Why won’t my boyfriend eat me out

Why won’t my boyfriend eat me out? Because he is grossed out?

If you aren’t comfortable having sex in front of him, then tell him! He might not know what to do if he doesn’t want to watch, but trust me, he will love having sex with you once he does. So don’t let his lack of enthusiasm hold you back from being intimate with him.

If he wants to stay away because he thinks it is weird, then just make sure he knows you are not going to judge him for it. If he still finds it creepy after you have told him about it, then maybe it isn’t something he should be watching while you have sex. You guys can always find some way to get around his discomfort though, whether it means getting naked together or doing things in private.

You shouldn’t ever expect someone else to give you pleasure without giving them theirs. That goes double for oral sex. Even if you are both fully clothed, you should always be willing to give your partner pleasure even if it involves touching parts of your body that are covered by clothing. If he feels uncomfortable kissing you below the waist or licking your vagina, then he is probably feeling anxious about causing pain. Just reassure him that it is okay to take care of you and that he is helping you relax.

What could be the possible reasons for ”why won’t my boyfriend eat me out?”

1. Your vagina is not edible…yet.

Your vagina is the entrance to your uterus, where a baby grows if you’re pregnant. If you’ve had sex, you have a vagina, and chances are good that you’ve been penetrated at some point. But what does that mean? Well, first off, your vagina isn’t something you should try to eat. Many people think they can just put their fingers into their vaginas and start eating away at the insides, but that’s not how things work.

2….But he will eat anything else.

There is no rule saying that you can only eat things that are inside your body. You can eat everything from your hair to your fingernails, and even your skin! So don’t worry about him being grossed out by your vagina. He probably already eats stuff that would make you blush (or gag).

3. Because he is afraid of getting HIV/AIDS.

It is true that having unprotected vaginal intercourse could lead to contracting HIV/AIDS, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop having sex! There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from STDs, including condoms. Condoms aren’t perfect, but they help prevent pregnancy and STD transmission.

4. Because he is thinking about his parents.

If you are worried that your boyfriend might get mad at you for doing something naughty, don’t. Just tell him you want to have sex, and then ask him to explain why he thinks you shouldn’t. Chances are, he will realize that you are not trying to hurt him, and he will appreciate you taking care of yourself.

5. Because he is scared of losing his virginity.

This may seem silly, but many guys feel nervous about losing their virginities. Don’t let this hold you back! Tell him that you understand that he wants to wait until marriage and that you respect that decision. Then, use those words to convince him that it is okay for you to have sex.

6. Because he is afraid he will lose control.

Why won't my boyfriend eat me out
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Some men feel uncomfortable around women who are sexually experienced. They think that they might accidentally hurt them, or that they might end up feeling pressured to perform sexual acts that they don’t want to. Instead of worrying about whether or not you are going to force him to do anything he doesn’t want to, focus on making sure that you enjoy yourself. That way, he will know that you both want to have fun together.

7. Because he is afraid you will leave him.

We all know that breaking up sucks, but it doesn’t always have to be serious. If you really love someone, you should never break up over something as trivial as sex. If he is worried that you will leave him, tell him that you are sorry for upsetting him and promise to treat him better in the future.

8. He is afraid of getting cancer

You are not alone! Many men have trouble accepting oral sex due to the fear of contracting oral cancers. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancers are the sixth most commonly diagnosed type of cancer worldwide. As of 2013, about 50,000 people were newly diagnosed with oral cavity cancers each year. These numbers are expected to double by 2020.

9. He doesn’t want to give you HPV

HPV is short for human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that mainly affects women. The CDC estimates that nearly 30 million Americans currently carry HPV, and around 14 million of those are women.

There are two types of HPV: high-risk HPVs and low-risk HPVs. High-risk HPVs cause cervical cancer, anal cancer, genital warts, vaginal cancer, penile cancer, and throat cancer. Low-risk HPVs do not cause cancer, but they can lead to genital warts and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. Men who have had recent HPV infections can spread the infection via their semen, which means if he’s worried about giving you HPV, he should probably worry about the possibility of spreading HIV instead.

10. He is just not into foreplay

The simple act of kissing can stimulate saliva production, making guys feel like they need to go to the bathroom right after. If he starts feeling uncomfortable, he may try to get away from you. You might think, ‘Hey, I am happy to make him feel good.’ But if he gets freaked out, then you have got problems.

