink.

Why Is My Boyfriend Obsessed with My Boobies?
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3. Breastfeeding Can Help Keep A Woman’s Breasts Small

Breastfeeding is great for your baby (and for you!) but did you know that nursing moms tend to have smaller breasts? That’s because the hormone prolactin helps keep estrogen levels low, helping you maintain a small bust.

4. Menstruation May Be Part Of How We Lose Weight

If you are looking to shed pounds, you might want to consider taking birth control pills instead of using the patch or ring. Birth control pills cause menstruation, which naturally decreases estrogen levels. And according to a study published in Endocrine Practice, women who were given birth control pills lost twice as much weight as women who didn’t use them.

5. Having Bigger Breasts Is Great If You Want To Have Babies

Bigger breasts mean bigger eggs, and bigger eggs mean bigger babies. Studies show that women with larger breasts have higher sperm counts. And if you’re trying to get pregnant, having a high sperm count is definitely a plus!

6. Women Who Work Out Usually Gain More Weight

It turns out that exercise isn’t just good for your heart; it can help you pack on extra poundage too. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who exercised regularly gained 12 pounds less than inactive friends—even though they ate the same amount of food!

What could be the possible reason for “ why is your boyfriend obsessed with my boobies”

1. He wants to feel them!

If he is looking at your breasts and touching them a lot, then he probably wants to feel them. If you want him to stop doing this, just tell him how much you appreciate his attention. You could even give him a nice compliment about how beautiful they look. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re comfortable showing off your body. Just know that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and you shouldn’t let someone else make you feel uncomfortable.

2. He loves your boobs because he sees them everywhere.

It is not always about what you wear, either. Sometimes people who love you just see you around a lot. All the time. Everywhere you go. Even though you may not think so, it can sometimes be a sign of affection.

3. He likes your boobs because they remind him of his mom.

This is a weird one, but some guys have been known to only pay attention to women whose boobs match their mothers’ breast size. So, if your boobies are way bigger than his mother’s, he might get a little obsessed.

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4. He thinks your boobs are beautiful.

He doesn’t need any convincing; he already knows they’re beautiful. You don’t need to say anything to prove to him that they’re perfect.

5. He likes your boobs b/c they are big.

You are not going to believe this one, but some men really like big boobs. And they’ll even date girls with smaller boobs than theirs. But, if you’ve got big boobs, you should definitely keep flaunting them.

6. He likes your boobs because he wants to take care of them.

If he spends a lot of time taking good care of your boobs, maybe he just wants to be able to take care of you in return or he is just bringing a submissive boyfriend.

7. He is turned on by your boobs.

There are plenty of ways that a guy can be turned on by your boobs, but perhaps the easiest way to understand is if he gets hard while looking at them.

8. Your boobs are bigger than his head!

It is hard to believe, but men have been obsessed with women’s breasts since humanity began. And while some people think they’re just plain old fun, others tend to get jealous over their size of them. But what makes a woman’s boobs different? What causes guys to go crazy over them? Well, we’ve got some answers for you…

9. Boobies Are The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth

If you ask any man if he thinks women’s boobs are beautiful, he’ll probably say yes. And while some may argue that a woman’s face should take center stage, there’s no denying that a pair of perky titties is the sexiest thing about us. So, if you want to turn him on, you need to show off those puppies.

10. They Are A Sign of Your Womanhood

Boobs aren’t just pretty, but they’re also a sign of fertility – especially for women who haven’t had kids yet. And while big boobs are nice, small ones are even nicer. (And trust us, you won’t regret having a smaller rack.)

11. Boobs Are An Accessory To Their Heads

When a guy looks at a woman’s chest, he’s looking at her entire body. He sees how she carries herself, her personality, and everything else about her. If she’s good-looking, but not great in bed, then he might notice a few things about her figure. Boos can help make her look taller, and slimmer, and even wear makeup better.

12. He Can’t Help But Notice Them

The average person spends around six hours a day staring at their phone. That means that you could potentially spend nearly half of your waking hours ogling someone else’s boobs. So, while you may be doing it out of self-defence, he’s definitely doing it out of lust.

13. You Will Make Him Happy

Not only do boobs make us feel sexy, but they actually make us happy. Studies have shown that women who are breastfed as babies have lower levels of depression later in life. Plus, studies have proven that women with larger busts experience higher levels of self-esteem and happiness.

14. It Makes Me Feel Good

You don’t have to worry about being rejected if you are showing off your boobs. In fact, many men find them attractive, and they will often tell you so. After all, a lot of guys love nothing more than seeing a girl smile. So, if you are feeling down, give yourself a little pep talk, and start flaunting your boobies. You will soon feel better. It will make your boyfriend extra nice with you! 

Wrapping it up

Men are attracted to breasts for many reasons. Some studies have shown that men find women’s breasts attractive due to their cultural importance and because they function as sexual organs. Breasts are often associated with fertility, motherhood, sexuality, and femininity. Because breasts are considered beautiful and erotic, men may look at them more frequently than other parts of a woman’s body. In addition, some men find breasts desirable simply because they are female.

Breast size attracts attention and admiration. Large breasts are seen as being larger than average and therefore are more likely to attract the attention of others. Smaller breasts are less noticeable and therefore are not as attractive.

omen who wear bras tend to have larger breasts than those who do not. However, women who are pregnant may experience fluctuations in breast size, meaning that they may feel smaller during pregnancy and then bigger afterwards. Many women wear bras to help keep their breasts firm and supported, making them appear fuller.

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You might think that if a man were to touch a woman’s breasts, he would want to see her naked. But actually, most men just want to see what’s underneath. According to some studies, men are more interested in seeing a woman’s cleavage than anything else about her body. So even though we think men don’t care about our breasts, the truth is that they do! And if you’re wondering how big a woman’s breasts need to be before she becomes sexually appealing to a man, according to a study published in Psychology Today, the answer is approximately 36 inches across.

If you are a woman who is worried about having small breasts, there is nothing wrong with you. There are plenty of ways to increase breast size naturally. Some of these methods include wearing a bra that fits correctly, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, eating foods rich in protein, and taking supplements.

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