Why Your husband looks at other females online? – 5 Reason + 6 Step Formula to Fix It!

Are you feeling uncomfortable that your husband is looking at other women? There are many reasons behind that look

If you are in this situation and looking for the causes and suggestions on how to control him then this article is for you. So, without any delay, let’s jump into the main topic.

Here are 5 Reasons why your husband is looking at other women:

  1. The primary reason is her looks. He is attracted to her physique and structure.
  2. Maybe he is not happy with you.
  3. Perhaps he finds other women sexier than you.
  4. Maybe he got what he wanted from other women.
  5. Maybe he is not satisfied with your relationship.

Now as you know the reasons for your husband looking at other females online, let’s discuss what is he thinking and what should you do to take back the control…

When your partner looks at another woman, what is he thinking?

When your partner looks at another woman, what is he thinking?

If your husband is looking at other women, what does your husband think? What he is going to do by looking at other ladies. Whether he is not satisfied with you, or are there any other things running in his mind?

So, we have some questions for you if your husband looks at other women.

  • Is it insecure for you when your husband stares at other women?
  • Perhaps it gives you the impression that he is not interested in you?
  • Does this kind of situation make you suspect that he’s unfaithful?

If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. This article includes professional advice on what to do if you feel this way.

If your spouse is looking at a specific lady, it might indicate that he finds her sexually appealing or in love with her. It may be alarming if you know that your boyfriend has a steady relationship with this woman – especially if it is a woman with whom he spends time alone, such as a coworker.

There’s no need for your spouse to be looking into someone he knows. If you feel he is cheating on you, we will go through the other indicators he will exhibit later in this article, and you may use them to attempt to put things together.

Unfortunately, men and women behave exceptionally differently, as we all know. Men can’t always suppress their natural inclinations and desires, and they can’t help but glance at the opposite sex.

Men pay a lot of attention to women, especially if they see a beautiful lady. Men, unlike women, find it more challenging to regulate their emotions and primitive inclinations – or perhaps they don’t try hard enough. In this instance, your spouse will be unaware that he is staring at another lady.

He’s not trying to injure you, and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you – he can’t control the testosterone coursing through his veins. Your situation isn’t to say you don’t have a right to be hurt.

If your men are looking at other women, this is the worst possible reason your boyfriend is interested in other women. It is seldom the case since most cheaters would rather be cunning and discreet than gawk at other ladies in front of their partners.

However, it is probable that your boyfriend is a cheat and can’t stop himself from staring at the other ladies around him.

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Why your husband looks at other females on the Facebook or Instagram application?

When your husband glances at women, you are likely to become furious, sad, whether in your company or not.

You very certainly have a slew of queries in your head: “So my hubby looks at other girls on Facebook.” But why is that? Why do males lie about stuff like this?

I know you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: men are visual animals. As a result, when they encounter an attractive lady, whether online or in person, they can’t help but gaze. And most of the time, the gaze is nothing more than admiring beauty when they see it.

According to research, when males meet a beautiful lady, their brains respond to neurochemicals that cause them to experience a pleasure. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are to blame, not your husband.

When they’re released, your spouse experiences an uncontrollable burst of pleasure. His behavior is what prompted him to search in the first place.

Because of the favorable sensation, it causes in him, the chance of him ogling women with certain qualities grows with each passing time. Unsurprisingly, it becomes a habit, a problematic habit for him to break.

As now you know the reasons behind his stare at other females online here are the 6 steps to take if you discover your husband is looking at other women online…

6 Steps to Take If You Discover Your Husband Is Looking at Other Women Online

Here are some of the steps you can take if you discover your husband is looking at other women online

1. Talk:

6 Steps to Take If You Discover Your Husband Is Looking at Other Women Online - step #1 talk

The first thing you should do is discuss freely with your spouse how you feel when he looks at other ladies while you’re with him. It would help if you talked to him in a secure location where both feel open and honest.