11. He doesn’t know what to do with his hand’s

Guys aren’t really sure how to properly use their hands during sex. They are either too focused on thrusting or fumbling with themselves. Either way, it makes them nervous. If he keeps staring at his phone while you’re having sex, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

12. He thinks you are cheating on him

If he suspects that you are sleeping with someone else, he will probably freak out and hate you. Even if you aren’t, he may still become jealous and insecure. Your relationship is already fragile, so adding in a secret lover would be a recipe for disaster. So keep communicating with him about the things or else you will be in a mysterious misery that why does my boyfriend hates me

13. He is never been naked with anyone

Sexy time is a lot easier if both partners are comfortable being nude together. So before you jump into bed, make sure your man knows what to expect. Ask him what feels good and what turns him off. Then, ask him what positions he would prefer and how much skin contact he wants between you.

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14. You are no longer sexually compatible

If you have been dating him for some time, then chances are he is already lost interest in having sex with you. Not only that, but he may even find you less attractive than before. Either way, you need to take this seriously and try to figure out why he has lost interest. Maybe he wants to go back to being single again?

Or maybe he is just feeling overwhelmed with work or school? Or maybe he is now attracted to transwomen? Your charming personality is no longer attracting him now he is attracted to a masculine personality. Here is what you should know about your boyfriend is attracted to a transwoman. when Whatever the case may be, talk about it openly and don’t assume anything.

15. You aren’t communicating well enough

It is normal for people to feel a little insecure after a breakup. However, there’s a difference between insecurity and lack of communication. When two people aren’t communicating well, they miss out on valuable information about each other. If you want to get your relationship back on track, make sure you talk to your partner regularly about how he feels, what he likes, and what he thinks about things.

16. He is just not interested

This is probably the least likely cause, but if he really doesn’t care anymore and talks to you rudely, then it is best to let him go. Don’t keep pressuring him to do something he clearly doesn’t want to do. And if you genuinely want to know the reason why is my boyfriend being rude to me? Then read my article for some tips. 

17. He is afraid of getting hurt

Finally, if your boyfriend is scared of rejection, he’ll naturally avoid relationships where he fears losing himself. Even if he does love you deeply, he might be worried about hurting you if he tries to express it. So instead, he keeps quiet and pretends that nothing’s wrong.

18. Because he is never been asked?

It sounds silly, but many men haven’t been asked to perform oral sex on their girlfriends before. In fact, it’s often assumed that women would rather receive than give head, especially since it is harder work. This could be due to society’s expectation that women are supposed to be passive and receptive, but it’s also likely because a lot of us weren’t taught how to properly give oral sex.

If your man hasn’t been asked to perform cunnilingus before, then try asking him to practice on you. Make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable first, though. Don’t force yourself to have sex with someone you don’t want to unless you are both ready. Also, make sure you’re using plenty of lube. Your vagina is super sensitive, so you don’t want to hurt yourself doing it.

19. Because he doesn’t know how?

Even if you were raised to believe that oral sex was dirty, it doesn’t mean that everyone believes it. Oral sex is actually pretty normal in today’s world, but it is definitely not something that everyone is familiar with. Talk to your guy about what turns him on and what turns you on. Then you can decide together what kind of sexual activities turn each of you on. If you want to explore more oral sex, ask him to teach you how to give him a blowjob. You can learn from the best!

Wrapping it up

You are lucky if you have got a partner who is willing to do anything with you, but we all know that some guys are just too shy to even attempt to put their mouths anywhere near your genitals. 

If you are in a long-term relationship with someone who’s turned you down, then you might want to consider talking to him about it. Ask him why he wouldn’t want to do it. Maybe he has had experiences where he felt pressured to do something he wasn’t comfortable with. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to risk disappointing you. Either way, if you’re serious about wanting to have oral sex, then you should probably get over your fear of rejection.

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If you have been in relationships with guys who didn’t want to kiss or touch you, then you might assume that it’s because they don’t find you attractive. However, some guys are just shy. 

Even if you are beautiful, some guys will still be nervous about making physical contact with you. Asking your partner to help you out isn’t a sign of desperation or insecurity; it is a testament to your relationship. If he is worried about hurting you, then he probably cares enough not to. Plus, if you are in a committed relationship with someone, then it is time to put aside those feelings of insecurity and accept that you two are meant to be together.

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