As previously stated, he may not even be aware that he is doing it. Whether your husband becomes angry or defensive, you have reason to be concerned. You should question him if he has a yearning for other women or someone in particular.

2. Participate by:

Next time, if your partner absolutely cannot stop staring at other ladies, you may always join in no matter how hard he tries.

If you notice him looking at someone else, you may join in and remark that you think they’re hot as well – this can spice things up, and once you say something like that, he will only be able to focus on you. It’s also confident – you’re acting as if you’re not afraid, which you shouldn’t be.

3. Prepare:

6 Steps to Take If You Discover Your Husband Is Looking at Other Women Online - step #3 prepare

If you’ve observed that your husband’s fixation with looking at other women online is out of the ordinary, you should talk to him about it. Keep in mind that this is a very delicate situation.

Could you not go into it blindly? Think about it clearly before starting the conversation. If you rush into it without giving it much thought, your husband may feel insulted. Prepare a comprehensive argument, and keep in mind that your spouse isn’t the issue here; his habit is.

You and your husband are a team, and you will talk about it maturely and come up with a solution to his internet preoccupation with other women. It’s a good idea to jot down some responses. Take out a piece of paper and begin typing down why it bothers you, why he needs to see this behavior as harmful, and how both of you will deal with it.

4. Action:

The final stage is to put into action the solutions you both agreed on during the dialogue phase – an action plan to confront the problem head-on.

Examples of this strategy include:

  • Your husband is being cautious about what he searches for on the internet.
  • A system of rewards and punishments to keep him on track
  • You’re both attempting new things in the bedroom.
  • Aside from the bedroom, picking which days to go on dates to build closeness.
  • Grooming yourself for your hubby is a vital step if you’re the reckless sort.
  • If you decide to seek counselling, you should seek a qualified couple’s counsellor and keep all of your sessions.

5. Work on your relationship together: 

In all cases, whether your boyfriend was upfront and acknowledged to have a yearning for other women or not, you may use the problem to encourage you both to work on your relationship together.

Start concentrating more on your relationship, which may have required some improvement in the first place.

You may attempt to spice things up in the bedroom more, go on more dates, and go on a trip together. Depending on how severe the issues are, you may find it beneficial to consult with a professional relationship therapist to assist you in working through them.

If your spouse has cheated on you, it will be more difficult – the decision to stay or quit the relationship is personal.

6. Chat with a Relationship Expert:

When nothing works this is the most probable step you can take. If you follow my recommendation there is nothing better than asking a relationship counselor about your problems and getting personalized help from them.

If you are from the US you are in luck I know of a service called JustAnswer Experts that has thousands of experienced relationship counselors available 24/7 at your fingertips.

If you are not from the US then I have got you covered too you can watch this video by relationship & marriage expert Dr. Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D. in this he will reveal how to exactly make your husband love you even more and save your marriage.

6 Signs that tell your Husband Has a Crush On Another Woman:

Although looking at other women is harmless, if you see the following symptoms in his conduct, your spouse may have a crush on another lady.

1. He spends a lot of time stalking a specific someone’s social media accounts:

You’ve noticed that he’s been looking at a particular female on the internet. He’s always on his phone, stalking her whenever you walk into the room.

If he’s guilty, he could even seem nervous if you find him going over her feed. In the worst-case situation, if he has begun to like and remark on her postings, it shows that his aims aren’t only to gaze at her anymore; he also wants her attention.

2. He has begun to neglect you or has unexpectedly started to pamper you:

When a man develops affections for another individual while in a committed relationship, his conduct changes.

He will begin to ignore their spouse unconsciously, or they will start to lavish them with more affection out of guilt. If you’ve seen any of these changes, they may start saying things like,’ was wearing black today.

‘It’s perfect for her!’ If he develops affections for her, the frequency of such statements will rise with time. His behavior, combined with other indicators, your spouse has a crush on the lady he’s been looking at online.

3. He has begun to talk about someone else to you:

If your boyfriend isn’t good at disguising his feelings, trust me when I say he won’t be able to stop himself from chatting about a lady he likes. He will talk because he sees you as a buddy and may not even be aware that he has a crush on another lady. 

4. He puts more effort into his looks than usual: 

Most spouses are unconcerned with their appearance once they’ve ‘wife’ you up. When they were attempting to impress you, they used to be much more formal and well-dressed.

They’ve suddenly begun acting that way again, but not for you. They’ve started working out and getting up early to give themselves more time to prepare. His looks might indicate that he is attempting to impress someone they have a crush on.

5. He has been paying a lot of attention to someone else: 

He appears to be paying a lot of attention to a woman in his life. This person might be a friend, coworker, or customer.

When you look at the chronology of when this person entered his life, you will notice that he has been staying out late and spending a lot of time with this woman.

He remembered her birthday and even purchased her an exceptionally costly gift, making you uneasy. If you’ve been having strange feelings about his conduct, he may have a crush on this woman.

6. He’s suddenly become active on social media:

If your spouse suddenly devotes a lot of effort to making his social media look excessive and appealing – this might be a clue that he’s attempting to capture the attention of a female follower.

You’re married to this person, so you’ll know whether he’s the type of guy that keeps up with his social media or not.

Otherwise, this behavior is problematic. Try paying close attention to the ladies he’s connecting with within the comment area.

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FAQs on Why My Husband Looks at Other Female Online

Why my husband looks at other females online through Reddit?

Regarding the “Why?” question, we’ve discovered a few typical reasons spouses glance at other women.
1. At least one of the following should ring a bell
2. He’s keeping his options open in case things don’t work out between you two;
3. He feels that women (in general) like to be scrutinized.
4. He believes you look at other men, so why shouldn’t he?
5. He thinks you don’t notice or don’t care;
6. He’s “just looking,” and he thinks you’re insecure and overreacting.
7. He desires an open connection and is making efforts to communicate clues

I hate when my husband looks at another woman

Being too protective or possessive of your spouse is an unpleasant experience for both of you, and it will most likely harm your relationship. I hear you can’t stand it when he looks at another lady, even if he’s loyal to you.
This amount of profound possessiveness might be the result of your upbringing, a previous event, trust difficulties, or having poor self-esteem.
Whatever the cause, it is frequently tied to a partnership’s desire for power and control. It might be based on your early experiences, which led to feelings of abandonment.

What Exactly Is Emotional Cheating?

Many individuals believe that cheating is only having sex with another person. Cheating entails far more than simply sleeping with someone else.
Consider this: it isn’t only about sex; it is also about having an emotional tie and holding and guarding feelings you are only permitted to feel for your mate.
Emotional infidelity occurs when you give another individual access to your emotions. Emotional cheating is frequently worse than sleeping with another individual.
When it comes to sex, it is usually motivated by lust. With emotional infidelity, the cheater begins to love the other person – in other words, sharing the partner’s space and position with a third party.

My husband is looking at the younger woman?

He thinks she’s physically appealing.
A chemical response occurred in his brain when he saw her. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin were released, causing him to experience an involuntary surge of pleasure.
In a very innocuous and innocent way, a part of him desires her or wonders what it would be like to be with her.
He could be interested in her as a sexual partner in another reality when he is unmarried and unattached.


With the guidance of this article, perhaps you would have figured out what it could mean when your spouse stares at another woman and what you can do about it to make you feel happy and safe in your marriage.

This article should have given you insight into why your spouse has been spying on other women.

A wedding can take unexpected twists, but you and your partner must be prepared to cope with them as a team.

You’re on your way to a dead end when you start making enemies out of each other and giving ego a place to call home. If he has an issue with looking at other women on the internet, there is always a solution, and you will both work on it together.

Make sure you comment your thoughts below!

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